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His Gaze Seduced Me

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I visited a client, and standing before him, his gaze on me, I could not control my erection...


I had built a house about sixty miles away for a couple, and last week I went out to look at a couple of things and take pictures. The wife was gone for the weekend, and only the husband was there, a handsome man in his fifties. He met me at the door in shorts. It was very hot, and as I took care of the things I came to do, I was sweating and uncomfortable.

Ron asked if I wanted to take a swim, and I told him that sounded nice, but I didn't have a suit with me, could I borrow one? He told me not to worry, that they usually were naked, and in fact he only put on shorts when I came up the drive. We walked over to the pool, and I stripped naked and dove in the pool.

After a short swim, me lay next to each other in lounge chairs in the sun. We were talking about this and that, nothing in particular, and yet I felt myself feeling very erotic and getting aroused. My cock swelled, half erect, and I felt embarrassed, but couldn't hide. I glance at Ron, and his eyes were fully on me. Indeed, his gaze and attention were what aroused me, and as I looked at him, my erection grew-there was nothing I could do to stop it.

He noticed, I was sure, and his own cock was half erect already when his hand slid down and gently stroked it.

'It looks like we're both getting excited!' he said.

'Yes,' I confessed, and a wave of relief passed through me.

'Do you mind if I stroke in front of you?' he asked.


His hand was now firmly holding his cock, which was full and hard. My eyes became glued to it...he had long blonde pubic hair with bits of grey and large, low balls. His cock was straight and thick and larger than mine. I became aware that I was now fully erect.

'Go ahead, enjoy yourself.'

I gripped my cock, and a wave of sheer excitement passed through me. It was stiff and hard and felt so incredibly good in my hand! Ron's eyes were fixed on me, and me on him. His gaze was so very powerful, making every stroke completely sensuous, the feeling spreading through my groin, my butt, my stomach.

Ron's legs fell open as he stroked harder, and the head glistened with precum. He dug in his heels, pushing harder. I sat up on the chair, to look more intensely at his cock, stroking myself faster and harder now. Ron arched his back for a long, long time and then cum began drenching his hand, dripping down around the base of his cock and coating his pubic hair. In a moment, I came in a powerful, full orgasm, as strong as I've felt in a long time and lay back, grinning and limp with pleasure.

The next I felt, Ron was wiping me clean with his towel. 'You have a very handsome cock, there!' His touch felt wonderful as he rubbed the towel over my chest and stomach and down to my thighs.

'Let's go make lunch.'

Naked in the kitchen I felt relaxed, and also stimulated, very aware of my cock between my legs as I moved around the kitchen, and next to Ron. A couple of times he reached over me, and brushed his cock against me, and I felt a new excitement. Setting the table near him, without thinking, I purposely pressed against him for a moment.

We enjoyed our lunch in the shade, naked, our privates for the moment hidden under the table glass by our plates and cups, but I never lost awareness of the warm sensations between my legs, and constantly glimpsed at Ron's member under the table. We finished, and both got up to take the dishes into the kitchen, and we were both almost hard! Our cocks bounced as we carried the lunch inside, and set them down on the counter.

Ron turned and looked at me, and my cock began to throb. 'May I touch you?' he asked.

'Ok' I could hardly breathe, and my heart was pounding. Ron stepped next to me and his hand slid along my thigh, caressing my balls, and taking a firm grip. My legs almost buckled, it felt so wonderful. He took a couple of long, slow strokes and I began to tense up, my butt clenching as I felt a wave of orgasm begin.

Ron let go. He moved to face me, his own cock totally stiff in front of me. His hands reached out, grabbed my butt, and pulled my pelvis against his. I felt his cock press against mine, and then slide away, and then his hand gripped us both, holding our cocks hard against each other pulling them up and down together. My butt clenched again, this time in a huge, uncontrollable orgasm. Ron let go and again pressed our bodies together as my cock spasmed and pumped, and I felt his cock throbbing against me and then his warm cum dripping along my stomach and down my thighs.

'Wow.' I was smiling uncontrollably.

'Damn, I've wanted to do that since the first day you came to work here.'

'My god, that was incredible.'

Ron was gently stroking my balls now, his hand covered in cum. His hand felt so good, I stood and let him caress me. Then he took a kitchen towel and wiped us both clean.

It was time to go. I was flustered and embarrassed, and pulled on my clothes. Ron stood next to me, still naked, at the door. I suddenly remembered his wife, and wondered what she would say.

'Too bad Lizzie wasn't here, she would have liked to have watched,' he said. 'She always said she was sure you had a handsome cock, and she was right! You must come again, this time strictly for pleasure!'

I drove off down the road, my cock warm and satisfied, a gentle glow throughout my body. I thought of Ron's cock in his hand, and how it felt against mine. And then I wondered about Lizzie. I had seen the trace of her nipples inside her blouses, and watched them jiggle and sway as she walked. I had noticed her hair was dense, and I wondered what it was like between her thighs, if she shaved, or if the matt of dark hairs spread out and up along her body. I imagined her watching Rob and I, our cocks pressed together, and Lizzies hand between her legs, rubbing furiously to climax....



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