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His Furry Jacket

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A little bit about me, I guess because I am a teenage girl, plus because I go to a strict private junior high school, and because I get looked at all the time by guys and by older men (who I think want me but can't cuz of the age thing) I am seriously horny all the time. I am OK looking; I guess I look rather innocent. I remember a talk I had once with a guy, and he even asked me if I ever masturbate. 'NO! NEVER' I answered back, boy am I a liar. I like to do it every chance I get. I think I am addicted to it because it feels soooooo friggen good. As a matter of fact, I am masturbating now a little bit.

So anyway here's my story. One day while in American History class, I was real bored and not paying much attention. My mind was thinking about CDs I need to buy and I glanced over and saw this boy sitting to my right and two rows down and he had a big boner in his pants. The teacher is a looker and lots of boys like her. He was like just staring at her. When I glanced down again I saw it had shifted! The thing is I kind of think this boy is real handsome and when I saw he had a boner, my heart fluttered and I felt things happening between my legs. I couldn't keep my mind off it.

When class ended I was stalling so I would be the last to leave. Anyway, all the kids left and so did my teacher, she goes to the school parking lot with other teachers to make sure all the kids are safely picked up.

I was in the coat room feeling real horny and there it was, one of his jackets with a furry lining inside. I felt the jacket, stroked the lining as it felt so nice. I held it against my cheek and smiled, so nice and fuzzy. I removed it off the hook and put it on the floor furry side up.

I then pulled off my panties, bunched up my school skirt over my waist and sat down on it. Ooooooo that furriness felt so nice and warm on my bottom. I then unbuttoned my blouse and removed it along with my bra. I scooted my butt on the fur, I loved the fuzzy feel. I played with my breasts, my nipples got big with my touch, flicking them with my fingertips. My pussy was oozing, it needed attention. So I inserted two fingers into my tight but VERY wet pussy. I closed my eyes and went into daydream land thinking about his boner, how it twitched, what it must look like. My fingers were sloshing inside, feeling up the warm moist walls of my pussy, and feeling the warm fuzzy fur on my naked butt. Rotating my hips, humping my hand more I could feel it build, I was breathing hard and deep, lots of girl juice on my fingers, so close to the big 'O'

'Heather, you shouldn't be doing that, not here' OMG! I opened my eyes, there was my teacher with her arms folded against her chest. Here I was sitting on a furry jacket in the coat room. My legs spread like an eagles wings, in my black shoes, white knee highs, plaid school skirt over my waist, topless, and two fingers in my pussy. I don't know how long she was watching me. I said 'I'm sorry'. She said in a very gentle and comforting tone 'it's ok, I know that feeling well, I will be in the ladies room to give you complete privacy.' I thanked her, and she left. God that was embarrassing but it made me feel even hotter, she was allowing me to do this, besides thinking of the boys hard cock I was wondering if seeing me was making her want to play with herself in the ladies room. She did say 'I know the feeling well..' I would hope she plays with her older pussy, it feels sooo good. I cupped a breast, squeezed it, toyed with the pink hard nipple. My other hand went to work again on my soaked pussy. A zillion sexy things were going through my mind. His hard boner moving in his pants, being caught by my teacher, my fingers moved faster inside my wetness. The incredible warm fuzzy feel of that jacket that I was about to cream on. My teacher maybe doing herself in a stall. My fingers swirling in my girl juices, hips rotating, humping my hand harder, it builds so good...legs shaking, trembling, and the big 'O' arrives.



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