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His Birthday Surprise

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Ladies, if your love life in middle age is slowing down and you haven't done anything special, new and exciting for your man lately, you're missing out on the spice of life!


My husband and I had been married for several years and he had been a wonderful provider IN every way, especially in the mutual satisfaction department. We had done about everything sexually for each other. During our mid life years however, our favorite was masturbation. My best turn on had always been watching his cum shoot off.

Well, I thought I should surprise him with something new and extra special for his birthday. I had planned it for days and was eager to see his reaction. Before he arrived home from work that day I had already taken a shower and freshened up, but put my everyday 'around the house' clothes back on without the perfume which usually turned him on, so he didn't have a clue what awaited him later.

When he finally came in tired from a long days work at the office I gave him my usual welcome home 'I love you' hug and kiss and told him to go ahead and shower and relax before dinner. After all my planning I was so aroused it was difficult for me to resist masturbating while he was in the shower knowing what I had planned.

While he was showering I changed into a sexy lavender lace negligee (top only), brought out Champaign and glasses, lit some aromatic candles and turned down the bedroom lights. I dabbed on my exquisite perfume, turned down the sheets and stretched out ready to surprise him. After a few minutes the aroma of the candles and the perfume had filtered throughout the room.

He and I had always been great lovers so I could only imagine how he would react when he came out of the bathroom and saw me waiting for him in a sexy negligee top as I am normally totally nude.

When he opened the bathroom door he had a small towel wrapped around his waist. As soon as he came into the room he could immediately sense the delicate aroma and when he saw me in candle light stretched out on the bed in a lacy negligee top with one knee up and my legs open he stopped in his tracks and his eyes almost popped out!

I patted the bed and in a low sexy voice murmured, 'Are you ready for your birthday surprise Darling?' He stood there in awe and in only seconds I watched the small towel begin to tent and drop to the floor. He couldn't imagine what I had new in store for him as we usually have sex with a different twist about every time anyway.

By the time he slipped in beside me his dick was throbbing and bouncing in anticipation. Even at my age I still had a sexy body he loved to touch, especially my 36C tits. He lay down on his back and I cuddled up beside him and began licking his lips before slipping in my tongue. I rolled it around his and he began to suck. When he's sucking I know what he's fantasizing.

He loves watching me masturbate so I strattled his chest and let him watch me finger my shaved pussy up close letting him have a taste or two of course, but that was turning me on too much and this was his night. I was dying for him to lick and suck my clit but instead I slid back and let one of my breasts graze his lips. He began caressing them, licking and sucking my nipples, which made me shutter with excitement. But again, this was his night to enjoy.

So I slowly slid down dragging my now dripping wet pussy across his chest and stomach until I reached his pulsating dick. I spread my lips and humped it for a few seconds, but by now he was trembling and probably close to cumming and I didn't want him getting off too soon. Hey, I was enjoying this too!

What next you ask? I moved on down between his spread legs and began to slowly and gently begin a gentle hand job. I knew by now I could have made him come in seconds so I took it slow so it would last much longer than a quickie.

I told him, in order to enjoy the rest of his surprise he was to close his eyes and dream of things to come. I continued to slowly stroke his dick and would speed up and slow down but several times I stopped and squeezed it to keep him from cumming too soon. I knew I was being somewhat of a tease but he loved it.

He always loved my hands jobs but after a few minutes I realized he couldn't hold back much longer. I asked him, 'Are you ready to cum?' He said, 'Yes, keep going with whatever you are going to do next'.

As I speeded up stroking I said, 'Now you can open you eyes', his body stiffened and began to shake in anticipation. He was moaning loudly as his dick began to pulsate and release loads of cum.

So as not to break the rules you'll have to use your imagination what I did with all that tasty cum. Before ending his surprise episode I looked up into his eyes and said, 'I'm glad you enjoyed your 'first time' birthday surprise as much as I enjoyed doing it for you. I'm really surprised you didn't ask for it sooner. Since you and I enjoyed it so, I doubt this will be the last. Just don't forget, my birthday is next month, Darling'.

By now my pussy was dripping wet and my clit were aching for attention and you can bet he didn't leave me without returning the favor and getting me off. Ummmm? I don't remember if we ever got around to making it to the kitchen for dinner but the champaigne was all we needed by then.

I could hardly wait for my birthday surprise from him the next month! You can bet he won't take me out for a gourmet meal.

I didn't have a vibrator at the time but my best friend has been telling me how much she enjoyed masturbating with hers. Maybe she will put a casual little hint in her ear and tell him where to buy one for me like hers! The way I'm feeling just now I think I'd better let her know. We girls need to work together you know.

Let me know if you would like to read the rest of the story?



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