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Hiking Trail

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My girlfriend and I masturbate together, a lot. Probably more than we have sex. It's really great knowing that we're both into it and not have to feel guilty about touching ourselves whenever one of us feels horny. I love to watch her make herself cum. This happened yesterday. It was fast, but probably one of the hottest things we've ever done.

Close to where she lives is a huge nature preserve that she liked to walk through. It's got large wooded areas, and hiking trails. She had taken me there once before, and I really loved it, so we started to make a thing out of it. The other day we're walking through some of the more deeper areas, where no one really goes into and we started fooling around, squeezing each other's groins. We started getting pretty worked up, when she turned to me and said, 'God, you've got me so wet!' I reached into my pants, and scooped out some precum, 'Same here.'

We kept going on like that and eventually she led us to a hiking trail. It went all the way up to a mountain, and then right alongside it was a large wire fence. She said that usually people see the fence and turn back, thinking the trail ended. She grabbed me by the hand and we went up higher. Pretty soon we made it to the very top, and we could look down and see the entire park, and just beyond it the whole city.

'I have to pee.' I said, 'Think anyone will see?'

'Go ahead! No one ever comes up here.' She replied.

I unbuttoned my pants, and quickly unzipped. My still throbbing cock sprung out, glistening from all the precum that was smearing around the inside of my briefs. I turned to my girlfriend, she was giggling while hungrily eyeing my hard manhood. It took a few seconds for me to calm down enough to release some piss, but eventually it flowed out. A pale yellow stream, arching, and glittering in the sunlight. Once I finished, I let it hang out, idly fondling the leaking tip.

'It's so hard, I'm getting really horny.' She announced.

'Do you want to masturbate?' I asked.

She lifted up her skirt, squatted down, and reached into her panties. I took that as a yes.

We knew it would have to be a quick one, lest anyone decide to hike up the same trail we were on. I pulled my pants and briefs down past my hips, and quickly tugged at my dripping cock. As our pace quickened, our breathing got faster. A helicopter passed us over head, before moving on to the city below us. We looked up and laughed, thinking about the people in it getting an eyeful of us out on the mountain pleasuring ourselves.

I looked down to see her hand rapidly moving underneath her panties. She let out a long groan as she rubbed her hard little clit. I gripped tighter on my shaft and stroked until my hand was a blur. I knew this was it. I could feel the cum rising up, my balls tightening.

'Oh god... I can't... Fuck... Here it comes!' I exclaimed

'Oh! Me too... I'm cumming!' She followed, with a shuddering sigh.

My cock erupted 3 short ropes of cum, it splattered onto the dirt trail below my feet. I groaned out in pleasure and looked down just in time to see her body arch back and convulse. Then watched her legs writhe, kicking up dirt with her shoes.

'Oh wow. That was so exciting!' She yelled out.

We quickly composed ourselves, I squeezed another glob of white juice out of my now flacid cock, and zipped up. We made our way down the trail, talking about how much fun that was. As we came around a corner we saw a group of people coming up, they didn't see us but we saw them turning back when they saw the fence.

My girlfriend turned to me, 'See?' She said, 'I told you no one ever comes up here.'



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