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Hiking Part I

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Jill and I were neighbors and spent a lot of time together as kids hiking through the woods around the area. We were both in the first year of high school. One Saturday morning we decided to take a long hike through the woods on one of the looping trails. It was going to be about a 10 mile hike. We started off and were about four miles into the hike when it started to rain heavily. Fortunately we were able to get back under a cliff overhang about 10 feet before we got soaked. When I looked at Jill I noticed that the rain had made her cold as her nipples were pressing hard against her t-shirt. I pulled a dry shirt from my backpack and gave it to her. She smiled and thanked me as she realized I knew she was cold.

What happened next I did not expect. Right in front of me Jill took off her wet shirt showing me her tits (she was not wearing a bra). She let me stare for a long time before she asked me if I wanted to touch her tits. I moved towards her and nervously took a tit in each hand and gently squeezed. My dick immediately went hard and was noticeable through my shorts. Jill noticed my hard on and shyly asked if I 'played' with myself. I did not answer at first but she assured me my secret was safe with her. So I told her that I had been jacking off at least three or four times a week for the last year. Jill was very curious about how I did it and if I 'squirted' when I masturbated. I continued to feel her tits the whole time she was asking me these questions. I answered her by telling her that I jacked off by wrapping my whole hand around my dick and moved up and down until I would cum. She admitted that she had no idea of what cock looked like. Jill then stepped back telling me to show her my dick and to jack off for her. She said if I did she would show me her pussy and how she 'played' with herself. Jill's invitation was appealing as until then I had only seen naked girls in a porn magazine and was dying to see the real thing. My hands were shaking as I undid my pants and lowered them along with my underwear down to my ankles. Jill took a couple of steps towards me to get a better look at my dick. Jill then said to make myself cum. All too ready to please her I took hold of my cock and began to jack off. I fixed my eyes on her tits and before I knew it I was cumming. Jill's eyes widened as I shot out three or four blasts of cum from the end of my dick. When I was finished I pulled my pants up said to Jill that is was her turn.

Jill lowered her shorts and underwear revealing her beautiful pussy. Like me she only had a little bit of hair growing in her private area. Jill started rubbing her finger on, what I know now was her clit, and slowly rolled her clit between her fingers. I dropped to my knees in order to get at eye level with her pussy staring at me from only two feet away. A wetness was building up along Jill's pussy lips and then she spread her legs wider revealing her hot wet hole. Jill then inserted one of her fingers into her tight virgin hole and began pushing it in and out repeatedly. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hardened cock out again and we masturbated together. Jill's body began to shake and she moaned heavily as she came. I shot another load onto the ground in front of where Jill was standing. We both smiled, got dressed and finished the hike.



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