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Highway Guy

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A true story. Two drivers cum together.


This happened when I was in my mid-thirties.

After having a drink and a burger at an old college haunt, I was on the highway heading north for home. I became aware of a vehicle on the right driving nose to nose to mine. I looked over and the driver was a younger guy, stocky, curly brown hair.

We made eye contact and then he looked down at his crotch. His jeep was set higher than my car so I couldn't look into his but it was obvious what he was looking down at. We made a few more eye contacts and he each time looked down at his crotch.

He had on a Hawaiian shirt and one of those cheap plastic leis around his neck, so I'm thinking frat guy on a Friday night.

As the exit approached, he motioned towards it and we both pulled off and into the darkened, empty parking lot of an office building. Being a big guy myself, I was more curious than nervous. We got out of our rides and walked towards each other. He extended his hand and we shook.

He said his name, I told him mine and I asked what's up? 'Aww, not much. Just looking for a little trouble. How 'bout you?'

'What kinda trouble? I asked?

'I feel like jackin' off, foolin' around a little'

I smiled a little and asked where?

'My jeep?'

We got in and he undid his kahki shorts and pulled them and his white briefs down to below his knees. I did the same with my jeans only I was going commando.

Didn't take long for him to get hard and my cock was ready for the workout in no time. We started jacking off and he reached over to pull my nutsack out so he could see it better. I reached over and did the same. He said I had a nice looking cock. Mine was a little longer than his but his was thicker around. We were both cut.

There was some brief talk about jerking off with other guys. He liked it. I said I did too. He wanted to wrap his hand around my dick, which was slick with pre-cum. He gave it a couple of pumps, squeezing it gently. I returned the favor.

He said he was ready to cum. 'Yeah, me too' I said.

He reached over and grabbed a crusty white towel. The small kind you see in gyms. His breathing got faster his face intense with building pleasure. He lifted his hawaiian shirt up over his abdomen and shot a stream of jizz onto his hairy belly, it dribbled onto his fist and the tangle of pubes around his prick. A few seconds later I came and shot warm cum onto my left thigh, some dripping onto the jeep seat. He watched my orgasm and just said 'Man, that was nice.'

He wiped up the jizz from his stomach hands and brown cockhair, then handed the towel to me. It felt cool sharing his cum rag with him. In a weird way it made the whole thing more buddy buddy than a one off with a stranger. I handed it back and he dabbed a little more off the head of his dick. He brought the rag to his face and took a deep draw. 'I love that smell.' He held it over and I smelled the rag full of dried and fresh cum. It reminded me of my high school locker room. It was a heady rush.

He stashed the rag down in the space between the seats.

We pulled our pants back up. I said thanks and we shook hands, which were slightly sticky with our spunk. 

'See ya.' he said and gave my cock and balls a gentle squeeze thru my jeans. 

I doubted we'd ever see each other again but what the hell. It was a good jerk off session and a memory for the books.  



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