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High School Shower

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I wrestled during all four years of high school. After getting sweaty I always showered after practice. My next door neighbor was the manager of the team and her father usually picked us up on his way home from work. Dina and I grew up together. We were friends with the same people and hung out all the time. During our junior year I passed my drivers test and drove Dina to and from school. I had my car during wrestling season and I drove Dina home after practice. One day while in the shower Dina called out how long I would be. I didn't hear her because I was jerking off in the shower. Dina said she called out a few times and then walked in. She saw me jerking off and 'oh my god'. I looked at her and covered up. Dina walked away and I followed her naked. I stopped Dina and she said sorry. She looked down and saw me half erect and asked why I was doing that. I told her after practice I was watching her clean the mat and seeing her ass sway back and forth and then when you bent down I saw down your shirt was to much for me. I looked into her eyes and said I usually think of you while masturbating. Dina looked at me and said why. I told her she because I have had a crush on you for years and love you. Dina looked at me and asked if I meant that. I said as truthful as my dick is hard. Dina looked down and saw I was hard. She told me to go back to showering. I went back and Dina was watching from the wall and said she wanted to watch me jerk off. I jerked off for her and when I was close I showed her how far I squirted. Dina laughed and said nice distance.

Dina and I were still good friends but something changed. She had her own car and didn't need me. She stopped hanging out as much. When our parents took their two weeks vacation I didn't want to go. My parents said okay. About two hours after they left their was a knock on my window. Only Dina came through my window. I opened it and Dina came in and gave me a big hug and kiss. She sat down and told me she is sorry for walking in on me during my shower and how she has been for the past few months. She didn't know I thought that way about her and masturbated to her. She also said watching you jerk off was so amazing and she has been thinking about that day since then. Then in a low voice she told me she had actually masturbated thinking about me naked and masturbating in front of her. I was suprised and told her. Dina looked at me and asked if I would forgive her. I said yes. We hugged and I felt Dina's hand at my crotch. Dina looked at me and said she wanted to watch me jerk off again. I smiled and told her okay. We shut the shades and I started to strip and stopped. Dina asked why I stopped. I said I wanted her naked to. Dina looked at me and stripped. She took off her shirt and jeans first. I told her to stop and I looked at her and said how I always wanted you in my room like this. I was down to my underwear and a tent had a tent already growing. Dina took off her bra and after seeing her breasts I told her how good they looked. Dina then took off her panties and turned around. I moaned and said her ass looked great and her vagina was just as I had pictured. I took off my underwear and my dick was standing straight up. I asked her to lie on my bed and she did. I was slowly stroking myself and said dreams do come true. Dina asked what my dream was. I told Dina her naked on my bed and us masturbating and exploring each other. She smiled and said then your dreams do come true. She sat up and took my penis in her hand and slowly stroked me. I closed my eyes and then I told her it was too much and I was going to cum. Dina put her hand over my penis head and I erupted in her fingers. I got her a towel and some water. I was still hard and asked if I could feel her body. Dina said okay. I felt her breasts, stomach, legs, ass, inner thigh and pussy. She told me to stroke her pussy. Dina laid back and opened her legs and I was doing what she told me. Dina moaned. In a few minutes she was breathing faster and moaning more. Then she moaned very loud and said oh god and became very silent. She had her girl juices leaking out. We laid next to each other and talked about what happen. Dina said she always thought this would happen, but not so soon. I again said I love you and Dina said it back to me. We kissed and I got up and washed and came back to my bed. Dina had her legs open and said she was on the pill for four years and wanted to lose her virginity. The rest is for another site.



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