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High School Mutual

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High School Mutual
I was 15 and didn't have a girlfriend. And I knew what masturbation was just didn't do much of it. One day I went to school thinking it was going to be an ordinary day, I was wrong.
It was second class of the day, and we were taking notes, in out school we have T.V.s in every room and the teachers hook up the computer to them and give us notes on Microsoft Power Point. Well on this particular day the girl sitting next to me must have felt a little frisky, she had been tickling me a bit and she started running her hand along my right leg, ever so slowly she started to tickle the inside of my groin, and then stopped. I whispered to her and asked what the matter was and why she stopped. She smiled and asked me how far I have ever gotten with a woman before. I told her that I had only kissed. She looked surprised and remarked that she must teach me.
It was the second last class of the day, Drama. And we were sitting next to each other. She discreetly began to feel my lump though my pants and I slowly grabbed her firm ass cheek and told here to wait so we don't get in trouble. All last class we talked to each other about where we should go, we decided that in the ally behind the fire hall would do best. For cover up I told my friends that I was going to walk her home because she was feeling sick. Walking down the bike path she asked me what I wanted to know, and asked what I could teach her.
When we arrived at the ally we put our backpacks down and sat on some wooden flats piled up on top of each other. She looked over at me and asked again what I wanted to know. There we sat cross-legged face to face. I reached for the zipper on the front of her shirt and slowly unzipped it. I found two small perfectly round breasts in a white bra. I cupped my hand around her left tit and slowly rubbed it with one hand, then went for the other with my right. She looked up at me and slid her bra down to her waist and I licked here hard erect nipples and started to caress them, I put my head up to her neck and kissed it twice. She started to kiss the side of my face. I pulled away and started for her belt. As she slid up her bra I undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. She then told me that she was going commando style and unzipped her fly. I dove my hand down her pants and found a shaved cunt. She told me that she liked it better that way so I continued and rubbed her clit slowly asking her if it felt good. She replied yes and told me to go deeper. As I continued on I felt her wetness and penetrated her. At that moment she shivered and told me to keep on going.
After a few minutes of fingering her she sat up and went into a deep orgasm, at witch point she kissed me and pulled my hand from underneath and started for my zipper. As she undid the button she told me that she wouldn't suck my cock, just lick it a little. As she opened the front of my boxers my big sweaty cock sprung out and she grabbed it and slowly peeled my foreskin down and started to pump my dick slowly, and lick my head. I reached for her breasts again as she began to speed up. I could feel the orgasm in every part of my body and shot my load onto the ground,
She finished pumping out what was left and we quickly cleaned up, as I picked up my back pack she grabbed my shirt and pulled me toward her and gave me a kiss with tongue, I gave her some back and she told me that I was a natural kisser.
When I got home I found a note on the kitchen table from my parents stating that they were out at a party and would not be back till 2:00 am. And that there was supper in the fridge. I went down to my room and started to jack off for about an hour remembering what just happened to me. I must have had alt least 5 orgasms that night in all different places in my house, like the shower and my bed. The next day I saw her at school and she smiled and winked at me. We haven't done anything more like this to date , and we still remain good friends even though we both have relationships with other people.



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