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High School Library Adventures

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By the time I was in ninth grade I had already been flashing girls and had even had a few see me masturbate. One day when I was in the library, I sat in a lounge chair that was across from a girl in a study desk. The desks were enclosed on the top sides and in front with high panels, but were completely open underneagth with no 'modesty' panels. The girl had on a short skirt, and from where I sat I could look right up her dress. She was a cute brunette who I knew played field hockey. She had great legs, wore white panties, and at times even sat with her legs wrapped around the chair legs, spread wide apart. I saw some of her dark bush, as some pubic hairs peeked out around her panties. When the bell finally went off, she got up, saw me sitting there and gave me a coy smile as she walked away. I was so horny, that night I jerked off 3 times to the memory of that view!

Shortly after that, I started to go to the library for free periods, study halls and even after school. I always looked for girls in places I could look up their skirts. Soon , I was masturbating in the library bathroom, because I couldn't wait to get home. Then I began to masturbate in the library itself! At first, I rubbed myself off through my pants. This made a mess and didn't feel so great, and I tried to clean up in the bathroom after. Then , I began to open my fly and rub myself through my underwear. This felt better, and I took paper towels and put them in my pants after, so I didn't have visible stains. Finally, after a few weeks of peeking at panties, I took it out! I remember the first time I was fully exposed. There was a cute girl 1 year ahead of me named Denise. She was a hot brunette with big boobs, who always wore tight miniskirts! One day at last period, which was a study break, I went to the library and saw her sitting in a grouping of 4 study desks, arranged in a square. I sat in the one across from her. With the high walls, she couldn't see me. I looked under the desk, and wow, perfect view right up her skirt! Within a few seconds, I put books on my lap to avoid beings detected, opened my zipper and began to rub my penis. At first I rubbed with it in my pants, but as I got hard, it became difficult to do. So I took it out of the open fly, with the cock head visible except for the books on my lap. A few times a minute I would look under the desk and at her panties. Finally, I came loads but contained it just inside my pants at the last second and on my shirt tails. Then I stuffed paper towels in and closed the zipper. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I looked at her and she gave me a wierd smile. She may have heard me, but I don't think she saw anything. As I went to the bathroom, there was another girl , named Carol, who was in my class and who worked as a library monitor. She was tall and thin, quiet and bookish. She was sitting about halfway across the room at an angle across from me and I was so engrossed in jacking off, that I didn't see her! As I got up she was staring at me and smiling as huge a smile as I had ever seen as I walked by. I wasn't sure if she saw me! I was very nervous for the next week, and didn't go tho the library. She never said anything to me in class, and after about a week, when nothing bad happened, I decided to go again. I was just getting too horney!

This time I went after school. When I walked in, I saw Carol and another friend of hers who even looked a little like her, named Cathy, in the library. She was tall, thin with glasses and short, light brown hair and hazel eyes. They were putting books back on shelves. As soon as they saw me I saw Carol give a smile towards Cathy, who nodded, and they both looked at me and smiled. I walked by, kind of ignoring them, and saw there was a girl in a study desk near the magazine section. She had sexy legs, and I was instantly turned on! I got a

newspaper from the rack, and sat in a lounge chair, hidden from that girl, but with a view up her skirt!! (this was years ago in the days of the miniskirt!) I took the newspaper, which they kept on wooden rods, and put it over my lap. Within 1 minute I was so horney, I opened my zipper, and started to masturbate. This time I looked around, and I saw Carol and her friend had moved into position to see me from an angle, not in my direct sight, , and were sitting on the floor, half hidden by a book shelf, putting the books in order. I saw they were really peeking/looking right at me from around the shelves! I took my penis out and was rubbing it under the paper on my lap. My arm motion was probably easy to see. Looking at those striped panties, I couldn't control myself, and I lifted the newspaper up as I was fully erect, and openly jacking off! At their level ,sitting on the floor, I was fully exposed to Carol and Cathy! With the newspaper off my penis, they could see everything! I jerked off , stroking hard, and then erupted with cum, which I let shoot on the floor! Then I quickly tucked my penis back in, and bent over and wiped up the cum with paper towels. When I glanced at the girls, they were looking right at me, and were hugging each other with huge grins, smiles and laughing, doing everything to contain themselves in the library!! I got up to leave and they just stared at me, with grins like the Cheshire cat ,as I walked by! I didn't go back for a while after that. They never said anything to me, but Cathy tried to get friendly with me after that. It wasn't until a few years later, when I was in college, I heard from another girl I knew who was in the same click, that years before, some girls had said they saw me masturbate in the school library! That girl, named LIz, said she didn't believe it! Later, she and her roommate saw me jack off, too!



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