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High School Girlfriend

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This happened when I was 18. Becky (real name) and I had been dating for a year or so when things progressed to serious touchy feely. One night while laying down in the front seat of my car I got the courage to run my fingers up her leg under her skirt and to my surprise she didn't stop me. She actually spread her legs a little to give me better access. I began to feel that wonderful place between her legs through her panties expecting any minute she was going to stop me, but she didn't. I bravely worked my fingers to the top elastic of her panties and began working inside her panties and then down to her pussy. My heart was pounding in my ears as I felt her pubic hairs and I couldn't believe she was letting me do this. This was a first for me and I didn't know exactly what to do, like finding her clit and taking her onto those sensations. I was in heaven as she let me explore her, sticking a finger up her pussy a little ways. Then she started to shift position and I thought it was over, but she simply reached over to feel my hard on through my pants. After a minute or so she reached for the zipper and pulled it down. I remember being surprised about how easy that zipper went all the way down. She then carefully reached in and caressed my cock through my shorts. I didn't know how far this was going to go but I was in heaven. Well after a few minutes she removed her hand, zipped up my pants and proceeded to end this excursion for the night, saying she had to get home.

This story so far is a set up for the best part which happened a week later. I should add that Becky was one of the absolute dolls of her whole class and could have had any number of guys for a boyfriend, but she chose me. Anyway fast forward one week and the foreplay to the point where she was going to unzip my jeans, except this time they wouldn't unzip. Then she was playing around with my belt buckle trying to get it undone all the while I was feeling and exploring her pussy. I had her panties down below her knees and she had her legs spread as far apart as possible in the confines of the front seat. Finally it dawned on me (duh) that maybe I could help her with getting my pants undone. So I undid my belt buckle, slid my zipper down as her hands were there touching and helping. Then I pulled the elastic of my shorts open and her hands just absolutely plunged inside and a soft giggle of excitement emanated from her lips as one hand went for my cock and the other for my balls. She immediately got one hand around the base of my shaft and started jacking my cock up and down with speedy but careful tempo. I still had one hand cupping her pubic area using my middle finger to push in and out of her very wet pussy. I could tell she was over the top with excitement and of course so was I as she just kept pumping my cock. I guess I didn't know what was going to happen and I had no plan of course, but then I started to feel my cock was going to cum. I wish I had slowed her down but I didn't and after about two minutes an orgasm was building and I realized that I was going to cum right then and right there. At the last possible micro second I grabbed her hand away from my cock and pulled the top of my shorts over the end of my cock as I began spurting cum. I guess I uttered some muffled grunts and my hips were bucking back and forth like I was fucking something and I'm sure she wondered what was happening but she patiently waited for my body to calm down. I failed to make her cum that night (another story) but the whole affair was an experiment in bliss and Ecstasy. I do not know if this was the first she had done anything like this, but that night still ranks up there as one of the very best. Funny how we remember those isn't it. Thanks for reading.



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