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High School Fun

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We had a circle of buds that all jerked off together


Growing up I can remember always being interested in other boys penis's, and their chests. I loved summers in the desert. Loads of boys running around shirtless!

My junior year I met a friend in a class of mine the frist day of that school year. We hit it off from the start. We were instant best friends. Privacy was no issue with us, there wasn't any, and we were both just fine with that. We talked about anything and everything, dicks, balls, cum, sex and jerking off, there was no holding back!

We introduced each other to one another's circle of friends, mine being much smaller than his group of friends, which was fine with me. After a few months of us being introduced to each circle of friends we developed a really tight circle of buddies. It was me, 17, my best friend, 16, a buddy 17, and one more pal 17 and his 14 year old brother. This 14 year old was a stud, and was for sure one of the boys, he was a blast to hang out with, so his age really didn't matter.

Everything started one night while camping in the mountains. Of course as boys are and will be boys, we were all horny. We were all pissing in front of each other, not caring at all, and joking about how small our dicks were, even though we were all well endowed, but me being the smallest, even the 14 y/o hung longer than me! Our discussions moved from the normal guy talk to dicks, and jerking off. Next thing we knew, we were all comparing dick sizes. The daring started, and before long, we were all stark naked, five boys bare assed in the mountains. It must have been a sight for anyone if they had seen us!

Dick size started to progress from flaccid size to hard size. To my relief I wasn't the smallest any longer, I'm a grower, not a shower! Of course being naked, and now hard, we all said that we had to jerk off. We all just started rubbing one out, right there in front of each other, like it was no big deal.

After that night, we start having 'jerk-off's', which were competitions to see who could jerk off the fastest, and cum the most. We all masturbated together, many many times, every time we were together. My best friend and I hung out a lot together, and we would jerk off any chance we had. In the car, our rooms, in the desert, at the movies, at a friends, it didn't matter. We would go skinny dipping and wrestle around, but we never did touch or jerk off one another. The closest we ever got to it was that we would always approach one another and grab a hand full of package on the outside of our clothes.

This went on for years, well into our mid 20's, even after he got married we would still go skinny dipping and jerk off together.



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