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High School 'Friend With Benefits'

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When I was in high school, I met this girl named Leanna. She was kind of hard core heavy death metal rocker, but she wasn't into devil worship or anything like that. Unlike a lot of girls who looked like her, she was actually very bouncy and perky. We never really 'dated' in the normal sense, I don't know why, but we were 'friends with benefits' for the last two years of high school.

Because I was kind of scared to get her pregnant, and I was too poor to afford condoms, we did a lot of mutual masturbation. Sometimes we'd tell each other sexual fantasies until we'd be so horny, our eyes would cross. We'd do this in public, at parties and such, until we had to go somewhere and rub off. It was kind of weird, and everyone assumed we were having sex, which turned us on even more, if you can believe it. Her fantasies seemed to be about being tied up and forced to do lewd things and say dirty words. This was kind of odd because she swore all the time anyway, but just saying sexy things made her hot, and when she was hot, I was hot!

One time, Leanna was house-sitting for her aunt. She called me to come over, because she wanted to act out a fantasy. She didn't say what, but I was over at that house so fast, I could have been caught for reckless driving.

When I came to the door, there was a yellow stickie note that said, 'Come in.' I was hard when I opened the door, and asked for her. I heard her mumble in the rec room downstairs. When I got there, she was 'tied up' (well, as good as she could have been, seeing she tied herself up) on the couch, squirming. She was wearing a short skirt, white dress shirt, and black stockings. She said some man had kidnapped her, and was forcing her to do dirty things. She started playing with my bulging cock with her stocking feet. Man, she looked HOT! Her dress was unbuttoned down to the middle, her bra was barely on, and I could see her panties were soaked under the skirt hiked up so high, I could see her thighs up to her sweet ass. I had heard her say this fantasy before several times, and so I pretended not to care, and said how horny I was, and how helpless she was, and if she wanted to be rescued, she had to describe what that 'bad man' had made her do. She then gasped and moaned, saying how naughty she felt, and how dirty she was. She kept teasing my cock with her foot, and soon, I told her she had been a bad girl for making me horny, and now she was going to see me jack off. I pulled down my pants, and before I got half a dozen strokes, I came all over her stockings. She quickly pulled her hands out of the ropes, and rubbed herself until she came. We were so exhausted from the released tension, we fell asleep on the couch together, not even bothering to clean up or fix our clothes.

Another time, we were at her friend's house during a movie party. There was this one scene where a girl falls in quicksand, and I knew that kind of stuff turned her on: being trapped and helpless, calling out to someone. We were covered with a big blanket, an I slid my fingers down her pants, and rubbed that wet clit. She came pretty quickly, but she had to hide it. She got back at me later on by nibbling my neck and ears, and rubbing NEAR my swollen cock, but not actually touching it. She wouldn't let me leave to go to the bathroom or anything; she didn't want me releasing the tension. Finally, in the hallway, she rubbed her thigh across my bulge, and whispered that she wasn't going to let me come unless I promised her that I would do another fantasy later. She then started to describe it, but I was so built up, I came in my jeans and nearly fell to the floor. We had to leave right away because I was afraid the stain in my pants would be obvious.

One summer, she had been in a hot tub at the local community pool, coming in and out of orgasm for hours because of the water jets. She rubbed my dick under the bubbles, and I came pretty quickly.

She was really into being wet. Wet and dirty. Just walking barefoot in mud on a rainy day got her horny. One day, while house sitting for her aunt again, she walked out in the rain, stripped nude except for these pink striped stockings, and rubbed herself off in the wet lawn. I still get hard thinking of her sweet ass and hips, squirming in the rain. Later, she wanted me to describe it to her, and she rubbed me off while I spoke.

Like I said, we were never a 'couple,' and when we graduated high school, we went our separate ways. Last I heard, she was doing art in New York. But I'll never forget how she taught me that just because we can't have sex does not mean we can't have fun.



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