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High School Exhibitionist

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It started when I was young and for a while I didn't flash, but as a teenager, the urges to flash emerged again. In highschool, I was so horny I started to masturbate looking at girls. When I was about 15 I was playing after school basketball. One night I came out of the gym after practice, an I saw a cute Strawberry blond girl I knew from class named Cathy. She was a majorette, with a full figure and big boobs. I had known her for a few years. The school had a long oval driveway where the buses would come. Cathy was sitting all by herself at one end of the driveway. Seeing her there,sitting on the curb , her legs and thighs totally exposed by her short uniform, I got instantly horny. I wanted to cum looking at her! Across from where she sat at the end of the oval was a theater area which was deserted. If I went in there, I could see her, and no one else at the school could see me! She had not seen me yet, so I walked around the hall, and into the theater lobby. Now I was clearly visible to her across the driveway, but the lobby was all glass doors, and soon, lots of other kids might be around! I walked through the lobby, barely glancing at Cathy, pretending I didn't see her. After the lobby was a well lit side corridor, directly across from her! If I walked down it, I could see her perfectly, and of course, she could see me,, but no one else could! I went up the corridor and turned around. I glanced at her and saw her legs almost up to her panties,as she sat on the curb all alone. I started to rub myself through my clothes, but she had me soooo horny, I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. She was staring right at me in disbelief! Then I raised my shirt up so she could see everything, and started to masturbate! She stared at me, but I was looking down at my penis, pretending not to see her as I repeated stole glances at her. After a short time, she got up and faced away from me, looking at the full length window her side of the school. Then she started to do a dance routine.She was pretending not to see me, and was using the windows like a mirror to practice her dancing. I jerked off furiously watching her sexy body and then I came all over the hallway! Just after I came, as I was pulling up my pants, her mom drove up, Cathy got in the car and they drove away. I went to where she sat, and looking at the window she used I could see it was acting as a perfect mirror, and she could see everything in the corridor where I had just cum! The next day I saw her in class, and she looked at me with a sly smile, but didn't say anything. I was worried she would tell, but after about a week, things seemed normal, and I was wondering if she really was watching me, or just dancing. Then I had a setup that was an exact duplicate of the week before. I came from Basketball practice and saw her all alone, waiting for her mom to pick her up, at the end of the oval drive. Seeing those legs, I got so horny, I had to masturbate right then! I again walked into the theater lobby, and as soon as I entered it, I saw her sit up really straight, looking right at me. I went down the corridor again, but when I turned and saw her, I got a little nervous about doing it in the open. There was a door halfway down the corridor and I opened it. It was a small broom closet. I left the door wide open, went in, turned on the light , and glanced back at Cathy, She had moved a little to keep me in full view, and seemed to be sitting extra high up, as if to let me know she was there. Her legs were sooooooo hott! I immediately dropped my pants to the floor, lifted my shirt to my chin, and bagan to masturbate. This time Cathy just Stared! I could feel her eyes gleaming at my penis as I jerked harder and harder, and then shot cum all over the place as I was glancing sideways at her pretty thighs! I then leaned against the back of the closet , and I cleaned myself up with paper towels. Then I picked up my pants, and wiped up the floor with more towels. I closed the door and looked at her, and she was making no attempt to hide the fact she was looking straight at me. As I made my way through the lobby, her mom drove up and she left. The next few days, whenever I saw her, she looked at me with a smirk, but never said anything to me directly. A few years later, I heard through the grapevine she told some other girls about how she saw me masturbate right in the school!



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