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High Heels

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Wondering if anyone else does this


Hi, I'm a 36-year-old male living out in the west coast. I love to masturbate and have been doing it since I was 12. I have tried various ways, and will move through phases where I like one technique over another and will repeat that for a while and then move on to another way, often after reading about other techniques here at Solo Touch. I love this site by the way and cum here every morning. I usually jack off once a day but sometimes two. I love masturbation because it is the unedited expression of my inner sex. When we are with a partner we often hold back our inner kink and solo time is all about letting the real me out. I love it very much.

In the last few years I have taken to using an Anal Plug. Now, I have always used anal as a component of my masturbation arsenal but only got really serious about it about five years ago. I have three vibes and two plugs and love the feeling of a plug on my prostate. My favourite is a P-plug. It has this flared based that sits inside of you no hands and a slot for a silver bullet insert which, when humming next to my prostate can bring me to semenless orgasms. I can achieve as many as 10 before I tire out and feel the need to jack my cock off and actually cum. It is just lights out the best orgasm I can experience.

But lately I've become more fascinated with fucking my ass with a vibe. That is, not to let it sit in there and hum away but to ram it in and out, like I was getting fucked. I lay on my back and put my legs up in the air and ram away and it is just so hot.

This ties into the title of this post. High Heels. I often have been jealous of women and their ability to be fucked. As far as I know I am straight and have tried it with a guy and wasn't interested. That is not what this is about. It's more like I'd like to appropriate a cunt and fuck myself with a dildo or a vibe. I have no interest in having a guy do it. When I fuck my ass, I think I am working this out in my head. I don't have any interest in being a woman, and love being a man but I love this feeling of having something inside of me like it were a pussy. It is very weird and I'm not worried about it because I'm very confident in my being male, like I say, I just want to have a pussy to masturbate now and again.

This carries over to my love of watching women maturbate in porn (not the porn, just the act, I'd rather watch in person). I find it very erotic to see a woman at her most true self sexually and somehow this all gets tied up into my wanting a pussy. They are just so beautiful. I love my dick and would never actually trade it in but the fantasy is very hot for me. I guess I have cunt envy.

Which leads me to my title. Lately I have taken to wearing my wife's high heel slides and flip flops when I jack off. I have always had a foot fetish. Not the kind where I want to be foot-jobbed or have my wife wear 10 foot high heels but rather, certain parts of the woman's foot turn me on. The heel, the instep, an athletic foot with a nicely shaped big toe, all the toes in a perfect curve. Part of this fetish has brought me to wearing flip flops a lot. Not chick flip flops but guy tevas but when I wear them I feel sexy and erotic. I think flip flops are the sexiest shoe because of how it accentuates the foot and thankfully I live in a college town where all the girls are wearing them all the time. When I wear them it's like I am wearing them as though I might change my interest in a pussy. It's getting as close as I can to this new kink of mine.

This has carried over into my masturbation. My wife and I have the same size shoe and I have, though hairy, good runners legs and nice feet. My feet and ankles look good in her slides and when I jack off with them on, I don't see a male foot. Instead it transmutes into one of the feet I see when I jack off to certain kinds of porn that I have collected, all of which involve a woman's foot. To top it off I raise my feet in the air when I cum, like a porn star. It makes my climax so much more powerful. I shoot ropes of cum up my chest and have all these spasms. When I fuck my ass I do this too.

I love doing this and, of course can't tell any one, so thanks for reading this far. I'd love to hear if anyone else (guys of course-straight too) do this.



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