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Hiding in the Inlets

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The first time a girl ever got me off was during a family reunion. We had rented this huge camp site like we do every year, and about 30 of us were on the site in about 20 tents. One of the girls there was an adopted cousin of mine from a friend of the family, 'Missie.'

I had known Missie since she was 11, but never really paid much attention to her until she turned 15. By that time, I was almost 14, and man, I began to notice her! She no longer had braces, and she had all kinds of curves, and the first time I saw her in a two-piece, I mean WOW! As I said, she was adopted from a friend of the family who had run into some tough times, so we were all kind of extra supportive of her, to let her know she was always welcome with us and everything. When she first was with us, she was very shy, but by the time she was 15, she was not shy at all. She was also into the same books as I was (mystery novels), and we hit it off that summer very well.

One day, we were goofing around the lakes and streams around the area. One of my older cousins, Jake, was a real outdoorsy type, and he wanted to have a 'hide-and-go-seek' kind of thing with the boats. Some of us decided this would be fun, so we got into some small boats, and spread out around the area for an hour, and then Jake would go find us. He was really good at this. Missie and I ended up in a boat together, and she had an idea to go as far down river as possible, and hide in one of the many inlets.

We got to one place, and stayed under the shade of a tree hanging over the bank. Missie and I started talking about nothing in particular, and then we heard Jake far upriver claiming he had gotten two of us. Missie said, 'Here's what we'll do: we'll get out of the boat, tip it over and sink it, and hide in the reeds.' That sounded like a good idea, but the problem was the area was really shallow, and there was only about 2 feet of water at the deepest point, and a lot of soft silt under that. Missie said she didn't mind getting a little dirty, because when Jake went past us, we'd turn the boat over, get in, and paddle back upstream as fast as we could to get back to camp; essentially backtracking him.

When we got out, the water was really warm and the soft mud was really cool. If you stayed still too long, you'd sink up to your thighs, so the key was to keep moving so you wouldn't get stuck. But Jake would see us if we kept moving! Missie said we'd swim up behind a fallen tree, and hide there. To hide our faces, we would coat ourselves with mud, and hold onto the tree to keep from getting stuck. So we sank the boat, swam up behind the tree, and waited.

Missie kept her legs slowly pumping up and down, and I was right behind her, holding on. At first, it was kind of exciting hiding from Jake, and then it got exciting in another way. As Missie slowly moved her legs around, her buttocks rubbed against my swimsuit, and I got a hard on. I tried to think of baseball, report cards, anything to get my mind off the sensation, but it wasn't working. When Jake started to pass our inlet, I held onto Missie very tight, jamming my rod against the crease of her butt. For a moment, we thought Jake had seen us, but he moved on. Then she began to pump her legs into the mud again, straining because we were a little stuck from staying still. I was starting to feel really horny.

'I'm stuck on a branch,' she said. 'It's pressed against my back, can you get it?' It wasn't a branch, but I couldn't back away because my legs were stuck fast in the deep mud. She reached around, and grabbed my dick, and then went, 'Oh... er... um...' I did the same thing, but then she asked if it turned me on. I stammered it did, trying to make a joke about it, but she shushed me, and said not to make a noise.

Then she held my dick and slowly began to pump it back and forth. It felt so good! I had done this to myself before, of course, but the whole thing of being stuck with Missie in the mud combined with the thrill of getting caught by Jake, and the feel of forbidden fruit as she touched me was incredible.

'Oh yeah' I said, and I pushed forward and started to rub her breasts. That's when I discovered her other hand was between her legs. She asked me to lightly pinch her nipples. She then said the mud between her legs had made her really horny, and said what we were doing wasn't wrong as long as we didn't have sex and didn't tell anyone. Then she started to moan and rock back and forth into me. After a few moments, we started to get into a rhythm, and then I blew my load into her hand under the water. She felt this, and came right afterwards.

After that, we were pretty weak, but we managed to get out of the mud, the water out of the boat, and paddle up stream again. We washed most of the mud off, but we were pretty dirty when we got back to camp. We didn't speak about it for the rest of the day, and I was pretty confused about it.

That night, I fell asleep early, and woke up with her in my tent. She put her finger to my lips, and pulled off her tee-shirt. I saw her full frontal in the light that filtered through the tent. I pretty much figured out what she wanted. She straddled my knees and fingered herself while I stroked off. I came and blew sticky strands across her bare chest. She rubbed it across her nipples and came shortly thereafter.

Every summer, we had a similar rendezvous until she went to college. It never felt wrong, it was just something we did. Later she told me it gave her the confidence in life to get a really good boyfriend, and I must admit, I felt pretty good about it myself.

Now my fiancee and I masturbate together frequently. Sometimes we'll rent a really steamy video, or rub each other in the hot tub, seeing if we can come without acting like anything is going on. Being that free with someone is a wonderful thing.



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