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Hide and Let Peek!

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For those who wish to indulge in a little exhibitionism, masturbating for an audience is a frequent fantasy. I was recently able to enjoy this very act when I paid a visit to an adult bookstore near my home. I ducked into the shop and found myself surrounded by sex toys, books, magazines and videos of every sort. My mind was on what was available past the beaded curtain by the till. A pleasantly plump middle-aged lady smiled and said, 'There you go love,' as she changed my ten dollars into tokens for the private booths at the back of the store.

Heart pounding and cock throbbing in my pants, I quickly chose a booth. Several men stood around in the dim light; next to other little viewing booths and they quickly entered them upon seeing me. One man smiled lewdly at me and rubbed the bulge in his trouser fronts. I shut the door, though I did not latch it and plunked some coins into the slot. The screen blinked on and treated me to a dirty movie, full of close-ups of wet cunts being filled by hard dicks.

I unzipped and freed my erect prick, letting the steady stream of pre-cum wet my fingers. The sounds from the film mingled with the soundtracks of whatever pornos my neighbours were stroking to. This was along with their own breathless invitations to suck my cock through the little holes cut in the walls of the booths. I had my pants down to my ankles and my T-shirt pulled high as I wanked. I was barely able to keep myself from cumming as I pictured a strangers prick appearing at the hole and what I might do to it. Would I kiss it, suck it, ejaculate on it, or rub it with my own knob?

I too began to moan freely, engaging in lewd, dirty fuck talk with the men pleasuring themselves and probably each other, but just out of my sight. Just then, my door was pulled open and the man I had seen rub himself earlier appeared. Startled, I backed up and attempted to cover myself. Almost whispering, the grey-haired gentleman told me he just wanted to watch and I immediately found the courage to share my pleasure with this bold stranger.

I turned in profile to him and let him see the full length of my uncut shaft, as it sprouted from the thick black hair of my crotch. To ensure he could see better I switched to my left hand. Letting him view my red knob appearing wet and hard from behind my slick foreskin, before hiding itself again, with delicious pleasure in my fist. He smiled and egged my on as I played the fool for him, pulling my dick down and letting it flop up again. Pulling my sack and making myself throb.

After only about a minute, I climaxed, thinking of all the other men who had already splattered the floor and walls of this seedy little booth. I literally sprayed my load, with much of it landing at the feet of the lecherous old man, who so enjoyed my own pleasure.



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