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Hidden Secret

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Just read 'Home Video' and had a very similar experience. Thought I'd share it with y'all!


Here we go.

I am the last child in my family and have two older brothers. Anyway, after high school, I was allowed to take a year off before going to college, my parents had let my brothers. SO, my mom thought it was only fair that I got too as well!

Back in high school, during one of the many times my buds and I were hanging out, we got to talking and played video games. It was really late into the night, like 2:00am and only Chad and I were still awake. Neither of us could sleep, so we went off to the tv room and flipped it on.

As we sat there, Chad says, 'Hey, you ever gone naked?' I just sat there and looked over at him and said, 'Well, no never, besides in the shower I mean.' We both laughed! Then he said, 'Oh man, I read about it one time and tried it (when no one else was home). I liked it sooooo much, I do it all the time now, still only when no one is home or when I'm locked in my room, my parents and siblings aren't into it and think it's a terrible thing to do. You should try it sometime, I bet you'd like it!'

Well, we talked a little longer and watched tv for a bit, then finally called it a night and went to sleep. The next day, we never spoke about it and when we were all leaving Mike's place, Chad smiled and whispered 'Try it' to me. The other three guys were like 'What's up?' I just said, 'Oh nutting, he told me how to fix my bike last night,' and I walked out the door and down the road to home.

That evening since everyone was home I grabbed the movie I wanted to watch and headed to my room. I locked the door and threw the tape in and started the film. I took off all my clothes and laid on the bed watching the movie. I had my window open, so I could feel the cool night air all over my body and felt my cock get a little hard also. But, that was from the sexual scene on the tape!! I stroked my cock a couple times that night, but not to an orgasm or anything. I remained naked all night until I put on my t-shirt and shorts (that I usually wear to bed) when I woke up.

That Monday at school I saw Chad and told him I did it and that he was right I did like it. Over the next couple of weeks, I would be naked all the time in my room and even anywhere in the house (as long as no one else was home). There is such a wonderful feeling you get when you are naked and its so relaxing.

Now, this is where my experience is the same as the guy who wrote 'Home Video'. That Saturday, my parents and sister were driving to a family wedding in a city about three hours from where we live. They were dropping my brother off at my aunt and uncles, so he could spend the night with our cousin. So, being that I had a knee injury, my parents told me I didn't have to go. YES, I thought to myself, this will be my chance to be naked for the whole time they are gone!

I said goodbye to them all and watched them get into the van and drive off. As soon as they were out of sight, I stripped off my clothes and walked around the house, now that I was totally alone. So, I just sat there and watched tv and even jacked off a few times too.

It was about 8:00pm when the phone rang. It was my girlfriend, Kelly, she was at work and felt like calling. We talked for a while and she said, 'Before I go, can I ask what you are doing?' I just giggled and said, 'Well, hehe, I am just sitting here naked, watching tv and slowly jacking off.' All I heard was 'Oh lucky you, I wish I was that way too (she is also a private nudist, her family wasn't into it either), the A/C broke down and it's so hot in here. Oh well, I gotta go,' and hung up. Well, I found a porn tape in the drawer and put it on. In the very first scene it showed this hot thin brunette girl toying with herself. I sat there and watched it and after she finished she got up and that's when they showed her shutting off a video camera. So, of course that got me thinking and I got up and walked into the hall. I found the camera and tripod in the closet and took it back to the living room and set it up in such a way that it was aimed at the tv and my dad's leather chair.

With hard cock in hand, I sat down in the chair, hit record on the cam remote and unpaused the tape in the vcr. I laid back and slowly teased my cock while watching the porn tape. I must have jacked off to three or four orgasms in a row. It was great! I shut off the cam and cleaned up with the rag I found. I headed to bed very happy. But for the craziest reason, I found myself stopped in the hall. I said to myself 'I got the whole house to myself, why don't I sleep somewhere else for a change.'

No sooner than I finished thinking it, I found myself in my sister's room and laying on her bed. I rolled around and thought of how naughty it was to be naked and on her bed (she was 16 then). I lifted the covers back and lay down and teased my cock and felt the tip get wet and my pre-cum oozed out onto the sheet. I slowly stroked my cock and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and had a shower. When I got out, I walked to the kitchen and made some coffee and went to the door to grab the paper. As I walked back into the kitchen I saw there was a message on the answering machine. I played it and learned that Kelly had called. She said 'After we talked the night before she thought of me being able to be naked and how she wanted to do it also'. She went on to say 'I have to work till five today, but I'm coming over and we can be naked together.'

So, I spent the day doing stuff for my dad, mowing the lawn, sweeping the pool and adding the chemicals to it, etc. By the time I was done I was sweaty and hot. I ran inside and grabbed some ice tea and went out by the pool. I lay on one of the lounge chairs and basked in the sun! I don't recall what came over me, but I guess the sexual content in the book made me hard and being all alone, I slipped my swimsuit off.

I actually found it so nice that I dozed off! I was startled awake a time later by someone or something tickling me. When my eyes adjusted to the bright light from the sun I saw it was Kelly. I guess when she came in, she saw me lying there naked, as she stood there naked and smiling. We made out a little and headed inside.

As we walked into the living room, she saw the camera set up and asked me if I had had fun. I just said, 'Well, here, see for yourself,' and took the tape from the camera and put it in the adapter and put it in the vcr. It came on and she watched it and I saw her start to play with her tits and pussy a little. That of course got me hard and I was playing with my cock watching both her and the tv. Just then, she stops playing with herself and reaches over and begins to stroke my cock off. Not hesitating, I proceed to reach over and play with her clit and finger her pussy, all the while we watched my 'home video'!

Then without a thought or word spoken, she got up, went to the vcr, took out the tape and removed it from the adapter and put it in the camera. She sat back down beside me and resumed stroking me.

As she did she said, 'Ok, start the tape, I want to put this on tape so you can have something to play too!' So I hit record and I videoed us masturbating ourselves, then each other.

From the time she arrived on the Saturday afternoon and until she left on Sunday evening we spent the whole time naked and are gonna do it again soon.

We also started some other more sex type stuff too, but that's a whole different event. Since I know Solo Touch is for masturbation that's what I wanted to share!

Happy jacking or jilling, as the case may be!



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