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Hey! Let's play with Dicks for Hours!

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A while back a buddy coworker and I were driving back from an out of town biz trip. We were talking about our kids, our wives, then of course sex with our wives. This led to us both talking about still jacking off once in a while and we both admitted we did it because we still just flat out like to.
Well, he joked he had a boner and I joked I had a boner, which led to Hey! Wouldn't be funny if we just pulled over and jacked off right now? Which led to Hey! What if we jacked each other off? We both admitted to jacking off with other friends growing up but neither of us had actually jacked another guy's dick before. Nervous laughter, then: Hey! What if we got a cheap motel room and jacked each other off a few times?

So that's what we did.
Once we were in the room we both decided we were going to do this right. We wanted to take our time. We agreed that short of penetrative anal sex, we would do whatever each of us wanted to explore. Everything else was fair game.
We got naked. His penis was already at full stretch and mine was semi but going hard fast. His dick was awesome, thick and long. Mine was very similar to his my penal helmet was pulpier. He was somewhat shaved, my pubic hair was only trimmed.
We put our hands on each other's penises. Our hands roved over each others shafts, balls, heads where we smeared each other's precum between our fingers. We licked a bit, we sucked a bit--edging the whole time so we wouldn't burst.
We explored other parts of our bodies. He got on all fours on the bed and wanted me to finger his ass and I did. My buddy moaned and bucked to my thrusting rhythm.
The room started to really smell of sweat and dick--kind of gross but sexy at the same time.
We put our cocks together standing up, each of us taking turns gripping them, spitting on them--ugh, ugh, ugh!
I spit on my dick and jacked my huge, huge, huge penis. Then I found god. It seemed all the semen in the universe was beamed all Star Trek style into my balls and it all rose and blasted out of me into the air.
I rode my cum waves still jacking to a second climax when I noticed my sperm was starting to ooze down my erection, to my balls where it was going to drip into my buddies face.
I was about to move when he, seeming to read my concern for him, said: "no! It's ok, I want it. I've always want to taste another guy's wad!'
So I kept jacking out the last drops of my semen, while it slid fucking down river where my buddy slurped my milky essence into his mouth.

We did this shit for hours. It was great. I of course jack to this memory a lot now.



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