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Hetero or Bi

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I do not know if I am Hetero or Bi, but my first sexual encounter with a male was almost three years ago. I am a 43-year-old married and professional man who enjoy's my life with my family. My son is fourteen and we have already moved from Atlanta, GA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. My son met our son's neighbor and they became friends.

One day my wife very nervously told me that (S), our neighbors wife, caught her son and my son masturbating, so she suggested to my wife to let me know and take action. My wife suggested I talk to my neighbor first and arrange similar to a seminar and set up a meeting with both adolescents and both of us agreed it was a great idea. So I called my neighbor (R) who agreed with me to meet and talk about sex education, and who will start talking about the issue?

My son and his friend were around the house, thus, my wife suggested we go out and talk about it without letting the boys suspect what we are talking about. We did go out, my neighbor was driving and we started to talk about our kids and how proud we are of them because they are reaching maturity and stuff like that, so we prepared the speech that we will give to our boys. When we were driving home, (R) told me his life story and how his father caught him masturbating when he was sixteen and we were laughing and I told him my experiences too. I felt horny and hard, talking about sex.

Everything was Ok but when we were getting close to the neighborhood I wanted to fix my penis before getting off his truck, since I was wearing shorts. So I asked him if he could find a place because I had to urinate. He responded that he had to do it too, so he drove away from the neighborhood till he found a parking lot that was almost empty. So we got off the truck and walked towards a wood.

I was so horny and hard. I decided to go far away from him because I was too shy to let him notice that I had a hardon. He noticed my problem, so he told me not to worry about it, he had the same problem, so take it easy and jerk-off because he'll do the same!! I got more excited, even though I never had any homosexual encounters, but it was so exciting. So I stopped and started to fix my penis.

I was surprised when I looked at him, he was looking at me and jacking off, so he told me to come here and let us alleviate to problem with our cocks. I walked towards him and automatically he looked at my cock and I did the same. Without a word we started to masturbate like crazy in front of each other, and he approached me and asked me to rub our cocks together which I agreed with.

It was heaven. He played with mine and I did the same with his. We ejaculated moaning and shouting aloud. Then we chuckled and got in the truck and did not say a word about it. We were kind of shy of each other. When we got home he asked me if I remembered the speech that we both have to give to our boys, so I laughed and told him that I must start and finish the speech and I will give them some suggestions about sexual health.

We did it again after almost six weeks, but it was on purpose because we planned it, and since that (R) and me go out occasionally or we meet when our families are out and masturbate, rubbing each other. No kisses or any penetrating, just jerk off and touching. Is that weird?, I do not know if it makes me bisexual. However, I do love my wife and I like women and get excited with my wife and enjoy sex with her. My neighbor told me the same. Actually, I do not know if our kids are doing the same, if so I will never punish my son because I know that he has a sexual life with his girlfriend and I love him to death.



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