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Here's How You Can Screw Yourself

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Here's How You Can Screw Yourself!
Hi. My name is "Runs with Sysors"<~~~ tis a joke of sorts. anyway I was wondering if you could help me find other people who are into "screwing themselves" as is mentioned in an excerpt from your site.
I have been using this technique for almost 10 years. I do it sitting in front of a mirror I use a lot of ky or wet and I usually use an enema to clean my anus first. I start with my my penis limp and I apply a generous amount of lube to my rectum and anus. I use a finger to apply a good amount to the walls of my anus (this is quite a nice sensation in itself. sometimes I just squirt some in with the tube which works pretty good too. Now that I have thoroughly lubricated myself; I pull my testicles to one side. With the other hand I stretch my penis downward to my rectum so that it lies there with the head past my hole(oh yeah I forgot to tell ya to lube the penis well also try not to let it get too hard though)Now my stretched penis will pretty much keep my testicles to one side; so i can use that hand's finger to push the head inside my rectum. Once it is in ;I keep the shaft pinched tight so I can hold it in place. I like to take a finger and insert it with my penis to guide it in all the way so that I can actually feel the walls of my anus touching my penis this is quite a nice feeling and I usually start to get hard quickly. Now the trick is to keep the penis from retracting and getting "squished" back out of your rectum. To accomplish this feat; you have to grip the base of your penis and squeeze the blood forward into your penis which will be expanding inside you. This is an incredible feeling! Keep working your penis until it is almost fully hard. BE CAREFULL NOT TO SQUEEZE YOUR SPHINCTER MUSCLE UNTILL YOU ARE AT A POINT WHERE THE PENIS IS NOT SLIPPING OUT. If you squeeze too soon it will pop right out and you gotta start all over again.
Now that you have it some what hard try squeezing with your sphincter muscle while still gripping the penis so it stays hard inside you. I like to do this with my legs propped up against the wall with a large chair or a bed to lean against. I usually put a mirror between my legs so I can watch all the action. Dont get too discouraged if you can't get it in or have an orgasm at first or you keep slipping out. It took me a few years to perfect this technique. Try to concentrate on how it "FEELS" and where the penis needs to go to get inside yourself. Don't spend too much time trying to "watch" in the mirror or don't try to guide it in by sight. this is kinda difficult until you know how it "FEELS" You have to "FEEL" it into your self. If you have trouble getting it in try to push on the point where your penis is lying across the rectum; What I mean is you need to push on it so that the penis kind of "folds up" around your finger tip As this happens it should be pushing into you anus It takes a lot of lube and practice and a good amount of pressure. Remember to RELAX and try not to grunt or create any pressure in you abdomen; because the resulting pressure is what enables you to have a BM (bowel movement)and will consequently push your penis right back out. I have found that taking very slow normal breaths and concentrating on RELAXXING and "FEELING" what needs to happen back there is the best way to this most exciting and fulfilling technique.
Once you have entered yourself you can ;by using the palm of your hand and your fingers; guide your penis in and out of yourself(be careful not to pull it out too far because it will pop out and you gotta start all over)This guiding in and out is achieved holding the penis with firm pressure against you and cupping your hand against the penis from just above it at the base and around to your rectum. Try flexing your penis and sphincter muscles You will soon be having the most intense orgasm of your life!! I have had several orgasms this way and It feels so good to cum inside you self and feel your penis throbbing against the walls of your anus. When my penis is hard It is 8" long I am fortunate in that department this also helps me reach my prostate which if you get in there that far you be screaming with pleasure. I used the technical terms so that people would understand the mechanics of this "practice" or "technique."



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