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Here is How I Saw It

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a second telling of the story from someone who was there

Simmee's story


you can imagine that it's weird to find a description of your sex life on someone's website. i'm the girl called 'julie' in the story by the girl who called herself simmee in her posting which i just read. simmee called me to tell me that she was posting the whole thing about us four girls naked and the three of them having sex in front of me and that i shouldn't be worried because no one would be able to figure out who we are. i got furious with her but then i read it and i guess she's right. simmee didn't describe me at all and only us four girls know that i was even there and no one is talking (i hope).
i never saw solotouch before and it is very very interesting, and exciting too. i wish i had known about it. now here i am sending in a story. i'll tell about the same thing that simmee did but from my viewpoint.
there is a lot that simmee didn't know, because 'deirdre' didn't tell her (i heard all this from pam). deirdre and pam have been a couple for almost a year but they have big problem. deirdre is committed to pam and faithful to her but pam has a powerful sex drive and likes a lot of variety and because she is so very attractive she has no trouble at all getting people to have sex with her (she sleeps with boys sometimes too). deirdre can't handle this and they had a big fight over it one time when dierdre found pam in bed with another girl and they almost broke up. pam loves deirdre though and as a compromise she said, let me have sex sometimes with other people but you be there too. deirdre took a long time to think about it but she finally said, ok let's try it and see how it goes. i don't know deirdre very well but i think that simmee was their first experiment with this since deirdre trusted simmee and figured that simmee wouldn't try to steal pam away from her, or at least that is what pam thinks.
so why was i there? pam has been hitting on me for about three weeks but i have never actually had sex with a girl and i told her that and i wasn't going to start now no matter how sexy she was, because i might want to marry my bf and if he found out i did that it might be all over. the truth was that its hard to be with pam and not be attracted to her, no matter who you are, and sometimes i did think about pam when i was having sex with my bf (he doesn't know that of course). so last week pam calls me and says she's found a third girl to have sex with her and deirdre as part of this new plan and why don't i come and watch and if i like it maybe i can be their next sex partner. i'm thinking, sure all i need is for my bf to find out, but i was really curious (also excited...i masturbated as soon as i put the phone down) and i figured even if he did hear about it he wouldn't give me a lot of grief just for watching if i didn't get involved. pam said she'd make sure it was ok with simmee but i thought she would call her before we got together and i was really surprised when simmee showed up and clearly didn't expect me to be there. she wasn't happy about being watched while she had sex with two girls and i could tell she was wondering what my story was. she said i couldn't stay unless i took my clothes off. i thought i had better head for the door since this is just about the same as joining in, not just watching, and that is just what i wanted to avoid. pam could tell i was thinking about leaving and looked pouty. i thought well maybe i can strip but it will be ok as long as i don't touch anyone and no one touches me so i took off all my clothes and sat down in a chair while the other three went at it. maybe simmee thought i am some voyeur or something but that wasn't it at all, i just didn't want to do something that would break up my relationship with my bf if he found out about it.
at first i had a mixed reaction of being weirded out and a little put off but also stimulated. then they got hot and heavy and i could tell that all three of them were getting extremely turned on (i thought simmee was straight??), even deirdre who pam said didn't really like this idea. pam's nipples were hard and pointed and while she was loving up simmee she was swaying her hips back and forth and i had to hold myself back from joining in. i wanted to run my hands down pam's breasts and press myself against her body. pam reached sexual extasy as simmee sucked on her nipple while she stroked her clitoris and i wanted to be part of it. but i stayed 'faithful' to my boyfriend and stayed in my chair. i did masturbate though---i had to do something---that was the first time i masturbated in front of anyone else, boy or girl. i had a wonderful orgasm but almost as soon as it was over i got very self-conscious and left as soon as i could. i didn't know that they had more sex together after i left until i was simmie's posting on this website. i'm sorry i didn't get to see pam getting excited again.
pam called the next day to tell me that i didn't have to tell her whether i liked it since it was so obvious, which i guess is true, and she asked when i would join her and deirdre the way simmee did. the problem (in addition to whether i tell my bf) is that i'm not at all attracted to deirdre (no offense) but i know that according to their new arrangement i can't just have sex with pam. after what happened i think i would say yes to that but i won't get the chance, i guess, so don't worry, 'deirdre'. i just get second prize which is that i get to remember seeing pam having sex which has been exciting enough to make me pleasure myself every day since then, and usually more than once.



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