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Her Xmas Gift Was To Watch Me

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I have a lot of exhibitionism stories that involve me and other girls, some of them I knew or worked with and others who were strangers. But my favorite stories involve my best female friend, Cat, this is just a couple of them!


Me and my friend Cat didn't want to spend a lot of money on gifts for each other for Christmas, so we decided to give each other a generic coupon that we found online and printed out on the computer copier and we could fill it out by hand. The only stipulations were we couldn't do anything that would require spending a lot of money, we would have to wait until our upcoming birthday to redeem the coupon, and we could ask for whatever we wanted, as long as it didn't cost any money.

I knew exactly what I wanted and I only had to wait until February to get my wish, but Cat had to wait until July and I had no idea what she was going to ask for. I mean, I had all kinds of things running through my head that she might want, but she never gave any hints as to what she was going to redeem her coupon for.

Well, February couldn't get here fast enough. Even though we still did mutual masturbation and some CFNM stuff when together and via webcam, there was still something that I had been fantasizing about and couldn't talk her into letting me do. The day of my birthday came and that finally changed, I couldn't wait to hand my coupon to her. We did some dinner and a movie at her place and it was around midnight when I gave her the coupon. It read, 'I want to strip naked in your front yard and jack off while you watch me cum from your bedroom window.'

Now, I can see why she didn't want this to happen. She had neighbors not 30 ft away on either side and a main neighborhood road 50 feet from the front of the house. It was just after midnight, so there was less of a chance of me being seen or getting caught by anyone she knew. But, I didn't care and I had the power of the coupon on my side. She just looked at me and said go ahead, but if I get caught that I'd have to say I didn't know her and I was some pervert getting off in her front yard. And I said that's exactly what I'm going to be. After all, that's basically what I was, in the view of the so-called normal society I would be labelled a sicko, a perv, a social deviant. But, I have accepted myself for who I am, there was a time I didnt feel that way because I couldn't share that side of me with others. I was becoming two different people and I knew I couldn't live my life like that. I didn't want to force anyone to understand what made me happy. But, I knew I wouldn't be happy if exhibitionism wasn't a part of me. So, anyway, sorry about that, back to the story!

I stripped naked outside the front door and walked to the yard right in front of her bedroom window. I was already hard as a rock and my legs were shaking a little. I wanted to do this so bad that I was not going to pass up an opportunity that I had been waiting for, but never really thought possible.

I had jacked off in public before, even been caught a few times (on purpose most of the time). I had jerked off when peeping in on some neighbor girls growing up and later on in college and mall parking lots, but never had any see me that I know of. When I was caught beating off in public, it was always by strangers and never anyone I knew or liked. So, I wanted to have all those incredible highs rolled into one. And, Boy, after stroking my dick for what seemed like a half hour because everything was like in slow motion (but was actually probably five minutes), I wasn't disappointed and I savoured every minute. When I felt the eruption coming, I just started to shoot rope after rope of cum right at her while she looked at me through the window. I was 10 to 12 ft from the house and another 20 ft to the right of the front door. It was all I could do to get back to the front door. When I saw her back in her bedroom, I don't think she would ever admit to it, she looked like she had almost as much fun as I did, and told me she thought she saw my cum hit the window. And, sure enough, the next morning I checked the house and there was cum spots just below the window and one that actually hit the window.

Fast forward to July and I take her to the local drive-in movie theater and then to my buddy's house to play some darts and drink a little with him and his girlfriend for her birthday. While at the drive-in, I took off my shorts and underwear and stroked my dick during the first movie while she watched out of the corner of her eye, not wanting to miss either the movie or my self pleasure. I didn't cum, after all, it was her birthday and she never told me I could. But, I guess I had somewhat of an effect, because she wanted to go play darts instead of watching the second movie.

We get to my friend's house a little earlier than expected, but that only gives us more time to drink. I have to admitt, in the back of my mind, I'm wondering if this is a good thing since at some point she's going to have me do whatever her coupon says to do. Who knows, maybe it just says to take her to play darts, Yeah, right, who am I kidding, I wanted to do something more exciting myself, I'm sure she has some sort of plan in mind. But, all I can do is go along for the ride and hope she's not looking to get me back or trump me for what I had done on my birthday.

A couple of hours go by and she whispers in my ear to take the coupon from her hand and read it. I read it and it says, 'when we get into the car I want you to strip naked and I'm going to drive you to a place where I want to watch you beat off and that place could be anywhere since I haven't decided where yet'. I thought to myself, how and on what basis is she determining where I end up exposing myself to the world. I was scared and excited at the same time.

After we say goodnight, we go to the car and I strip bare ass naked and throw everything in the back seat, As we leave the subdivision where my friend lived, I tell Cat that she can take me wherever she wants and I can't and won't say a word. I'm not exactly sure where I'll end up, but I see she's heading in the direction of my place. My cock is hard as hell, so I start slowly pumping with anticipation and continue that action until I'm told to unload my cargo. Even though I live outside of town a few miles, we have to go through the middle of town from where we're at. So, I could be jacking off in front of city hall or the police station for all I know. She wouldn't do that would she, but she could. And for about the next 10 mins, that's what was circling in my head and that Cat has the best ass I've ever cummed on(even have pictures to prove it, oh, sorry).

Its about 1am by now, so other than stopping at a few red lights and passing by a fair amount of cars, its been pretty good up to this point. How could it not be, just being naked and jacking off in a car just cruising around town while a great looking girl watches, thats more than most get to enjoy. Plus, I see that we're starting to get past the center of town. So, the worst situation I could have had seems to be behind us and I again start to wonder what she has in store for me. Now we're 15 mins from from my house and there's only a couple of main roads in between, so I know the time is getting close. Is it going to be a busy intersection, a housing development, a fast food restaurant, or a convenience store. I'm still alittle scared, but I'm also looking forward to jacking off somewhere in public in front of a very cute and sexy lady 28 yrs of age with one of the best asses I've ever seen (in case you haven't noticed, I'm an ass man) that also accepts me for what I am and even helps to fulfill my what some would call very perverse urges.

I love her and I love jacking off for her even more. I guess thats when I heard her say, 'you ready'. 'Sure', I say. She then pulls just off the main road into a service driveway for one of those small pump houses thats all fenced in. There are a few houses on the same side of the street and a convenience store just past the fifth house. There's a row of maybe 10 houses across the street with a business building mixed in. The area is rural, so the houses and buildings aren't on top of one another and because its 1:30 am there's not but a few house lights on. There are street lights and the road is considered to be medium in traffic activity but its early in morning, so all in all its a medium risk spot and I'm ready to perform. She puts the car in park and turns off her headlights and I ask where she wants me to stand. She says that I can stand just outside the passenger door, then I turn to her and ask if I can stand in front of her car and if she would turn the headlights back on. She agreed, so I opened the car door and walked towards the front of the car. I turned towards her and started stroking my pulsating cock for all, but especially for her, to see. Of course I wasn't there long before I shot my load all over her windshield and hood. Wow, what a rush. I could see that she was handling her wetness too, so I stood there a little longer trying to catch my breath while giving her time to finish herself off too. Then I jumped back into the car and said happy birthday!



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