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Her Scent Made Me Do It

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This happened recently.


I awoke one morning at my girlfiend's apartment. Both her and her roommate had already left for work, and I had the day off that day. I lay in bed a little longer, nonchalantly playing with my morning wood, keeping it hard so at to stave off the uncomfortable need to urinate. My thoughts drifted inevitably to the roommate, and her voluptuous figure, tantalizing me every time we exist in the the same space. The other morning she was just getting out of the shower, and she thought I was her roommate, my girlfriend. She opened the bathroom door wearing only a towel, simply told me that she thought I was my girl, and then we chatted for a while. We're friends, and we're comfortable with each other. I stole glances at her sexy legs as they peeked out of her towel bottom, where the edges would separate every time she leaned forward. I couldn't help but to look, but unfortunately I didn't get any beaver shots out of it. I think she started to appear slightly uncomfortable and said, 'well I have to go,' and shut the door to dress. We talked a little more as she came out fully dressed and continued to get ready for work.

I have to say that while both girls are attractive, young, and in shape, neither would qualify as the drop dead gorgeous super model type. My girlfriend is slender, curvy, toned, has very firm C cups, and looks like she just stepped out of a classic painting when she's nude. Her roommate is a little thicker but not fat, more curvy, bigger ass and breasts. They both have cute faces. But neither are particular tall, which is fine because neither am I. They both look hot when they fix themselves up to go out to the club, but neither could ever be in a mens magazine.

The roommate is also very sweet, at least around me, and prone to emotional outbreaks. In other words, she cries a lot. She's in a strained off and on relationship with a friend of mine who could treat her a little better, but it's not my place to say. She has the power to leave him, so who's to blame?

At any rate, her voluptuousness and her emotional girliness just kind of turns me on for some reason. I think the main reason is the basic human desire for that which we don't already have. I'm very turned on by my girlfriend, but I can't help my thoughts for her roommate. No doubt I would be thrilled to see the roommate walk into the bedroom where I sometimes sleep, look at me, slip her bathrobe off to reveal that lovely naked body that I can only imagine right now, and then slide into bed with me, passionately touching and kissing me like I hope she's always wanted to do. I sometimes think about the story my girlfriend tells me how her roommate sleepwalked into her room, chatting about something incoherent, and sat on the floor because she was naked, while my girlfriend lay in bed, stirring awake. Why couldn't she accidentally sleep walk naked when I'm there by myself in the morning?

Finally I got out of bed, and ambled downstairs to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I turned around to see a clothing hamper. The roommate's clothing hamper. The bathroom also doubled as a laundry room, and her dirty laundry was often strewn about the place. I locked the bathroom door, even though I was alone. I knew I was about to be very bad, and I couldn't stop it. My dick was already rock hard from the thought. I stripped off my clothes and carefully removed the top of the hamper, being sure to remember exactly the angle at which it crookedly lay. There were a pair of panties right there. I picked them up with nervous anticipation and searched for the inside, the part that was snug against the roommate's fine pussy. I could see whitish stains. I put the panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply, thinking I was going to hell for sure. Yet they smelled heavenly.

I immediately began jerking off, thinking of her lovely pussy, and how it's dry yet heady juices were rubbing against my nose, knowing from experience that the scent would somehow remain there on my face all day. It wasn't like licking pussy, or even sniffing pussy. The combination of the slightly expired scent with soft cotton (or any material) panties just drove me wild. And the fact that I wasn't supposed to be doing it. And that I was sniffing the pussy scent of a girl I was attracted to. Sure, I could outright ASK my girlfriend to hand over some dirty panties of her own, and she would probably comply with a little mixture of embarrassment and suspicion, but it just isn't the same.

I started digging for more, first in the hamper, and then in the pile of clothes that had been thrown into the closet in an attempt to neaten up the bathroom. Some were better than others, some were too old, some just didn't have a scent at all, and some had a more sweaty aroma. Some had a scent of where the panties reached up into her ass, and the thought of sniffing that most private of areas made me almost come in my hand. But I wasn't satisfied yet.

I put my clothes on and carefully replaced the panties, to the best of my memory, already paranoid that somehow girls have the ability to notice exactly how and in what order they randomly throw dirty clothes into a hamper. After glancing for the fifth time out the window to ensure no one had returned from work prematurely for whatever reason, I made my way upstairs to the roommate's room. My heart pounded and my breathing quickened as I entered the forbidden territory. There were more dirty panties already just on the floor and in yet another hamper that was light in contents. I began sampling each one, hoping to hit a panty sniffing gold mine from a particular horny day. Then I started to snoop around a bit, looking for a used dildo or vibrator, but no luck.

I returned to the bathroom and fished out my favorite scented pairs and proceeded to rub one out into the toilet, carefully aiming in spite of the uncontrollable release.

Afterwards I replaced everything and triple checked my tracks, feeling ashamed of course, but aware that there was nothing I could do about it. I left for home.



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