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Her Roommate Never Knew

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If you check out our previous entries, you can tell my girlfriend and I used to have to deal with long-distance. Thankfully that's over now, but I'm currently gone for a couple weeks visiting family and friends. I'm hoping that this story of one of my favorite times together will help keep her company while I'm away.

This happened a couple years ago, sophmore year of college. I was 20, my fiance was 19.

We were at my fiance Carla's room and her roommate, Stephanie was there, too. They had their room set up so all the furniture was between the beds, meaning you can't see one side from the other.

Stephanie was an art student and was at her desk working on some project with headphones on. Carla and I were laying on her bed just cuddling and talking. Eventually, Carla starts talking about how much she loves my cock, and how she loves to touch it. We love to tease each other so I ask if she wants to see it. We've never done anything with her roommate there before, but we were under the covers, so even if Stephanie did come around to our side, she wouldn't really see anything.

Carla smiles and accepts my offer for a peek. I'm a little nervous now because of her roommate's presence, but her compliments have already made my cock start to swell. I quietly undo my pants and open them, letting my cock peek through the slit in my boxers. Carla smiles wide and reaches out to touch it. One of my favorite parts of sex is when her bare hand first touches my exposed cock, so that got my blood rushing and I soon have a full hard-on. I tell her she should probably stop, thinking there was no way we could do anything with her roommate there.

A couple minutes go by and one of us makes the observation that with Stephanie so involved in her project and wearing headphones, as long as we weren't too loud, she would probably never know. I definitely have butterflies in my stomach about the risk, but the risk of getting caught was certainly a turn-on. It helped that even if Stephanie did catch us, momentary embarrassment would be the only punishment.

Carla starts to rub my cock. Let me tell you, this girl could write a textbook on handjobs. She knows and does every trick there is. She was twisting her hand, twisting two hands in opposite directions, I'm big enough for both hands to get a full grip, playing with my balls and rubbing her thumb over the tip of my cock. At the end she could tell was getting close, and began stroking me hard and fast. When I'm close to cumming, even if she isn't being touched, her breath gets as labored as mine, and I can tell she's really getting into it, which is just an even bigger turn-on. In only a few minutes she gave me one of the best orgasms I've ever had. It was all I could do not to moan out loud and alert Stephanie.

After we cleaned up, and there was plenty to clean, thanks to the sexiness of the situation, we were giggling to ourselves about how crazy what we just did was. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she's just as turned on as I am, so I ask if she would like one. 'Of course,' she says. She slowly peels down her pajama pants and thong, and I reach down towards her center. She's already soaked from jacking me off, and I have no problem getting her clit lubed up. I begin kissing her passionately as my fingers dance over her clit. Occasionally I dip inside her to retrieve more of her juices. I could tell the new situation was a turn-on for her, too, because she was getting closer to orgasm much faster than usual. Carla is usually very quiet during sex, but at the moment of orgasm, she really let's loose and all the neighbors know what has happened. Because of her roommate, though, Carla has to keep quiet. When her climax comes, her body stiffens up and her face becomes distorted. I hold on and keep my fingers going, hoping to prolong the orgasm as long as possible. Her face is beautiful, and I savor each and every eradic, labored breath.

When she finally comes down, she's completely out of breath, and we share a wide smile and several lover's kisses.

We're not sure if Stephanie ever knew what was going on, but that definitely wasn't our last time messing around with her there.



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