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Her Panties

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I have had the hots for my sister-in-law for years and take advantage of every situation to do something about it. The other day while her husband was out of town, my wife asked me if I would like to go with her over to her sister's house. They were going to the hospital to visit their aunt and I could either go with them or stay at her sister's house until they returned. I said I would ride over to her sister's house and wait there on them. My mind was already planning what I wanted to do. As my wife and her sister left they said they would call me when they left the hospital. Good. That would give me time to get things in order.

As soon as they were out the door, I locked the door and went straight to my sister-in-law's bedroom. I checked the dirty clothes hamper and hit the jackpot. A pair of panties that she had worn. I pulled the panties out and looked at the crotch. Lots of juicy stains. I held them to my nose and OMG what an odor. My dick jumped to attention. I inspected the crotch of her panties again and could see several pubic hairs stuck in the pussy juice. I am uncut and the head of my dick is very tender. I pulled the skin back and took the pubic hairs and put them on the head of my dick. I then pushed the foreskin back over the head. As I slowely jacked my dick I could feel her pubic hairs between the head and foreskin.

I then went to her dresser where she kept her clean panties. There were several pairs neatly folded and stacked in the drawer. I picked up the top pair and unfolded them. I lay across her bed and started licking and sucking the crotch of her dirty panties and I jacked my dick. The smell of her pussy drives me wild and it never takes me long to cum while smelling her pussy. Pretty soon I felt that familiar feeling and knew it was only a matter of time. I took the clean panties and held them over the head of my dick. I reached the point of no return and shot several shots of hot cum directly into the crotch of her clean panties.

I took the panties I had just cum in and smeared the cum all over the crotch. I folded then as she had folded them and put them back in the drawer where I found them. I wiped the remaining cum off my dick with the dirty pair and put them back in the hamper. It gives me great pleasure knowing that my sister-in-law will be walking around in a day or two with my dried cum on her pussy.

Now, answer this question for me. My wife and her sister are twins. They look and act a lot alike. Their pussies smell alike. Why do I get so turned by my sister-in-law's panties and not my wife's panties? Sure, my wife's panties smell good. I have smelled her panties and her pussy many times. Why does my sister-in-laws pussy turn me on more? Is it wanting what you can't have? There is an old saying, 'The grass always looks greener on the other side.' Man is that ever true.

I would like to hear from others who are married to twins. I have read many articles here about men who are hot for their sister-in-laws. Is it the same if your wife is a twin or is that attraction even stronger?



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