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Her Happy Ending

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This time she got the 'happy ending.'


I am a 40 year old male and I work as a masseur in and upscale Day Spa in an exclusive area here in Wilmington, Delaware.

As the only male on staff, I had a bit of difficulty building up a following because our services are exclusively for women. Most women are timid about being massaged by a male but, once they have tried it and found that their modesty is never compromised and any impropriety would result in my immediate dismissal they grow quite comfortable. Some say they even prefer the stronger hands. Through referrals, I now have all the clients that I can handle.

Some women prefer to just relax and enjoy the soft music, the aromas and the total relaxation. Others like to carry on a discussion about their lives and their families. I am a very good listener and because I get to see my clients frequently, I remember their interests and concerns and that helps me meet the desires of these women. My only preference is that I enjoy hearing the occasional moans of satisfaction indicating that I am doing a good job on their massage.

Today I did something that I have never done before, although I have been asked.

Amy, is a beautiful women even if it were not for her physical attributes. She is the favorite of everyone on our staff. Her personality is charming, she remembers everyone by name and always has a pleasant greeting for us whenever she comes in. Her hair is light brown with blue eyes. She is in her 30's, about 5'2' and beautifully built. She is happily married and has 2 children. I look forward to her visits every week.

Over the months that Amy has been my client she has shared the fact that she has been married 10 years, she and her husband love each other very much and they have a great life together. The only dissatisfaction is that his business sometimes takes him overseas for months at a time.

During today's visit, while I was just beginning to massage her back, Amy mentioned that her husband had been away for 2 months and she was very lonely and frustrated. I told her I was sorry for her but he will be home soon. She said 'not soon enough'. I continued her massage in silence while she remained perfectly still moaning occasionally to let me know I was doing a good job. While I was standing at the foot of the table working on her feet, Amy did something she had never done before. Pretending to reposition herself for comfort she adjusted the towel covering her gorgeous ass enough to afford me a view of the bottom of her butt and between her legs at the pussy I knew had just been waxed. While I continued to work on her feet, she used every opportunity to open her legs wider......she knew what she was doing. My erection began the moment she adjusted the towel and grew harder the longer I stayed at the foot of the table. Worried that she would notice my erection, I nonetheless told her it was time to turn over.

She was properly covered as she adjusted her position and I was standing at the head of the table. As I massaged the back of her neck, I was looking directly down into her eyes. She broke the silence, “You know, my husband tells me that when he is away this long he goes to massage parlors overseas.”

 My response was “I'm sure he needs the stress relief as much as you.”

 She said, “oh, I know and I've told him it was OK with me. But he gets more relief than I do.”

“What do you mean by that,” I asked.

“He gets what they call a 'happy ending'.”

“Oh,” I said, “That’s a different kind of service.”

 Amy looked me straight in the eye and asked “Will you please do that for me?”

“Amy, you know I could get fired for that.” I replied.

“It isn't as though I am going to complain,” she said.

I knew very well that I was going to oblige her but I decided to tease her. “We'll see,” I said.

I continued the massage working on her arms, I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “You will have to be very quiet.”

 I proceeded to massage her abdomen allowing my hands to slide down to and under the towel without touching her mound, moving the towel just low enough that it exposed the top of pussy. She sighed out of disappointment. Before I moved down to the bottom of the table I leaned over her and whispered “I'll do this for you but no penetration and you have to be very quiet.”

 I was looking forward to this as much as she was but, I was enjoying the tease and I sure did not want to lose my job. I began to massage her thighs one at a time, using both hands I allowed my finger to brush lightly on her pussy lips and she shuddered each time. Working now on both thighs, I would run my hands up the inside of both thighs at the same time and as I reached the very top I began to press my thumbs on each of her lips and apply a little more pressure each time. This produced a shudder every time and I was loving every minute of it.

Finally, she reached down removed the towel and pleaded, “Please stop teasing me.” lifting her knees and opening her legs as she said it. What a beautiful woman! Here was a woman that was out of my league with her legs wide open begging me to get her off. I could not believe the sight, her bald cunt was smooth as silk and clearly very wet, her inner lips were slightly darker in color than her outer lips and I have never seen a clit as large as hers. I could not take it any more myself. I rubbed a little bit of massage oil on my fingers, and went to work. I did not want to do this the same way as I would normally with a girlfriend and I had told her no penetration. So, with my well-oiled fingers I began to massage her outer lips, pinching, pulling and squeezing gently between my fingers and thumbs. I continued this until she began to raise her hips off the table. I then moved to one side of the table and, using all 10 fingers as though I was playing a harp, I began stroking her labia from side to side. I applied just enough pressure to drive her crazy but, enough to take her where she wanted to go. Even if was going to take her longer than she wanted it to.

With her knees up in the air, she was now using her feet to help lift her hips pushing her cunt up towards my ever-moving fingers. I couldn't help but notice that her inner lips had swollen and turned even darker and her clit had become so prominent that I could grasp it between my fingers. Again, using both hands I began a more intense pressure on the whole area allowing my fingers to tease the entrance to her vagina and collect the lubrication that was dripping down towards her ass and spread it up to her clit. I then grabbed her clit between my thumb and forefinger and began to stroke it in the same fashion as a tiny cock. Amy sighed “Oh, my God that's incredible, oh don't stop, oh Bruce, please make me come, pleaseeeee.”

 I was enjoying this so much I didn't want it to end but, Amy was begging and my cock was so hard it hurt. I wanted to finish her in a way she would never forget so; I broke my resolve not to penetrate her and slid two fingers into her cunt and found her G-spot. Rubbing her G-spot with just right amount of pressure while allowing my thumb to continue the friction on her clit, I placed my other hand firmly on her lower abdomen and stared directly into her eyes. The glaze in her eyes was mesmerizing and the tensing of her body told me she was on the edge. As I stared at her beautiful face she whispered “My God Bruce, I'm going to come,”' her head jerked back, her hips lifted completely off the table as her entire body began to quiver. Her legs stiffened and began to jerk as she whispered “Oh God, oh my God,” at that point her orgasm hit full force and her upper body lifted up from the waist as she appeared to be looking down towards her pussy as she squirt clear across the room, soaking my hand and my arm. After 3 or 4 strong squirts, she lay back down as her entire body continued to quiver and a flush covered her entire body.

I let her rest for a minute or two and asked, “Happy?”

Her response was chopped and whispered cause her breathing was still so labored. “That was incredible, I am sorry for the mess, that's never happened to me before.”

I replied “Don't worry about that, I knew what was going to happen and I loved every single minute of it.”

As she was leaving she said to me, “I will never forget that experience.”

I hope not, cause I know I never will. I assume she knew that I meant it was going to be a part of my masturbatory fantasies for a very long time.



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