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Her First Time and Our Last Time

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I've become so tired of reading FF stories on this site that are clearly written by males, so I decided to post one of my many same-sex encounters.

That night, I was on her computer, checking my e-mail. Jennifer (not her real name) began kissing my neck softly, gently, behind me. I didn't want to turn around at first because even though we'd half-joked about kissing and sex before, I knew she had never kissed a girl and I was terrified it might end up like it did, with us messing around and her getting scared and leaving. Forever. Yet I wanted her so badly.

The kisses felt so good and she wasn't stopping. So I turned around. We stared at each other briefly and I leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. No tongues at first, just soft open-mouthed kisses that became more and more intense. We rubbed our bodies together; I ran my hands along her back, her butt, held her closely so she could feel the heat of my crotch and I could feel hers.

First we moved to the couch, then the bed. I kept asking, 'Are you sure? Are you sure you're not just going to do this tonight and then leave me?' She said she was sure. Said she wouldn't leave. We stripped to our underwear. She was on top of me as we began grinding together, the friction between us making me so wet that my underwear was soaked. I flipped her over. Began to put my mouth on her nipples, flicking them with my tongue, sucking on them as she moaned. My fingers were circling her stomach lightly, right above her underwear line.

I asked 'Is this okay?' before I allowed my hand to travel down over her underwear. She nodded I lightly rubbed the cotton covering her clit. Her panties were soaked, like mine. I was teasing her, barely moving my fingers, as our mouths and tongues intertwined and I sucked on her tongue and her lower lip. She moaned softly and lifted her hips off the bed, trying to rub her crotch into my hand. 'Do you want me to take them off?' I asked. She nodded and I took off her panties. I explored around her pussy and started rubbing her clit with my finger, slowly at first and then more rapidly as her response increased. Already, she was writhing back and forth. Her eyes were half-closed, rolled up in pleasure and she was moaning, 'you're so good, you're so fucking good, you're so hot ... how do you know exactly how to touch me ...' Her breathing got faster and faster and I could tell she was close to coming, so I slowed my strokes down.

I stopped rubbing her clit entirely, despite her protesting. I wanted to make it last. First I inserted one finger into her vagina and began massaging her G-spot. She cried out, surprised at the new source and type of pleasure. And then I put my thumb on her pussy. I stroked the area around her clit slowly and then began pressing my thumb against it hard, with the same rhythm as before. She writhed and moaned underneath me, saying that this was the best she's ever had. I took my thumb away and began stroking her clit with my other hand, as I put another finger into her vagina, both of them massaging her G-spot by pressing on there. Her body and head were rolling back and forth, and she whispered that she needed to come, please let her come.

She was incomprehensible, murmuring 'my God' and 'Jesus' and when I could feel her clit swell and pulsate with the beginning of an orgasm, I began to stroke her clit harder, rubbing her clit between my thumb and forefinger, almost like I was jerking her off. I was still finger-fucking her with two fingers in her pussy, and the liquid ran down over my hand. She writhed and moaned and made guttural noises and cried out, 'I'm gonna come' so I circled her clit faster and harder and moved my fingers in and out of her more quickly, pressing hard on her G-spot.

I felt the inner walls of her pussy contract over and over again as she groaned and writhed underneath me. They felt so strong, so amazing. Her legs clamped against my hand, my arm, as the contractions subsided. When she couldn't take anymore and her legs were shaking, I took my hand away, withdrawing my fingers, soaked in her vaginal secretions. I licked my fingers, loving the taste of her. We kissed and I grinded against her again, this time with her on top. I touched myself and felt like I could come with her, someday, but not just yet, despite the throbbing in my pussy because of how sexually excited I was. She promised me I would come with her someday.

I never had the chance to. Jennifer freaked out because she enjoyed it so much and I lost her as a potential lover and friend forever.



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