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Her First Orgasm and More

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True story from my past. It's long but it had to be, because I remember it in such detail.


Of course the names are fake.

I had been dating Veronica for a few years... we had met in High School, started dating, and did the long distance thing for a while.

I was about 6'2', short spikey blonde hair, about 165 pounds... a baseball player. I wasn't the super stud in high school, but I was fairly popular and pretty attractive. And yes, oh, the fun stuff, I'm fairly average, 6.5 inches or so.

Veronica was incredible. She was valedictorian, a varsity volleyball player, and quite the church-goer. In fact, she had only had one 'boyfriend' prior to me, and they hadn't even kissed, because 'she wasn't ready' and 'he respected that' (her words.) We shared a lot of firsts, but she had very strong beliefs and a lot of inexperience so things went very slow and she started out extremely uncomfortable with physical intimacy. Hell it was months before we even kissed.

And for the fun part... she was about 5'7', no idea how many pounds, with long, starkly dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had tiny, perky little boobs (I remember... 36A) with an incredible ass and legs (volleyball player, remember, and she worked out regularly) and just the perfect amount of 'extra' weight on her... just enough to make her soft and curvy, but still a basically flat stomach.

Incredible, darkly tanned, flawless smooth skin. She had those awesome, probably somewhat outdated early 90s bangs that would later make a comeback. And dear god, her legs and ass blew my mind. Perfection... a little on the big side, toned from her working out and volleyball... amazing.

We worked our way through the normal physical relationship steps, slowly, though I always knew she was firmly in the camp of 'no sex before marriage.' But everything else, it turns out, would be fair game. It started with kissing, then evolved to clothed dry humping, feeling, etc. In spite of her past, or perhaps because of it, she was insatiable! Probably the most passionate 'lover' I have had even to this day, or at least close.

We got to the point where I would be in boxers, she would tend to be in a bra and panties, and we would make out passionately for hours and dry hump; she would get into it, but never get off. Eventually, she was comfortable enough to get me off tho, and I would hump away and pump a load into my boxers. All good, long as the underwear stays on.

After a bunch of this, she eventually started teasing me through my boxers with her hands/mouth, and started giving me rough handjobs through my boxers. The underwear had to stay on, though, and it was driving me crazy. I was completely satisfied, in a way, but obscenely frustrated too. I had a gorgeous, sex-crazy girlfriend that I loved dearly... that I hadn't seen naked who wouldn't let me even touch her down there, and had never had an orgasm in her life!

I would tease her mercilessly, slowly rubbing my hands all over her body, kissing and licking (she used to really go crazy when I licked her inner thighs) but whenever my hand went to her pussy she would lead it away or close up her legs.

Well, we went to college extremely far from each other, but we visited each other regularly. I flew out and got a hotel with her, and as usual a lot of our big plans to see the town and whatnot were to be usurped by marathon makeout sessions.

We were starting to get hot and heavy as per usual and as I usually did, I was talking dirty to her, telling her how much I couldn't wait to see the rest of her, please her, sleep with her, all that. I was focusing on her chest, tho. She was laying on the bed with a pair of tiny, blue athletic shorts on with the waistband rolled down, and a dark blue sports bra (I love sports bras for some reason) and I was wearing just a pair of blue boxers.

As I kissed her neck and humped away, she tensed up, grabbed me, wrestled me over, pinned me to the bed and straddled me. She stayed on her knees and massaged my cock with her crotch through our clothes for a while, getting me more and more turned on, then suddenly stopped.

'Prepare to be blinded,' she said, and before I could figure out what was going on she pulled her sports bra over her head.

I literally had to adjust our position to stop myself from cumming instantly just from the pressure of her sitting there.

There she was, in her topless glory. Her 'blinded' comment was because her pale, white breasts stood in stark contrast to her darkly tanned skin: she obviously didn't tan topless. In fact, she told me, I might have been the only person she wasn't related to that had ever seen them. (I still to this day get very turned on by tanlines)

She was self conscious about them: they were small, as she wore an A cup or sometimes a small B. But they were perky, nicely rounded, and they were mine. I stared, at her stark white breasts with her supple, puffy pink nipples and I was overwhelmed with both the urge to hump madly, and the urge to stop so I wouldn't cum yet and I could keep enjoying the moment.

I slowly moved my hand up the side of her tanned tummy and tentatively rubbed them, squeezing, caressing, teasing every angle I could think of, and she closed her eyes and started to slowly hump again. There was something amazing about sharing everything with her: each further step was a first for both of us, and just made me fall more in love and made us seem so much closer... in addition to turning me on like nobody's business. It was magical.

She actually said 'I wish they were bigger for you...' not for her, but for me! Instead of saying anything, I grabbed the back of her neck and firmly pulled her down to me and kissed her passionately.

I forcefully rolled her over on her back, and kneeled above her for a second, my throbbing cock trying its best to force itself out of my boxers and directly into her vagina. I laid down next to her, delicately teasing the skin all over her body: concentrating on her chest, of course. Between kisses, I assured her that her tits were incredible and didn't need to be any bigger (and I meant every word!) and kissed my way down her neck and chest to her tits... no objection! Score!

I licked and sucked on those puffy pink nipples like my life depended on it, and she obviously enjoyed every second of it. The second I latched my mouth onto her right nipple she leaned back and let out an involuntary sigh. As usual, I talked 'dirty,' mostly about how much I loved her and couldn't wait until we were married so I could 'fuck the shit out of her' as I rubbed her tummy, inner thighs..

I was so turned on I was literally humping the side of her body while I did this and could've probably got off. I kept sliding closer to her pussy up her thighs, and she just kept relaxing and spreading her legs farther. I brushed my hand across her pussy through her shorts once... no objection. Twice, no objection. I ended up with my hand caressing her pussy through the shorts, and she just relaxed and pushed her crotch up against my hand.

Holy shit... yet again I thought I was going to cum instantly. I teased, putting my finger as far into her pussy as I could through her shorts, and eventually settled onto the rough area I thought her clit was... which was confirmed by her reaction.

I couldn't believe it! I was actually fingering her! I slowly rubbed, while I nibbled her ears, whispered to her, sucked her neck, her tits, everything. I was in heaven! I kept speeding up, gradually, and putting more pressure on her pussy through her shorts.

After a mere minute or two, I was going pretty fast, telling her how beautiful she was and asking her how good it felt.... her eyes opened wide for a second and she managed to stammer out in a whisper 'Oh my God... I... I think... I think I'm gonna... cum'

I will never, ever forget the way she said it, with all the emphasis on the word 'think.' She didn't even know... But I did. I sped up, rubbing furiously, and whispered into her ear 'I love you baby, let yourself cum for me...'

'Oh... Oh.... OOoooohhhhhhhh' she moaned out and on the third her neck went back, her eyes closed and her hips instinctively began to hump against my hand like her life depended on it. For what seemed like ages her body throbbed into my hand in the ecstacy of her first ever orgasm.

After it started to wind down, she tightened her legs and pushed my hand away... must've been getting too sensitive. She just lay there, her gorgeous dark brown locks messed up all over the pillow, her perfect tiny tits in all their glory, her legs spread wide and flopped out to her side... and didn't even open her eyes for at least an entire minute or two. Then, the only word she said to me: 'wow.'

Needless to say, I was more turned on right then than I had ever been in my life: I just gave her her first ever orgasm! I made a joke like I usually did, something like 'since you lost some clothes maybe I should too...'

She shocked me when she looked right at me, and said 'please do.'

So I stood up, and hesitantly pulled my boxers off. The second my cock sprung free she gasped for a second: this recent activity had probably given me what felt like an extra inch and she had never seen one before anyway. I straddled her, kissed her, leaned backward for one second.... and she instantly put her hand around my cock and started jerking it off like her life depended on it.

No starting slow or anything, just yanking like she absolutely needed it. I had never seen a look in her eyes like I was getting that moment. 'Oh my god... I love your ...cock' she said, and I knew I could hold out much more. She would always pause for effect before she said something dirty.

Imagine that... me, straddling this good religious girl, with her shirt off and her stroking me wildly and telling me she loved my cock. 'Do you like me.. stroking you?'

I said 'Oooh yeah.. I mean you better be careful, if you aren't you're gonna make a mess...'

All she did was give me a devious smile... and speed up, grasping my cock even harder. Holy shit.

I was really close. 'I'm gonna... cum' I stammered out, and her only response was to look me in the eyes and say 'Do it.' Like she was commanding me to.

Well I did. My cock shot out what felt like the biggest load of my life and the waves of ecstacy overwhelmed me... the first shot hit the wall over her head, and her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. She had never seen a guy cum before, and I didn't disappoint.

The second shot followed the first into the wall, the third hit her in the chin, and the next several coated her gorgeous little A cup tits and belly before I finally was spent and nearly collapsed.

As I was still feeling the ending shocks of the orgasm I saw her reach one finger down just underneath her tits and start feeling/playing around with the cum I had just sprayed her with... what a sexy sight! This time, she had two words for me: 'Holy shit!' I responded the only way I possibly could, with the deepest, most passionate kiss I have ever given anybody in my entire life.

Needless to say we repeated this over and over the entire visit, and I still to this day sometimes replay that scene in my head to 'inspire' me, even though we broke up years and years ago. I should probably write more of these about us...



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