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Her Ears (7)

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Sarah and I became pretty close, obviously, in fact for a couple of weeks she didn't even go back to her own place.

After what happened in the last entry (Her Ears(6)), we really didn't do much that was exciting, it was the little things that I enjoyed.

We went through a cold snap for a week or so, so in the mornings we would lie in bed longer while we woke up. We would be waking up about two hours before we left for work so it was pretty cold, especially when you're naked/half naked underneath the covers and you get out. I would get out and put on the oil heater and get back in until the room warmed up, during that time we would fondle and play with each other under the covers with a bit of kissing and whatnot.

Sarah liked to sleep nude with me because she found it fun, otherwise she'd wear a loose shirt and panties in bed. Once the room had warmed up she would give me the best morning hand-jobs. Just enough lube to slide easy but also have enough grip. They were slow and deliberate, moving the skin back and forth on the shaft and over the head of the penis. It was almost like a really good massage. No ball action, just the cock. This was better than just normal pumping. Occasionally she would just use her fingertips, at times really getting on the nerve to edge me that much more closer.

Sarah would have her hair up in a ponytail before she did it so I had a good view of her ears. Her nipples would be standing on end, her breasts jiggling every now and then whenever she moved or adjusted her position. When I was getting ready to cum, it was like it was coming deep within and she always knew when I was going to cum, I didn't need to say anything. Before I did cum, she would lean forward so that one ear was close enough to my cock that it would catch the cum. Somehow it enhanced the orgasm I had.

It's funny, I never thought I would get off to cumming on a chick's ear but this is no ordinary ear, it's one damn fine sexy ear. Of course when the first time it did it, that also answered my question of would she do it without any fake elf ears. I actually enjoyed doing it, though she was doing all the work but regardless, I found it a fun, sexy thing to do, seeing as she got off on it too. We had a hand towel to clean up/catch any mess seeing as changing sheets every day would become annoying and not to mention the washing each day.

After I had my morning handjob we would get into the shower to warm up more. We'd wash ourselves at first, then I would start washing her ears. Starting down on the ear lobe and working my way up on both the back and front of the ear and eventually to the point. After doing the ear I would massage behind her ears and between the ear and the head, as it also seemed to relax her more. While doing this I noticed that she started playing with herself.

'No touching yourself, leave that to me' I told her. I saw that she had a smile on her face. I knew she was getting wet. Once I finished cleaning her ears and rinsed them off, I moved in closer to her so it was similar to an embrace, I had my hands down the front of her and I started playing with her clit. At the same time I would be nibbling on her ear, sucking occasionally.

Just circling her clit at first and every now and then I would lick up her ear. I wanted to repay her for the great hand-jobs she gives of a morning, though I think I'm pleasuring her more than I got but it didn't worry me, as I got that back anyway.

I started biting softly on the ear on the edge of it, just enough that there was a little bit of pressure. She started her little squeaks so I knew I was going down the right path here. I moved one hand up to the opposite ear I was biting and I would put pressure right on her point tip with my index finger and thumb, while biting on the other ear, with similar pressure and press down hard onto her clit with a little jiggle.

I could really feel her orgasm this time, I got a rise from doing this as well.

'Can you put pressure on my ears again in the same spot, I just want to finger myself for a bit'.

So I just used my hands for both ears this time, putting pressure on the point tips while she fingered away underneath the shower. After about 30 seconds I started increasing pressure, at first it was a noticeable increase which seemed to give her a bit of a rush, then I slowly started increasing the pressure till I could hold it comfortably without tiring my hands out. After holding it for about a minute, I started tweaking/twisting her ears a bit to see if that did anything, when I did it she winced a little in pain but kept masturbating.

'A little more'

So I did just that, turning them a little more.

'Keep going'

I kept going until I couldn't do it any more at least without losing grip.

She started fingering furiously and making her little squeak sounds and then a sigh of relief.

'Much better now' She said. Well then she got more out of it than I did but I had more fun seeing her pleasured than getting pleasured myself.

We shut off the shower and dried off. I noticed now that her ears were rather red from where I had been pinching and tweaking them and for some reason I found it kind of sexy.

I looked at the time and we still had plenty of time before we had to leave, plus if we didn't have enough time to have breakfast at home we could get something along the way. I gave her a look and motioned over to the bed.

'Got any?' She asked

'Plenty in the drawer' I told her.

We both had the biggest grins on our faces. Doing it with her was the best, very passionate but that isn't for Solo Touch.



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