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Her Ears (6)

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Recapping from last time, I had essentially fulfilled one of Sarah's fetishes, which was to have someone cum on her ears, now granted she had fake elf ears on at the time too, I had to wonder if she was ever going to have it happen 'naked' as such.

She went into the bathroom to wash off and just cool down, I was going to do a bit of role play of my own as I still had the fake ears, wig and gloves on. I had a bit of cum on me from when we got close to each other, generally on the chest so it didn't bother me so much, at least until it started drying on chest hairs. I was sitting on the bed for about five minutes or so just thinking about what we did and also what I was going to do next. I didn't have much of a plan but to just go into the shower and well, see what happened.

The door wasn't completely shut, it was open enough that you could see the mirror but in the mirror I could see Sarah showering, she had removed all the jewellery and whatnot and was just washing herself. For some reason I just stood there peeking at her in the mirror.

Her back was facing the mirror but I just stood there, peeking through the gap. I could of easily just opened the door and walked in and did what I wanted to do but this I found far more thrilling for an odd reason, never done it before but I've thought about doing it many times. She was lightly humming while washing herself. I started getting a little aroused again just watching her.

She then started cleaning her ears, she paid particular attention to her ears, massaging from the ear lobes, up to the tip with a light amount of body wash then getting in behind her ears with a couple of fingers and scrubbing back and forth, sudsing up a bit. She was doing it on her right ear, facing the mirror, I could just see a breast but she wasn't turned around enough to get a full view. Once she finished that ear, rinsing it off, she began on the other ear but this time she turned around and I got full view of her.

She looked gorgeous, her hair partially coming over her chest, slightly more brown as it was wet and her nipples were also erect, poking through the hair. Sarah seemed unaware that I was there so I kept peeking through the gap, not sure if she could see me in the mirror but I was loving it either way. Once she finishes washing her ears, she gets out of the shower, without turning it off, grabs a towel to dry off a little and goes over to her bag in the bathroom, pulls out something, I can't see as she is obscuring the view and goes back into the shower.

Her back is turned to the mirror again but she starts humming again and looks to be holding something near her crotch, while doing this I noticed she is doing that ear wiggle thing she can do, or at least I think she is doing it, a bit too far to tell. She squats down in the shower and then I hear a humming/buzzing noise.

It's a vibrator!

She was doing little 'ooh' and 'aah' sounds and other sounds like it which is what I call her squeaks. This was hot, I was now imagining her as a little elf pleasuring herself in secret, such a big turn on. she was doing this for a few minutes, not really going any further that her squeaks.

'You can come in now' she said. I was busted, as I thought I had done a good job of hiding.

I open the door and I realise I am rock hard. Wow, I guess I got turned on by it more than I thought.

Apparently she had seen me in the mirror when she turned around when washing herself but whatever, I still had a chance to go with my original plan. I obviously didn't know elvish so I was thinking of what language I could use, then I remembered I had been learning French on and off for the past 10 years or so, I could speak it relatively well, enough if I actually went to France but as far as writing and reading went, well that was another story.

I walked over to the shower with a smile on my face, probably seemed a little creepy when I had a massive boner but I didn't care.

'Want to join me?' She said, back facing me from outside the shower, she was still playing with the vibrator but just standing up now. I didn't say a thing, I just opened the door and got in the shower. I moved up to her and put my arms around her waist, seeing as I still had the gloves and everything on, It was that bit more fun. My cock was up against her lower back, I was slightly swaying, the head was sliding back and forth against her, wasn't sure if I was going to cum or if I was, how much I would.

I started sucking on her right ear, it was very clean, tasted a bit like the body wash but it didn't bother me that much. My hands moved down from her waist to her pussy where she had the vibrator, I took it away from her hands and began playing with it myself in her. At this point I didn't care if the fake ears or wig came off, I was having fun. While sucking on her ear, I was whispering sweet nothings into her ear in French, or at least that's what I made it sound like, trying my best analogies in French but I could of said she smelt like dog's hair on a wet morning and it still would have sounded sexy, as far as I knew, she didn't know French.

I found something on the vibrator, it was the intensity settings. I turned it up to max, as she always has it on low. As soon as I did, a jolt went through her body and she gripped my arms tight. She started her squeaks and I was sliding the vibrator in and out pretty slowly. I was occasionally speaking in French and sucking on her ear. Whenever it was coming out, the noise got louder and then softer when it went in, not by a huge difference but you could hear it, unless I was just imagining things but either way, I was having fun. I started doing thrusts slowly so my cock was going up and down her back, the wet skin sliding was actually feeling pretty good and it seemed she was getting off on that too then again she had a lot of things to get off onto.

She went to try and take my hands away from the vibrator but I wouldn't let her. It was a pretty strong vibrator, my hands started tingling a bit, especially when I change hands that was holding it. She was gripping pretty hard onto my hands. I was just going steady, probably about 30-40 seconds for each in and out stroke.

Her squeaks weren't progressing to moans yet but she was gripping pretty hard still, biting her lower lip. I started speeding up the stroke of the vibrator, just slowly building up. After a few minutes I was now having the vibrator slide in and out every few seconds, changing hands every so often. She was now getting to the moaning stage, I figured out that she was getting close to a big climax, she could of had smaller orgasms before but they would only be trembles compared to what she was going to have.

I was managing my thrusts against her back and using the vibrator on her and almost in unison. her hands now were all over the place, she didn't know what to grab, she was going between her breasts, her waist and my arms. She couldn't get to her pussy cause my hands were blocking her from it. I could feel her body tensing up more and I could tell I was close to cumming too. I was going to find the right moment to do it.

A few moments later I held the vibrator in and really held it there, at that same time I came and shot up her back, it was only just that one shot, I didn't have much else but it was a good one. When that happened it seemed like she had a massive orgasm as there was one big long 'Oooohhh Yeeess' that seemed to go on forever. After that she went limp, I had to sit her down in the shower but she looked mighty pleased.

She must of had a lot in her, between earlier and now, it was more than I could even manage or had seen from anyone before. I let her sit in the shower for a bit as I turned it off, got out and dried myself off and took off the gloves, ears and wig. She eventually got out herself and I started drying her with a towel.

In my head I was playing out that I had satisfied the sex crazed elf of the forest, gone from peeking in a corner to giving it my all. I was pleased with myself as well. When she was drying herself off with a towel, I went and changed the bed sheets and pillows to clean ones. I didn't even bother getting dressed, I felt rather invigorated about now so I just walked about the house. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and when I came back, Sarah was lying on the bed looking very relaxed and almost inviting for another round of action but all I wanted to do now is just get under the covers, cuddle up to her and quite literally just sleep. Getting into bed that's what we ended up doing.

Her skin was so soft and she smelled pretty sweet again, I was getting very relaxed by her too. It wasn't long before we both fell asleep together.



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