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Her Ears (5.2)

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I was waiting for Sarah's response from the previous story. It took a couple of days, not so much that she was busy but more so she had to compose and properly make up a response. According to her.

As I found out, she had her work laptop and a smaller net book style laptop. She couldn't do much on her work one and what she could do on her other was limited so she was apparently desperate for action.

The reply I got was essentially what I expected, at least in relation to what I said I did that I told her.

A couple more days pass and not much happens, plus work was getting a bit busy so I was exhausted by the time I got home and didn't feel like doing much. We would talk for a bit until I ended up falling asleep.

That weekend she comes back home as they finish earlier than expected, only that she comes back straight to my place. It was so good to see her again in all her pointy eared glory. After having lunch and a coffee we were relaxing on the couch, she looks over at me and has a twinkle in her eye. I had a vague idea what we were going to expect but I wasn't quite sure.

'How big is your bed?' She asks me, with a smirk.

'Queen size, what you have in mind?'

'I'm thinking.......some kind of elf on elf action.'

Well this sounded interesting but I wasn't sure how it was going to work, seeing as I didn't even have any pointed ears or elf ears.

'I've got some fake ones I can put on you, plus I have a wig you can wear so it looks a bit better'

Seeing as it will be a quick put on, some of the hair would hide the seam between the fake and real ears.

'Ok, I'm interested. So a little bit of roleplay? What's the situation?' I ask her, with a grin.

'Lovers, of course', she made it sound like it was a stupid question, I guess it kind of was.

The bed was a little cold so I turn on the heated under-blanket for a little while so it wouldn't be so cold when we got in, not that keeping warm in bed would be an issue. She went to her car and got what she needed out and we went into the bathroom and applied the fake ears, well she did to me. It was pretty quick, only took about five minutes or so. My fake ears were about four inches long and I have to say I looked pretty damn awesome, just needed to buff up a bit and I'd be one hot male elf.

She told me to get out of the bathroom so she could put her ears on. It was strange, not sure why she does that but the only thing I could come up with was the whole suspension of disbelief, cause they looked pretty good. I got changed into boxers and a light shirt, while being careful with the ears so as to not make them come off as I wasn't sure how strong the glue/gum was. I got the bed ready so that we could jump in right away and I waited for a bit. I saw her leave the bathroom to get a bag out of her car and go back in with it. It was probably another 10 minutes or so before she came back out.

When she came back out she had a chain tiara type thing on her forehead, a number of earrings along the length of her ears which were about eight inches long, looking pretty sexy. Around her waist/hips was a similar gold chain with a few attachments that dangled. The only other thing she had on was the leather 'elf' gloves she bought on her trip, she was pretty darn naked but incredibly sexy. She had another pair in her hands and gave them to me.

'I bought these for you, take off your clothes and put them on' she told me with a slight smile. After doing so I felt pretty awkward standing there. She slid into one side of the bed and beckoned me to come over. I slid into the other side of the bed and sat up in bed. You think you know what you want to do and going to do but most of the time you really have no idea no matter how many times you run it through your head.

'So, what's your name my sexy man elf' She said to me with a look in her eye that told me 'I want to tear you apart'. I was going to say my name but we were in role play so I had to think of something elf like. All I could manage at the moment was 'uhh' and 'umm'.

'A little shy are we' she said, moving a little closer, those big, soft breasts inviting me to grab them.

I cleared my throat.

'T-t-tern' I stammered. I hope that worked, I didn't have much of a clue as to what would be 'authentic' elf name

'Tern is it?' she asked, with a smirk

'Uhh, Eltern'. For some reason I was nervous as hell but the name sounded better than moments before.

'Ooh, sexy name. My name is Niya. It's longer than that but that's what I go by'.

That actually was a pretty hot name.

'Why don't we lay down in the bed and get to know each other more' she said to me, sliding down into the covers more. So I slid down into the bed more as well. It felt kind of odd wearing the gloves more so that I couldn't feel much but she does like this sort of thing and I think I could get used to this a bit more. I moved a hand onto her stomach, slowly moving it back and forth over it. It wasn't long before it was on one of her thighs. We had our gazes locked into each others eyes. My hand moved closer to her pussy and it was then she closed her eyes. I fumbled around a bit because I just wasn't used to the thickness of the gloves but eventually a finger found its way into her pussy.

I was on my side facing her while she was on her back, so I moved a little closer and had my arm under her head and grabbing one of her breasts slightly, or holding, whichever. My finger was mostly circling outside and only going in a little bit, just teasing her. I tried feeling for her clit but I couldn't feel it myself with the gloves on but it seems that I was getting it occasionally as she'd tense up a bit or hold her breath for a moment. Once I knew what I was feeling for, I slid a finger down and at the same time pinched her nipple. I did this a couple times and then just rolled around the nipple underneath a finger the best I could. She was getting wetter and more aroused. So I was going for two fingers now, sliding them in and out at a regular pace. I was getting 'oohs' and 'aahs' from her every now and then, her eyes still closed. I was looking at those sexy ears, or rather the one I could see the most. At first I wanted to suck on it, nibble it a little but then I had the urge to cum onto her ears but I didn't move. I kept fingering her, progressively getting faster. She started moaning more and spread out her legs. She was wet enough but I was a little concerned that I would chafe her and looked around for lube. No such luck without moving away from her. I stopped fingering her and just circled around her pussy as much as I could without actually going in.

This was working better as I was getting more response out of her, all kinds of short sounds, almost like she was trying to hold it in. Her hands moved to the hand I had at her pussy and she grabbed onto it. Tight. My hand was just resting on her pussy as a whole but I could tell quite easily she was having a pretty good orgasm. The entire time she had her eyes closed. it's not something I've seen her do much of but it was a common thing when we were close together. Once she finished she got me to move away from her enough. By now as you could imagine I was rock hard.

'Now my sexy one, I want you to take photos of me with your camera' she said grinning. My camera, which is a Digital SLR, was sitting in the corner on a chair. Really? I wanted something of my own now.

'If you do it, you will be rewarded'

Oh yeah, I looked at those long ears. Yes please, I knew what it was going to be. I wiped off the 'pussy juice' off the glove, got out of the bed and turned on the camera. While excited, I still felt extremely awkward doing it. The covers were kicked back so only the sheet was on her. I got in close at first and took some shots of her ears and just her breasts. I started taking shots of her from the breasts up, in a few of them she was covering them up being demure and cute. I stood back and she started fingering herself.

This was a good chance to get some pretty awesome shots. I don't remember much but I was moving around every now and then taking photos of her just from different angles. My favourite shot is where she has raised her arse off the bed so that its really only her shoulders and feet on the bed with both hands around her pussy, I managed to get a few frames in of that as at that moment she was having a pretty good orgasm as she flopped down back onto the bed.

I get onto the bed and straddle her of sorts, kind of sitting on her groin area and continuing to take photos. She had sweat on her now and there was enough light that it glistened on her at certain angles. She then turned her head to me and grabbed my cock.

'Keep taking photos Eltern. Niya wants something from you.'

She raised herself a bit, spat into one of the gloves and started pumping me. I was trying my best to take steady photos but I wasn't that far off from cumming myself and I knew it would be a good one. I moved up closer to her, she knew what I was trying to do. I couldn't last much longer as she was trying her hardest and fastest.

'Come on my love, Niya wants something from you....'

I was just below her breasts, while trying to support myself on the bed so I wouldn't totally be sitting on her. I was actually holding back as much as I could, trying to get good shots, about every fifth or sixth shot wasn't a blur. It was rather difficult, while I thought about putting the camera down, I was onto something here.

Then it happened.

The first shot just whizzed by her left ear, landing on the pillow. The second shot was stronger due to the timing of the up stroke from her. It got her left ear this time and as quickly as it happened, she move her head that the next shot would get her other ear. I moved up a bit in those moments so it would and the third and fourth shot got it cleanly.

She clamped down on my cock, I had much more to come, she got me to move down and started pumping me again while she aimed me at her breasts. She kept pumping until I had nothing left. That was intense and I flopped back onto the bed but at that moment something clicked in my head, I had to take photos. I sit back up and start clicking away.

She was rubbing the cum on her ears (both on the real part and the longer fake part of the ear), she looked like she was in heaven. The cum on her breasts was dripping off onto the bed sheet or down onto her stomach.

I had never seen a girl as messy as her and I actually was turned on by it. She must of been wanting this something bad. She was almost trance like or something. She licked a gloved finger every now and then to taste it. That made me feel a bit grossed out but otherwise I was just staring at her, no longer taking photos. I turn the camera off and put it on the side table and I move closer to her. She pulls me down onto her so that I'm laying on top of her, now my cum that was on her chest/torso area was now on me. It was a little strange but I was ok with it.

Cum was still dripping off her ears like a sex crazed elf.

She whispered into my ear.

'Thank you. Thank you so much'

I lay back onto the bed and just stared at her.

A few minutes later she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower. I knew now she would be taking off everything including those ears so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of role play on her myself.

Stay Tuned



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