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Her Ears (5.1)

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Last leaving off was just before having sex and seeing as this site is about masturbation, that is to be skipped.

After we made out, we both more or less slept straight after which was kind of funny that we both did that. Once we awoke again and got dressed, we just chatted. We both knew each other rather well now, so to speak, so there was very little tension now, or at least at this point in time. Knowing that questions were going to be asked at work, we both decided that if asked, we would just say it as it is, without going into to much detail.

Unfortunately for me, she was going away on a work related trip for a few weeks so it was me that basically had to front the initial barrage. Before we left her place so she could take me home, she gave me the red gloves from the night before.

'Take these, I'm sure you can find some good use for them. My number is on a slip of paper in one of the gloves' she told me, winking.

Well I know I wouldn't have any trouble using them that's for sure.

The ride home was actually pretty normal, nothing exciting or of that sort, which was kind of disappointing in a way but I guess we had explored each other enough that it wasn't needed, or at least, well I had of her anyway.

Arriving at my house I was desperately hoping she'd get out of the car as well before going back home.

She did.

We hugged each other. It was the best hug I've had ever. Then she started whispering into my ear in Elvish, I couldn't even tell the nature of what she was saying but somehow it was still pretty hot. Before getting into her car, she blew me a kiss and then took off.

I was smiling the rest of the day and also pondering about what it could have been she said. I went to bed that night feeling pretty content and a little excited. I woke up the next day remembering that I'd have to face the barrage of inquiring nosey parkers but I put on my best face and went to work. I was a little surprised that there wasn't too many people asking, in all probably about 10 and they weren't that digging but all the same it was starting to get annoying by the end of the day.

When I got home I remembered I had forgotten to add Sarah's number into my phone so I scrambled to find the piece of paper, though it took me a few moments to look in the red gloves she gave me. I put it in, saved it and went to call her, it was about 6pm at the time from memory so I would of thought she'd be finished for the day or something. It rang a few times and there was a moment where it was like someone was picking up but no, just voice mail. So I hung up and tried again a few more times but the same result. In the end I left her a message and also sent her a text that it was me and left it at that and got my dinner ready.

About an hour or so later I get a message back and all it says 'Check your email'. So I scoffed the last of my dinner and jumped on my laptop. There was one email with a ton of images and a few videos. I ended up downloading the first one and it said along the lines of 'I had a day off today so I took the chance to do some shopping and got a few things for myself that I think you may like'.

It went on for a bit longer but I noticed that she had her piercings, she had sleepers but they also had some kind of fancy jangly thing, like a small chain or something. It was simple but when she moved her head even the slightest, it moved near exaggerated over her movements. I couldn't stop staring at her ears, in fact while watching the video I got a bit hard.

At the end of the video she said 'I went a little crazy today but I'll be doing a few videos hopefully every day to tide you over until I get back'.

She was actually a pretty creative person, she had a couple of hand held cameras and a tripod and even though they were simple it worked for me. The first video she had some kind of leather gloves, similar to the ones she wore in her elf fantasy outfit, they looked that sort of style.

What she first says in the video surprises me a little but also turns me on.

'You may or may not have figured it out from our little evening and morning together but I kind of like to collect gloves' She clears her throat, 'Basically, I have a glove fetish but you seem to enjoy it too which excites me a little too. Though apart from that, I kind of have a dirty, guilty pleasure' She paused for a moment, she was getting rather embarrassed and a little uncomfortable even though it was a video and she could edit it, 'I kind of like having cum on my body'

Wow. At first a little strange and a bit disgusting as I've always found it a turn off myself when watching pornos.

'I don't like it on my face' She makes a circle area with her hand showing the general area 'But I wouldn't mind it occasionally on my ears, so maybe we could try something when I got back'

After that she gets up and turns off the camera, thus ending the video.

Man after hearing that I was all guns blazing, then I opened a few photos. The first batch that I downloaded was focusing on her ear, no earrings or anything. Then there were photos of her playing with the ear with the pair of 'elf gloves' I guess you'd call them, in her fingers and such.

I had to call her.

Voice mail again so I left a message saying 'Love your ears though it really gets me off when you have the piercings in' and I hang up. I played that back in my head a few times. It didn't really come out the way I wanted it to but it was on there now. I grabbed the red gloves and put them on, they were a little tight but otherwise pretty good fit lengthwise. I then remembered she was fingering herself a few times when I saw she had them on, those hot gloved fingers sliding in and out of that wet pussy bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

I had to jack off, so I selected the gloved photos from the first batch and put them in a slide show and organised them as to how I would like to come to them. I wrapped one hand around my cock and just started sliding up and down at a steady pace but as soon as the photos started I got turned on. On the third cycle through I was really on edge and there was only a handful of photos and they were only up a few seconds at a time. I was pumping furiously because there was no point delaying what was going to happen.

I had a strong one coming, I was sitting on the edge of the couch facing the laptop and a photo of her cupping her ear with the gloved hand came up.


One great big shot fired at the screen a moment sooner than expected and it landed right on her ear in the photo on the screen. The second photo was just of her ear.


Second shot just moments later on the laptop again. It was like I was cumming on her ear, just like she wanted but after that moment I quickly moved away and covered the head of my penis while I was still shooting out and catching it in the gloves.

I had my cum in her gloves and the photos were still cycling through then I realised I had cum on my laptop so I managed to get the gloves off, put them in my lap and grab nearby tissues on the coffee table and cleaned it off before it seeped into anywhere that I didn't want it to go and have an embarrassing explanation to an IT shop.

After the laptop was cleaned up while I was still sitting down, I looked at the gloves that had my cum all over it. I went to the toilet and just had them around my cock, sliding the gloves up and down. It was kind of strange but I was liking it and started to imagine her with cum on her ear and pumping me with her cum covered gloves. I came into the toilet a couple minutes later, well it was more of a half dribble shot but it still felt good.

I threw the gloves into the basin in the bathroom stripped off and had a shower. I was thinking would showering with them wreck them in any way? I never even knew how to clean gloves, they weren't lined or anything but maybe I'll just wipe them down or something and figure that out later.

I started thinking of other possible photos and videos she's send to me or the videos and photos that I had yet to open from the big batch she sent me and just all the glorious pointy eared fun that could be had.

After I got out I went to call her again. Voice mail. So I told her that I saw the first couple videos and know what she likes. Then I went into what I did. I said goodbye on the voice mail and hung up. It was then I started thinking what she would do once she heard it. Would she be three fingers, three knuckle deep in her pussy getting off to my own tale? I certainly would have loved to think so. If I was there, I'd be sucking those lovely ears and groping her bountiful bosoms while she did that.

I would have to wait until she either called me back or got an email from her.



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