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Her Ears (3)

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Where I last left off, I was trying to keep awake while sucking her ear but the Sandman got the better of me.

Next morning I awoke on the couch with a blanket on me, Sarah was walking about the house doing housework. I asked how her ears were.

'A little sore but nothing I haven't had before, plus I have a little cream to soothe them anyway' she told me.

I managed a 'That's good' before I drifted off again, not sure how long for though.

I awoke later on, it was still morning, well almost lunch time. I saw her walking about the place again, my eyes were a little hazy from the sleep but I thought I saw her with longer ears. I wasn't dreaming was I?

I pinched myself

Yep it was real.

They were looking pretty sexy too, about eight inches long at a guess. Her hair was let down but all the hair was behind her ears still. She's wearing a tight t-shirt, really showing off her bust. They were a bit bigger than I first thought but I guess the visual is different from just grabbing them.

There was a bit more jewelery on the ear, a couple of 'piercings', one was to cover the seam on the ear between the fake and the real, that much I knew. She also had a few more rings, bangles and bracelets on too plus some kind of chain/tiara thing around her forehead, so whenever she moved she jingled and jangled. I started getting a little hard, well I had 'morning wood' so rather I was more getting aroused than anything. She was just cleaning and moving stuff, so a lot of jangling but I was more looking at those ears. They looked pretty good, they must of been painted to the same colour and tone of her own skin, so it looked pretty good, near real infact.

She then came over to the coffee table and bent over right in front of me. 'Damn' I thought, a nice arse it was. After cleaning the coffee table she turned around and the zipper of the shorts was all the way down. She had no panties on. She just didn't turn around, she stood there for a few good seconds so I got a good view then walked away. That made me sit up.

'Morning sunshine!' she said 'Thought that would get you up', she giggled

'That was a double entendre you see' she said with a grin.

Yeah, I got it. A little lame but still funny.

'You mind if I masturbate?'

What? Did I hear right? She was different from the person I knew at work.

'Uhh..I don't mind, I guess?'

I was taken aback obviously but I guess she was going to her room and pleasure herself.

Nope, she walked over to the other couch that was next to the one I was on and shimmied her pants down to her ankles and just started playing with herself. I didn't say anything, I was just watching her, looking between her ears and her hands on her pussy. The jangling of the jewelery on her wrists and the fake earrings on her ears was actually a bit of a turn on, well more so than just her masturbating in front of me. She was mostly just playing around with her clit, doing some kind of jiggle thing I guess, that made the jangling of the bangles and bracelets even more so.

I debated on whether to pull out my cock or not and for some reason I didn't. I was too fixated on her to actually do anything else. Those sexy long ears, beautiful skin and long hair, I was ready to tear my clothes off and fuck her silly. But I didn't. I barely moved. She was starting to reach climax pretty quickly, her moaning picked up pretty quickly as well, then as soon as she started it was all over. Even if she was quick, that moment of orgasm was so sexy, she kinda slid right down onto the couch and kind of arced her back. It's hard to describe but just what she was wearing and those long ears really made it for me.

Afterwards she had a red face, like she was embarrassed. She started nervously laughing. I just had my eyes wide open like 'Damn, that was awesome'. She started playing with her left ear, though this time out of nervousness.

I managed to gather myself (and pick my jaw up off the floor) and all I managed was an 'umm....uhh'

'I wanted to try that at least once' she said

'Try what?'

'Masturbate in front of someone. I had been thinking about it all morning and I put on some long ears cause I thought it would be more attractive to you' she told me, turning even more red and half hiding her face with her hair. I told her even if she didn't put on the longer ears, I still would have found it pretty hot, heck even if she was fully clothed it'd get the same result from me.

We sat there for a little bit just laughing and what have you. In that time I wanted to ask her to do a bit of roleplay for me but I had to find the guts to ask her as I wasn't sure if she'd go with it. My heart started racing and I got a little nervous. It was that feeling of being in high school again, asking your crush out on a date.

'So, uhh...umm, you wanna roleplay?'

Crap, that didn't come out how I wanted it to, sounded kind of perverse to me at least. I tried to think of a way to rephrase but I couldn't. Truth be told, the closest thing to roleplaying I had done was games of Dungeons and Dragons every now and then with friends, nothing even remotely sexy or sexual.

She smiled.

'What did you have in mind?' she said, with a massive grin.

'Can you be...uh..an..elf..person?' I said, nervously

'What did you have in mind?'. She was milking it now.

'Umm, you know....things?' I said. I just wanted to say it but it just wasn't coming out.

'You got any...umm', I cleared my throat 'Longer ears?'

Man, I was starting to get clammy hands, heart racing. She didn't look nervous now but I'm sure she was just as much as me.

'Anything else?'

Oh man, this was killing me, I had no idea what I really wanted. I just wanted some kind of action.

'A sexy elf. With the sexiest, hottest ears in existence.' I blurted out.

She giggled a bit and went off into her bedroom. After about 5 minutes I knew she was going to be a little while. I looked around and found some catalogs to distract me. It wasn't really working, as it was mostly clothing and all the chicks I saw it in, I was imagining them with pointy ears, so I put that down. I went to turn on the TV but there were at least five remotes, I found the TV one but beyond that I had no idea how to operate any of the other devices, at least not without spending half an hour nutting it all out. I was getting pretty hot under the collar and I knew I couldn't just whack one off, cause i'd have no drive and it was going to be a strong one. Trying to find a magazine was tough, at least one that didn't have girls in it. No car magazines, or what I could find. There was a magazine with cosplay (Costume play, basically dressing up as a character) in it but that made things worse for me. Of course looking around the place in general didn't help either.

I checked my phone. I had about 10 messages from my work mates, mostly asking how things were last night and if I was doing anything today. I messaged them back, being fairly vague about things, I didn't want to stir up too much 'office controversy' but at this point, the cat was out of the bag anyway, I pretty much just said we had a good night without alluding to too much. It had been about half an hour now that Sarah was gone, so she must of been doing a pretty good job. I wasn't getting any more messages so I just sat there, I closed my eyes for a bit trying to think of nothing.

It wasn't long before I heard the jingling and jangling of jewelery. She had longer ears on than before, not sure how much longer but I could tell they were in fact longer. She had knee-high boots on, which were black leather, really short pants that were a darkish green with a black belt and a thin gold chain around it as well that went through the belt loops. It was the first time I had seen her midriff and she had the flattest stomach I had seen, my eyes made the way up to her breasts and she had a matching bikini style top. It was a pretty low cut as you could just see the areola, only by the slightest amount. The top was green also with brown straps for over the shoulders. On her neck was a choker, a black choker with silver stud looking things. Her hair was up in one long ponytail and the ponytail started high up on her head so it kind of pointed up first then went down. On her arms she had black arm sleeves, they started near her armpits and came down to her wrists. When she turned around, a pair of brown leather gloves were tucked in the back of her pants, they looked like they were made for the outfit too as it had some kind of eccentric look. The whole outfit itself looked like some kind of elf in fantasy (If that helps with the description and i'm bad at doing that stuff)

So she was standing in front of me, I had no idea what was supposed to happen or what she had planned.

'Stand up'

So I did. The boots actually made her about my height now, so I was pretty much face to face. She put her arms over my shoulders and came a little closer. She said something in what sounded like just gibberish to me.

She leaned a little closer to me and whispered;

'That was elvish'

She didn't say what she said but I didn't care, she knew an elf language, the awesome meter shot threw the roof. I didn't care what she was saying, it was damn hot.

She embraced me in a hug, she smelt pretty sweet, it was a light airy smell. I guess she had some kind of perfume for the situation. I felt a nibble on my ear, damn she was returning the favour. Only now it was hot cause she's now an elf, granted in roleplay but my mindset was there.

It was just on the earlobe, she said something in elvish again and did another little nibble then started sucking a bit. I really don't know how long I could last, she was moving little bits and my boner was right between us. She made 'mmmm' noises like she was enjoying sucking and nibbling on my ear. One hand dropped to her side but it didn't stay there long, it was making its way to my pants and not to my zipper either. She was making an attempt for my belt. So I moved one hand and went for her top at the back. It was tied up at the back so I started pulling on one of the strings and it turned out to be pretty easy, so I kept pulling until it was completely undone.

She said something else in elvish but this time she sounded pissed off. She moved back and her top fell to the ground, revealing those nice, big, plump breasts. She looked really angry but for some reason it was a massive turn on, she was pointing and shaking her finger at me, her breasts jiggled when she did that. Then she did that ear wiggle thing, only this time it looked more obvious due to the length of the ears.

'Take your pants off!' she said angrily.

What? She wanted me to take my pants off? This wasn't going the way I wanted it to, then I remembered this was a roleplay but I was still disappointed. So I undid my belt, pulled my pants down and my underwear and my boner was now free.

She started giggling and pointing at my cock, saying something in elvish. Ok so now it was humiliation but I didn't care.

'Small, compared to our men' she said. So she was going with limited english in the roleplay, ok this was cool.

'Don't worry, i'll play'

What 'play' meant, I wasn't sure.

She pulled out a glove from the back of her pants and started lightly slapping my cock around. I guess this is what 'play' was, either way, the leather felt pretty nice so if it was just this, I could deal with it. After a little light slapping, she put on the glove and deliberately too. She put it on real slow, making me want it. Then she grabbed the other one and did the same. Then she started with her ears, just playing with the lobes and making the way up all the way to the tips. Oh gosh this was turning me on a lot, to the point I started to have precum at the tip of my cock. She kept going back and forth on them, I just stood there, boner and all.

She moved closer to me and then she started playing with my ears. It felt pretty nice too, she moved a little bit closer, to the point now that my cock was touching her a bit, it was just above the pants line, she started moving her hips a bit. Just the tiniest bit was starting to edge me. She kept swaying her hips, the tip of my cock was just on her skin and a bit of the pants was getting the underside of my cock while she was playing with my ears.

'You have small ears, like your cock. I like it'

She likes it eh? Well that's a bonus. She then pulled back from me and started playing with her ears again.

'I have long ears, nice and sexy'

I agreed with that, very much so. She then went for my cock, just started sliding her hands down it either side. On the second slide down it happened.

I came.


First shot was right at her stomach, I heard the slap it made, it was a fairly strong one, well I wouldn't call it a slap but it was some kind of impact noise anyway. Then I just kept on coming, though the subsequent shots weren't as strong but the orgasm at least was intense. She barely flinched, she held out the gloves and caught the rest amazingly. Once I had finished cumming, she started to rub it on her stomach. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was rubbing my cum on her stomach.

'Your cum is good, cock might be small but it is strong'

Hold the phone, this mostly quiet girl actually had a bit of a wild side, then again it is usually the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.

The cum now was on her stomach and dripping down to her pants and seeping inside. She had one hand under my cock catching any last remaining drops. After it was evident that there was no more cum dripping, she picked up her top and left. Just like that. I pulled up my pants and sat back on the couch and reflected on what just happened.

About five minutes later, she came back out with all the cum off, all jewelery off and no elf ears. Or clothes for that matter.

'Wanna come for a shower? I bet you need one by now.'

I did actually, I hadn't had one since yesterday when I got up and I was feeling a bit unclean.

Wait, was she referring to me having a shower by myself or with her?

'With you?' I asked her

'Well I'm not just standing here naked for the fun of it' she said with a smile.

Oh boy, I wasn't sure if I could take any more, if we went any further I would probably need condoms but then again maybe I could pleasure her a bit more before we got to that point.

That's for next instalment....



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