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Her Ears (1)

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Sarah loves her pointed ears.


I've had an ear fetish for some time. Not just in general but more towards pointed ears like elves and fairies and of the like. The longer the pointed ears, the better is my preference.

I've collected shows, movies, games and so on with most of the reason being for this fact, to which a few I became general fans of. Also, I have a lot of statues/figures that are such as well, though i'm not a grab anything, as i'm not so much a fan of the barely any clothing stuff.

Though apart from one room housing all the paraphinalia, you wouldn't really know that much, or rather not that obviously.

When I started at my current job almost a year ago, I was quite surprised to see one girl that had pointed ears, in fact my heart skipped a beat and my stomach had butterflies the first time I saw her. She had her hair up in a ponytail one day so there was no hair around her ears, long blondish brown hair, nice blue eyes, trim figure and a good bust, well from what I could see, as she seemed to wear loose tops that didnt really hug her bust much. I'd just see her around the workplace, never really talked to her at first. Some days she'd have her hair down or up in some kind of style, some days her ears would be covered. It was autumn when I started, so most of the time she would wear a beanie and cover most of her ears. She was pretty cute looking, not too tall, i'm about 5ft 10', she was a few inches shorter at most. I noticed on the really cold days the tips of her ears would turn red as well as a bit of her nose, until she warmed up.

About a month after I started there, I began talking to her, mostly during lunch breaks, when i'd be nearing the end of my lunch break and she'd be starting hers, so it'd be about a 10 minute overlap. At first I was crushing on her, it honestly felt like high school all over again, I would get butterflies whenever she sat near me.

When she wasn't looking, i'd just be staring at her ears, or ear, whichever I could see the most an whenever she walked by me. I noticed that more and more she didn't cover her ears so I kind of figured she caught on with me. One day it kind of came up in conversation, that is, her asking me about it.

Her: 'Do you like pointy ears?'

Me: 'Uhh....yeah', I kinda went red a bit, which made it even more obvious.

She had the biggest grin on her face.

Her: 'That's cool, kinda cute that you're a bit embarrassed about it'

Pretty much from then on, we hit it off even more. For the rest of that day, whenever she looked at me, she grinned and I kinda went red in the face.

A few weeks later, the company organised a night out at an amusement park, well it had been planned for some time, I just knew about it a few weeks prior to it. I got a lift into the city and then caught the train over to the amusement park. A group of us met at the entrance, apparently some had already gone in. I was looking for her in that group but I couldn't see her, I was kind of relieved at the same time as being a little disappointed. Seeing as I think a few people were starting to catch on that we were interested in each other, I didn't want a fuss. When I met up, a few of my work buddies were there, nothing was said about her so I didn't bring anything up. We were having a laugh, going to sideshow alley for all the little games and such at first. After we spent a while there, I wanted to go onto the dodgems, I always love giving them a burl, they're so much fun with friends, so we all went over.

Unbeknown to me, she saw me go over and stood in line behind us. When it was our turn, she just managed to get on, I didn't see her at first, I was more focusing on targetting my work buddies, as it's always fun for a bit of rivarly on the dodgems. After the first lap and a half I got hit from behind and spun around. It was her. I just managed to catch her winking at me and laughing as she took off. As I got myself going again, it was my aim now to target her but I got stuck in traffic and pile ups, I almost got to her until the ride was over. She came over to me, giggling;

'I hope I didn't hurt you, I think I did it a little hard'

'No, nothing I haven't had before on dodgems' I said to her.

Then something clicked, we just bonded instantly in that moment.

'Wanna hang out with me' she asked. I could see my work buddies, they were giving me signs of 'go for it' and of the like.


We wandered around for a while, hitting up a couple food stands, going on a mini wooden rollercoaster together and a couple other things.

She was wearing kneehigh boots and thighhigh stockings, a shortish skirt, so there was a bit of skin between where the skirt ended and the stockings started, the jacket she had on was some kind of soft leather? or something like that and had a fuzzy collar and trimmings on the cuff and bottom of it and had red leather gloves, kinda looked like driving gloves a bit. I didn't notice it at first oddly enough but she had a piercing near the tips of her ears, just a pair of sleepers. Kind of looked hot too, it really set her ears off. The tips were pretty well defined, so I had to ask if they were done surgically or natural.

She took a little offence to the comment and told me that they were indeed natural but she forgave me as there had been a bit of a rise in people wanting pointed ears, well according to her anyway, all I knew was that it could be done.

We made our way over to the ferris wheel, this would give us some one on one time a bit more. I was getting more and more excited and for some strange reason I just wanted to suck her ears, I don't know why I was thinking it but I was. Once we were on the ferris wheel, it was slowly going around, letting people on and off, then we got a couple full revolutions and it stopped a few carriage things past us, letting people off and it slowly went up again for us. When we were near the top, the lights out in the amusement park went out. It appeared that there was some kind of power outage. A good thing that the moon was bright out that night, as most people were able to get out relatively well that weren't on rides or with the help of security with flash lights.

After about 5 minutes or so we could tell that the power wasn't coming on any time soon. I asked how long had she had her piercings in her ears. She said she's had them since mid teens but took them out for work as to not draw too much attention to her ears but seeing as I liked them, she was going to start wearing them at work again.

She asked if I had any favourite artists that drew pointed ear characters. I said Tony Taka, a japanese character designer because he drew the hottest ears and they were nice and long. She agreed with me, then she asked what would I do if I somehow managed to come across one of said characters in real life. I jokingly said that I would suck their ears.

There was a pause for a bit.

'Would you like to suck mine?' she said to me.

I was a little surprised but everything inside of me was wanting to do just that.

I didn't need to say anything, she got a little closer to me so I could suck one of her ears, the one facing me.

'Go on. I want to see what it's like'

So I moved closer, just kind of licking the tip of her ear.

She giggled a bit, telling me to do it properly. So I started sucking, rolling my tongue over the tip, eventually getting a bit further down. Then I got to the piercing, playing with that in my mouth with my tongue as well.

She was starting to enjoy it. I didn't notice at first but one hand was moving closer to my crotch. I kept sucking her ear, moving up and down as far as I could, though generally playing with the piercing. I had one arm around her, she was slowly getting that moved up into her jacket, as it seemed like she wanted me to fondle her. Her hand was getting closer to my pants until she got to the zipper and began undoing it. I knew she was doing but I let her anyway. At the same time I found my hand moving closer to her breast in her jacket.

Then I felt leather fumbling around in my underpants, looking for my cock or rather trying to get it out. It was then I started groping/fondling her breast while sucking her ear. I had been on her ear for about 10 minutes now. I stopped for a bit but she told me to keep going, so I did just that.

Then my cock was unleashed from my pants and she started to slide her gloved hand up and down it. It felt good. At this point I found that the very tip and her piercing were the most fun to play with in my tongue and that it seemed the most enjoyable to her. I was sucking her ear and fondling her breast, they were actually pretty good size, just a bit bigger than my hand, so not too big and not too small.

I began wondering where her other hand was. I tried to look without moving from her ear. She was fingering herself. I don't know how much but she was, probably at the same rate she was stroking me. I was getting pretty close to coming, so I became a little more tense with her breast, doing it a little harder. She was starting to breathe a little deeper now. This was starting to arouse me more but I didn't have far to go before I came, though I wasn't sure how far she was.

A few moments later I did come, not much, just one shot, a strong one. It went forward enough to land between my legs without hitting anything else. At that moment I squeezed her breast tight and almost clenched down on her ear but I stopped myself and tightend my lips more. I think that made her have some kind of orgasm, don't know how much but regardless, the fingers she was using were rather wet, well the glove was anyway. A minute or two later the power came back on and the ferris wheel started moving again. I got myself straightend up and she got herself fixed up too. There was a little bit of saliva on her ear, glistening in the moonlight. After we got off the ride, we decided to leave the park, not before she invited me to her place that is. I was more than willing to. She had driven in so we walked to the car park.

The rest of the story will continue later on....



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