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Her Bedroom

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I grew up in a small mid-western town, in the far north snowbelt. My mother, like most of the women in the town, wore jeans, flannel shirts, sweat pants, and athletic shoes most of the time. The only exception was for Church, then I might see a few women in dresses and heels. There were no real 'fashion plates' in the town. Except then came Marge. She was a rather plain looking brunette, about 5' 6' tall, but she had a fantastic figure.

Marge had grown up in Chicago and moved, as an adult, to our small town because her husband had been transferred there for work. He was a regional manager for a large company, had almost one-half of the entire State under him, and our town was a perfect choice to operate out of to cover all that territory.

Marge and her family moved in when I was 17. She was 34, and lived about six houses down the block, same side of the street. She had two kids, about 10-12 years younger than me. Marge was happy, vivacious, outgoing and lot's of fun to be with.

That first summer, she attracted lots of attention from the neighbors, because she wore tight 'hot pants' shorts, and sandals that displayed her absolutely perfect mile long legs. She was also stacked on top: firm, lush breasts that all the guys...from age 13 to the retirees, stared at. Also, the first Christmas there, she 'dressed to thrill' in a swirling dress, high heels, sparkling earrings, bracelet, rings and necklace, and had several of the neighbors over to their home to see their 'perfect' Christmas tree.

My fantasies started to run wild. I tried to imagine what her bra and panties looked like, what sizes they were, what other lingerie she owned...just what was in her bedroom? Our families became close as I got to babysit her kids who were about 10-12 years younger than me. But, I could never get upstairs to explore her bedroom. Her and her husband always came home about 15-20 minutes after the kids bedtime, so they could 'say good night to the kids before they fell asleep.' I never was in the house with sleeping kids...never got the chance to sneak into her bedroom. Even worse, the ladies of the town took over. Marge joined a conservative Church, started wearing long pants in the summer, and when she had people over, wore jeans and flannel tops like all the other women.

BIG bummer for a few years!!

Then her husband got another big raise. This meant lot's more money. To celebrate, they took their family to Europe for two weeks. They needed someone to take in the mail, cut the grass, switch lights on and off, etc., so the house would look 'lived in.' I tried like crazy to get the job. In the end, they split the work. I had a key to the garage, to cut grass, trim, etc. But, they gave the house key to Lillian, an older neighbor lady. Lillian would water house plants, take in the mail, switch around the lights, etc. ANOTHER big bummer !!

Marge was gone a week when we received a call from Lillian. Lillian's mother was sick in another town, and she and her husband had to go away for a few days.

Would I take in their mail and put out their trash? Of course I would!

The first day Lillian was gone I explored her bedroom early in the morning, before I left for school. BORING white plain bra's and panties, boring shoes, no real lingerie to speak of. Then, on her dresser, I spied a single key, could this be Marge's house key?? Trembling, I took the key and went to Marge's house, just two doors away. I slipped the key into the backdoor lock...and BINGO! I was in Marge's home...alone!!

I sprinted up the stairs to her bedroom. I went immediately to a dresser and started opening drawers. On the third try I found the lingerie drawer: what a drawer it was!! 36-C bras, size three panties, in matching black, red, blue, flower prints, even yellow and green colors. Everything was jumbled mess in no order...this meant I could take things out and put them back and Marge would never know! Trembling, I took off my pants, then my underwear, shirt, even socks and shoes. I was nude in her bedroom!!

My cock sprang to attention like a private saluting a general!! I wrapped a pair of black silk panties around my cock and began stroking it...pre-cum was leaking like mad. Then, I grabbed a black bra and began shoving my cock into a cup on the bra. The excitement was too much...after less than 30 seconds of this, I erupted into the bra cup. My breath came in short gasps, my heart was pounding in my chest, and shot after shot of cum landed into her bra! After the initial few bursts, cum dripped out my dick and down onto her black panties. I sat down on the edge of her bed and tried to think what to do next. I got paper from the bathroom, and cleaned up, then flushed the paper down the toilet. But, there was still some cum inside her bra cup...it would not come out without washing. But, not enough for her to notice....this got me thinking. The next time she wore that bra, her nipple would be touching my cum!!

This reasoning made me horny all over again, so I started searching her closet. There were at least six pairs of 'killer stillettos' and strappy high-heeled sandals I had never seen, and, flowing, beautiful nightgowns. This women was a real fashion babe; not at all like any other in that town!! Back to attention sprang my cock, and out came the shoes and more bras. About ten minutes later I came again, but this time I shot the cum onto her shoes, then touched her bras and panties to the cum. This way, when she wore those bras, panties, or high heels, she would be touching my cum. What a secret!!

I carefully cleaned up the mess again. I left the house, returned to Lillian's and put the key back on Lillian's dresser.

Later that day, Lillian and her husband came home...her sister was staying with the sick mother so, Lillian didn't need to stay away.

So, that morning was the single solitary chance to get into Marge's bedroom. Marge moved away to another town just a year later, and that was that.

But I never forgot what I found in her bedroom. She obviously enjoyed men, sex, and life. When I started dating in college, I looked for young women with sexy bras and shoes like Marge's. Far too many young women didn't have them, and it showed in their dour, serious approach to life. Little fun, no sex...no more dating with me.

But, I found my woman, and when we finally had sex I undressed a bra similar to Marge's, and as our dating progressed, I saw her closet, and saw gowns and shoes like Marge's. I also found a vivacious, happy, sensual women whom I married. That was over 20 years ago, and my wife's closet today looks a lot like Marge's did, and I am a very happy man.

Thanks, Marge for the lesson of your bedroom.



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