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Helping with the Groceries

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I was on my way back from my usual Saturday morning bike ride when several blocks from my house I noticed an older woman taking a bag of groceries out of her trunk. There were four other bags on the driveway next to the car. Her house was big and I guessed that there were about twelve steps leading up to the front door. I stopped riding and asked the woman if she would like me to help her with the bags. She said, "that would be great." I then helped her with the bags and I went back a second time for the last bag.

The lady introduced herself as Edna and insisted I stay a few minutes and have an iced tea. Edna looked to me to be around mid fifties. As we sipped our tea Edna and I chatted about my classes at the local community college. I was getting the impression she was a lovely lady. She shared with me that she lost her husband to illness a year ago.

Then, out of the blue, Edna told me that I was very cute and that I had nice legs. I thanked her and then told her I had better be off. She said, "oh come on, you can stay just a little longer can't you?" I said, OK. Edna then told me my skin looked so soft. Uh Oh, I felt that funny feeling down below. Edna then reached forward and ran her fingertips across the top of one of my thighs. For whatever reason, I didn't stop her or tell her to stop. She continued to rub my leg and then she moved her fingers to the inside of my thigh.

In a couple of seconds I felt her fingertips moving upward and slipping under my shorts. It really felt nice and I knew that I felt sexually stimulated at this point. I will never ever forget what came next. Edna looked me directly in the eye and said, "stand up and take off your shorts." I did just that. I should tell you now that I never had any type of physical contact with a female and minimal sexual experiences with a male. I am still a virgin.

Edna then reached forward and pulled down my panties. I stepped out of them and she told me to spread my legs. Edna began to use her nails on the inside of my thighs and quickly moved up to my kitty. I told her I was a virgin and she said she wouldn't hurt me. She then held my butt cheeks and pulled me toward her. She started kissing my kitty and I felt her tongue going into my slit. She licked me for awhile and then she stopped and with one hand she parted my kitty lips and held the skin away from my clit. With the other hand she started rubbing up and down and then in circles on my clit.

In a short time the physical sensation built in me and I knew I was almost ready to cum. I said to Edna, "faster." She rubbed faster and in seconds I came. Edna told me to keep my legs spread. She took my panties and rubbed the crotch inside my kitty. Edna asked me if she could keep my panties. I nodded my head and put my shorts back on. She asked me if that felt good and I told her it did. Edna said that I was welcome back any time and that we could do lots more. I told her I would take her up on her offer. I then thanked her and left.

That was last Saturday and I've made up my mind that I am going to call her and visit one day next week after classes. I am looking forward to doing more with her. I get myself excited just thinking about it.

I told my story to my older sister Tammy and she told me that she enjoys sex with ladies every now and then. I was totally surprised at that. Tammy told me about this site so I'm sure she will be reading my story. That's assuming it will get posted and you know what they say about assuming, it will make an ASS out of U and ME.




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