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Helping Out the Babysitter

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Hi. Like many stories on Solo, I would like to start mine by saying I love this site. This is my first experience submission and hopefully not my last hehe. This story took place when I was 16 and she was 15. Her name will be changed in this story of course.
Let's say her name is Amy. Amy and I have been friends for only 5 months when this happened, but it seems like we've known each other forever. We first met over the telephone. She lived 2 hours flying time from where I lived.
She was very sexual. We used to call each other up almost every night and talk. Then to end our night, we would start to masturbate over the phone. Now at that time I've never been with a girl or ever done anything with a girl. The first time we did this on the phone was the first time I'd ever heard a girl moan. It made me so horny. I would kneel down on the ground, hold the phone up to my ear with one hand, and stroke my cock with the other. I wasn't very big at the time, but I wasn't small either. I was right on the verge of 6 1/2'. I would hear her breathing on the phone and start to move my hand at the same pace as she breathed heavier then heavier. We started to moan. It was so sexy. I would cum then start to massage my slippery cock slower and slower. Our moaning would slow down and we stopped. I was so relaxed after that.
Over time, Amy and I became closer and closer. I had sent her many pictures of me. My face and my cock. But the thing was, she never sent me any pictures of her. She said her pictures were on her dad's computer which she wasn't allowed to use. It wasn't too big of a deal at first, but over the months, I became more and more anxious to see what she looks like. She has described herself to me before. Very curly blondish-brown hair down her midback, about 4'11'. She was short but it wasn't a bad thing. Anyways, I won't bore you with the friendship details as nothing much happens. After a little over 4 months, she did finally send me some pictures of her. I was surprised to see a few days later that she sent me a picture of her tits and pussy. She sent me three videos too. One was her stripping, one was her masturbating on her bed, and one was upclose masturbating in a chair. She used a little mini wooden bat. It was so hot.
It's 5 months later since we first talked and we haven't really been talking too much lately. Of course we haven't been ignoring each other or anything like that. We just never talked much. So one day she tells me she's going to her grandma's house for the weekend who happens to live close by me. I'm jealous because she came in about a month ago and I didn't get to see her so I knew the odds of me seeing her were really slim this time. Well I was wrong. She said she really wanted to meet me.
A week later, she says her grandparents will be out for most the night and she will be babysitting her 11 year old brother, and her 11 and 7 year old cousins. She asked me if I would come to see her. I was so excited. I couldn't wait for her to come in to town. She gave me her grandparent's address, told me she'd call me when it was alright to come over.
So I go to mapquest and get the way to her grandparent's house. They lived in another city, but the distance was only about 16 miles from my house so it was okay. at 7:00pm, I get a call from her saying it's okay to come over. I was excited and nervous as to how the night would end, and how I would get there. At 7:15 at night, it was very dark outside, pouring rain, and I've never been in the city she was in, so it wasn't long before I got lost. I called her cell and asked her for help. She went on mapquest and found out I was only a mile and a half from her house.
When I got there, I was so happy to see her. Her brother and cousins were playing on the computer while Amy and I went to the basement. It was awkward for awhile since we've never met up before. But we managed to talk about random things.
I sat back on the sofa and she sat on the other end. We were talking and I playfully did some little hand gesture that she didn't like so she playfully threatened to tickle me had I not stopped. Well duh I didn't stop. As she got closer, she sat over my legs and I got hard instantly. She kept moving around, I knew she could feel my hard prick through my pants against her bare sexy legs. I even asked her a few times throughout the night if she could feel something pushing against her. Sometimes she giggled and said yes. She didn't like her feet being touched so I kept tickling them which drove her crazy. I was getting more excited because, other than her constant sitting positions on or next to me making me hornier, at one point when I was grabbing for her feet, my hands were right on her ass. There were also a few times when I had touched her tits trying to keep her hands from tickling me. I think some of the times she wanted my hands to touch her because she would lean really close in, pushing my hands into her hot chest.
After a while, she had to go upstairs to checkup on her brother and cousins. I looked down and noticed sticky and wet white stains on my pants. They weren't mine either hehe. That got me so hard. She came back down and about the same thing happened.
It was nearing time for me to leave because her grandparents were expected to be home soon. We went upstairs to her computer room so we could get directions again back to my house. As the computer was starting, I lied down on the bed in the room waiting for the computer to start. She stood in front of me and kneeled down on me like before. We were just playing around trying to tickle each other when she lifted up my shirt and started to tickle right below my naval. I started to laugh and told her she found basically my only ticklish area. She slowly started to tickle farther down.
I repeatedly told Amy I was getting more and more ticklish. She started to lift the waistband of my boxer shorts and slowly went down farther. I instantly got hard and really turned on. She unzipped my pants then unbuttoned them. While she was massaging my rock-hard cock, I pulled her closer to me. I put my hands up her skirt and rubbed her soft warm ass. mmmmm it was so good. I moved my hand to her front and pushed aside her panties. I slowly felt her soft mound, then I pushed my index finger inside a little. I have never touched a girl before, so I didn't know what it would be like, but it was better than I thought. It was so soft and wet. It felt so good against my fingers.
As she continued to rub me, I moved my hand up her shirt and pushed down her bra and felt her tit. It was absolutely perfect. I played with her nipples for a few seconds. Rubbing them in between my fingers. I started to move back down to her sweet sweet pussy. I was so wonderful.
We had to stop because her grandparents were coming home soon and I had to be gone before they came back. When I got home, I sniffed my pants covered with her lovely juice stains. I started to jerk off instantly. I kept sniffing my fingers and sucking them tasting her beautiful taste.
She went back home two days later, but I will never forget our meeting. It was the first time I had ever touched a girl sexually and it got me so hot. I'll always remember Amy and the good times we had. To this day, I still look at her videos she sent me when I jerk off. I always think about our special night together, when I helped the babysitter.



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