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Helping Out My Mom

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One afternoon my Mom needed some yard work done at her home. I got there about 10:00 in the morning and she and I started right in on it. We trimmed and raked and pruned and both of us were enjoying one another's company. We eventually got everything into the trash barrels and my Mom says, 'We're done. You look hot why don't you take a shower?'

So I took off my clothes in the second bedroom and walked right into the bathroom and took my shower. I was toweling off and felt nice and clean. I come out of the bathroom without a towel around me and walk into the bedroom to put on my clothes. My Mom is in there sitting at a little desk. I wasn't expecting her to be in there. She knew that I had to go into the bedroom to get my clothes. She looks up at me smiles and says, 'You're all clean, bet you feel better!' 'I feel great that was just the ticket!' I said walking right past her and I stepped toward the bed where I had piled my clothes and reached for my boxers. She swivels her chair around and I expected her to get up and leave the room. She didn't.

She glanced at my cock and smiles and says, 'You sure were a big help to me today.' 'Oh it was nothing I like to help you Mom.' 'I'm so glad Michael I can sure use it.' 'Any time Mom!' She starts in on all of her other little things she needed to do around her house. I was still standing naked in front of her. She didn't seem to mind at all about that. Then I started to step into my boxers. Then she says 'You're sure a well built young man Michael.' 'Thanks Mom you had something to do with that!' She giggles and said, 'Michael its ok with me you can stay like that if you want to, I don't mind.' She waved her arm at me. 'Are you sure Mom?' 'Of course, I'm comfortable with you being like that.' I thought that it was slightly out of character for her but she didn't run screaming out of the room and she did say it was ok with her.

It dawned on me then that she wanted to be in the room when I came out of the shower. She could have been anywhere in the house if she wanted to and none of this would have happened so I decided just to sit down and see what would happen. 'If she wants me like this then I wasn't going to fight it.' I got this heady feeling and was amazed as to how great if felt for me to be naked in front of my mother. As she kept talking away at me, a moving dialog between the two of us, I decided to recline completely onto the bed. I was enjoying this to no end and I think that she was too. I propped up a pillow and laid down crossing my legs at the ankles. She was talking about all sorts of things and I started to get erect. There was absolutely no way to hide it. Nor did I really want to. It was actually thrilling for me. I said to myself 'what will she say when she sees this!' My Mom got all flushed when she saw me getting hard. She giggles and says, 'My what a pleasant surprise' 'Oh Mom I can't help it! 'Do you want me to cover it up?' 'No you don't have to cover it up its ok, I understand. I am surprised that you didn't get one sooner. We have been talking here for quite sometime.' 'Then this is ok for me to be like this?' I glanced down to my cock. She glanced at it too. 'Yes it's ok!' Her eyes were all over me. 'Mom do you like looking at it?' 'Yes I do!' 'So Mom what do you like best about it?' Seeing how far I could get her to stay focused on my cock. 'Well now that you asked Michael you might be pleased to know that I like the perfectly formed head of it and that purple vein going up the length of it besides the overall size of it. I had no idea that you were endowed like that.'

I felt the biggest rush go through me when I heard that from her. I had no idea how great it felt to be with an erection and my mother in the same room. She stares right at it and squirms a little in her chair. Then surprisingly she moves the chair even closer to the bed. She was smiling at me and says, in this voice filled with passion 'Are you surprised I said those things about you?' ' Yes I am!' 'You shouldn't be I am your mother but also I woman! For some reason I feel flattered. So just relax I won't bite you.' Without thinking I said, 'Too bad!' She laughs and says, 'Well I don't know about that!'

It got quiet more like a Mexican standoff. She seemed to want to say something and she got around to it. 'Have you been with any girls lately Michael?' 'No, not for a while Mom.' 'Well I guess that's why you're so big and swollen right now!' She said very motherly like. When she said that, I couldn't resist the temptation to stroke my cock. I was positive that she wouldn't mind if I did. So I slowly reached down and grabbed a hold of it and gave it a few strokes. Making the head of it look bigger. She of course saw me do this and takes in a deep breath. 'Oh that looks so sexy!' She says. I took my hand off of my cock. 'So Michael I read someplace that it's not unusual for sons to have sexual feelings for their mothers. Have you ever thought of me in a sexual way?' I started to really enjoy the way this train of conversation was going and wanted to see how long it would last. I placed my hands along side of me. 'Yes I have Mom!' Her eyes got wide and she chirps up with 'You have. When?' I said, 'In high school when ever so often you would walk around the house in your slip. I thought you looked very sexy!' 'So that turned you on?' 'Yes it did and even right now I find you very sexy!' 'You do. I had no idea!' 'Well Mom you said yourself that you are a woman and I think you're beautiful.'

By this time my erection was starting to go down. She pauses and then says, 'I think you like being naked here in front of me?' 'How could I not Mom? At first I was a little embarrassed but now it seems natural. 'Yes me too it's seems that we can really talk to one another.' 'You're right Mom this is the most we have talked in along time. 'So Mom have you had any thoughts about me sexually?' 'Not until right now!' She said with a smile.

My erection had now completely gone soft. 'Mom you certainly knew that I would be getting out of the shower and coming in here.' 'Yes. That's why I decided to sit at the desk, I wanted to see you naked.' 'You did! Why?' She goes on. 'Michael you have been such a help around here lately and so energetic about all the work you have been doing and you also have been so sweet and fun to work with I just thought that you would like it!' I do like it Mom I really do!' 'I'm well aware of that Michael.' 'Mom didn't it cross your mind that I would get excited being naked in front of you?' 'Yes I thought about that!' 'And.' I said. 'Well I wanted to see that too!' 'Well now that you have what do you think?' 'I think that I would like to see you hard again!'

'You do?' 'Yes go ahead you know!' She motioned with her hand in the jack off motion. So this huge rush came through me and I decide to sit up on the edge of the bed then I reached down with my right hand getting hold of my cock and gently started stroking it. She never took her eyes off of me and was sitting there intently watching me jack off. 'OK Mom it's all hard again take a good look!' I took my hand away from my cock which was all swollen and throbbing and twitching back and forth. I knew that it was a forgone conclusion that she wanted to see me cum. 'OH Michael it's so big are you going to ejaculate?' 'Mom I don't know if I can hold it back! 'Oh dear there's some of it on the end it right now!' She said breathing real deep and all red in her face. She never took her eyes off of my cock. 'Mom Mom it feels so good so good I can't stop!' 'You don't have to stop Michael I want to see you ejaculate!' Then with just a few more strokes I had my hand just below the head of it and my cum started spurting out. I had my cock pointing straight at my mother and the first spurt came with in an half inch of landing on her leg. Then some more came out landing on my hand. It felt so damn good. Then for a good show I spread the semen along the length of my cock making it look all shiny. She just sat there with this amazed look on her face. I was surprised that she said nothing. 'Well there it is Mom. Did you like seeing that?' 'I sure did Michael. 'How do you feel now?' 'I feel great Mom.' 'I'm glad that I could be here to watch you do that. For some reason I just feel better having been with you. It was fun!' 'Mom it was fun for me too will we be able to do this again?' She said with this huge smile, 'Yes of course!'



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