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Helping Out an Older Lady

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True story. I still can't believe it happened


I work in a ladies shoe store.

On this particular day a fairly regular customer was trying on shoes that I brought out for her. She is probably about 65, rather tall and well built, she always came in with her old infirm mother. She had previously told me that they live together on their own. I asked how her mother was and she told me she was now in a care home as she could no longer look after her demands on a daily basis.

She told me it was getting too much for her helping her in and out of her wheelchair and bath etc. She said she was aching all over and couldn't cope any more. I said that what she needed was a massage. 'And who is going to do that for me?' She said with a smile. 'You'? 'I will if you like I'm actually quite good at it'. I said in a half joke. 'Ok then when can you come'? My heart started racing and still not quite meaning it I said I would be over about 6:30pm this evening after work. 'Fine and I'll take these shoes' she said and wrote down her address. She paid and left saying 'See you later'.

Well I really didn't know what to do, was she joking or should I take her at her word? What If I turned up and she told me it was all a silly game. How embarrassed I would be. I decided what the hell and at lunchtime I went out and bought some massage oil that smelled real good. Nervously I parked outside her house at 6:45pm and rang the bell. She opened it in her dressing gown and said 'I thought you weren't coming.' 'I got delayed at the store' I said 'but here I am.'

She invited me to come up to her bedroom where there was a towel folded on the bed. I showed her the massage oil. 'What a wonderful smell' she said, 'how thoughtful of you, just lay the towel out and I will have a shower'. With that she walked into the adjoining bathroom and shut the door. After five or so minutes she came back out and said 'how do you want me?' I told her to lay on her front and I will start on your shoulders. She took off her dressing gown, underneath she had on a black bra that must have been around a size 40, brimming with creamy breasts and large black knickers that came above her belly button.

I poured some oil onto my hands and some on her back and neck. 'Ooh it's cold' she said. I told her it would warm up as soon as I started to massage. I ground my thumbs into her shoulders and proceeded down her back. She was silent but occasionally shifted her position slightly. I worked around her bra straps but found it rather cumbersome. I asked her if she minded if I unhook them. She said softly 'actually I was just going to ask you if I could remove it as the supports are digging into my flesh? 'No problem' I said.

She unhooked the bra and let it slip onto the floor. 'Ahh, that's much better' she said. I continued working on her back which was plump and rather fleshy. I was getting quite turned on, especially when she occasionally let out a sigh. I then worked from her shoulders down her arms which she stretched out for me. I could see the sides of her doughy white breasts as I did this and was rather curious to see what her nipples looked like.

After her arms I moved on to her lower back and gently eased my hands lower towards her buttocks. After a couple of minutes she arched her back slightly and eased her knickers down about three inches to expose the very top of her bum crack. I detected wisps of light brown hair with a few grey ones in her crack as I massaged lower which increased my semi-stiff cock a little more. I was working on her buttocks and pulled the knickers down even further for better access. She did not say a word but again squirmed slightly.

'Now for your legs' I said. At this she turned over and I saw for the first time her wonderful creamy breasts gently sagging either side of her chest. Areolas that were pink and rather large with prominent nipples in the centre. 'Is this easier for you?' she asked 'or would you rather I stayed on my back?' 'This is fine for me' I said 'if you're Ok'. 'I'm great' She said 'you have wonderful hands, you are relaxing me terrifically.' 'I only aim to please' I said light-heartedly. 'Good' was all she said.

I put some oil on each large fleshy thigh and proceeded to massage each one with my hands. Each time I reached the top of a thigh I went a little nearer to her pubic mound. 'I really don't want to get oil on my knickers' she said. I said I was sorry and would not touch them again. 'Silly, I don't mean that; let me take them off so you can do a proper job'. I stammered that it was fine; she smiled and pulled them down revealing a thinning mound of light brown and grey pubes.

I could hardly control myself but carried on getting nearer and nearer to her vagina but still massaging her thighs. I really could sense that she was willing me to touch her so I put some oil on my fingers and very gently spread her lips apart. She sighed again but didn't say a word. By this time I had a raging hard on which she would have seen bulging from my jeans if she opened her eyes.

I carefully parted each of her vaginal lips and ran my nail down the space between. She was squirming and sighing more now and when I finally slipped my finger up her slit to her clitoris she gasped. I placed one hand on her left breast and rotated the now erect nipple and carried on massaging on and around her clit with my other hand. I couldn't tell how wet she was because of the oil but it seemed very slick to me.

Suddenly she arched her back 'Ooohhh that's soo good' she said 'I'm going to come if you carry on doing that, is that alright?' 'Please come' I said 'I want you to.'

'Ahhh I'm coming' she gasped and pushed herself up to my hand. I slowly eased two of my fingers into her vagina and she gasped again.



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