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Helping Older Brother after Failed Date

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I'm 40 years old now, but I often think back 25 years ago when I was 15. I have three older brothers and growing up I have shared a bedroom with all of them at one time or another.

We are all married now and have families of our own. For the most part, we are all close, get along great and talk weekly if not daily.

My oldest brother 'Todd' is nine years older than me with two other brothers between him and me. Todd stayed home the longest before getting married and he and I shared a bedroom as my younger sister had a room of her own.

I was probably in the ninth grade at the time and Todd was out of school and had a good paying job. He dated a lot but had no one he'd seriously consider marrying. I was shy and didn't date until I was a Senior in High School. We often talked about his dates but didn't discuss any details other than her looks, where they'd been and whether or not she was 'The One'.

One Saturday night Todd returned home from a date about one in the morning. He came into the bedroom and got ready for bed without turning on the lights so as not to disturb me I guess. I was semi awake, but lay there in the dark hoping to get back to sleep quickly once he got into bed. He was muttering to himself and seemed disgusted about something. Walking about the room from his closet, bathroom and bed, what little light was in the room revealed Todd in nothing but his boxer briefs sporting a decent hardon.

Out of curiosity, I flipped on the light and Todd instantly sat on the edge of the bed to hide the bulge in his shorts. 'Something wrong' I said. 'Five weeks and I still haven't been in her pants. My balls are killing me'. Todd never talked to me about such things before and I was dumb founded and at a loss for words. I've been jacking off for years and have heard Todd on occasion wanking in bed or in the shower and casually commented that 'man has thumbs on his hands for a reason and come in handy at times like these'. 'Jackin's fine, but that is not what I was expecting tonight, at least not from my own right hand. She wouldn't give me a hand job'.

Todd's new found confessions to me were getting my heart racing and my cock was swelling just from the talk of a hand job. I'm not sure where this even came from, but before I knew what my mind was thinking my lips blurted out 'can I help you out?' Todd glanced my way and for a second he was mid thought as if he might ask for my help. 'Naaah', he said. 'Thanks, but let's get to bed'. Sighing, I turned out the light, and rolled into my normal foetal position with my throbbing bulge facing away from my brothers side of the room.

I tossed and turned for what seemed an hour or so and I noticed Todd was as restless as I was. Out of the darkness I heard 'Brad, you still awake?' For a second I was still and said nothing, but he probably heard me tossing back and forth as well so I acknowledged his question. 'Yeah...can't sleep'. 'That offer still open', he whispered? 'You know...'bout helping me out'. We've seen each other naked on several occasions and I must admit that I've thought about grasping that great looking cut cock of his. I calmly waited a few moments as not to seem too eager and said 'sure, if there's something in it for me too'. 'Like what'? he said, as if he didn't already know the answer. 'Reciprocate' I said. There was a long disappointing pause, but Todd finally said 'Sure, but this stays here in this room'. 'Fine', I said.

Our room was in the basement which was basically our part of the house. The other bedrooms were on the second floor so there was no danger of being heard.

I turned on the light, got up and nervously stood by Todd's bed. I have never jacked another guy let alone touch his cock. My boxer briefs were bulging in anticipation, as Todd shyly grinned at my crotch. He pulled back the blanket and revealed his bulge. Pre-cum had already wet the front of his shorts showing the outline of the head of his circumcised cock. He arched his back and pulled the boxer briefs across his engorged cock, down his legs, past the knees and slid them off his feet and laid them on the bed along side him. His cock jumped to attention in all it's glory. I stared at his 7 1/2' cut cock for a moment and admired the thick black pubic hair and the thin treasure trail that lead up to his navel. Our cocks were very similar both being cut, same girth, thick pubic bush, but his slightly longer in length. My cock is 6 1/2' to 7' when hard. I about creamed my shorts right there. Todd noticed my shorts starting to dampen. He reached over and squeezed the head my cock through the front of my shorts. 'Impressive bro', you can tell we're related'.

I reached over to grasp his cock and it twitched and forced a couple of drops of clear pre-cum from the slit of it's perfect mushroom shaped head. The palm of my hand captured some of his cock juice and allowed my hand to slide smoothly down his throbbing shaft. He moaned softly as my hand slid up and down several times from head to nut sack.

Todd sprung up and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached forward and in one motion dropped my boxer briefs to the floor. I stepped out of them and he motioned for me to sit alongside him to his right. As I sat, he leaned back on the bed with his legs spread and feet planted on the floor. I grabbed his cock and one pump lead to another. The steady motion matched the excited beat of my pounding heart. Todd moaned and wiggled as I coaxed the juices from balls now drawn up and hugging his body. His breathing got faster and louder as the climax neared. He reached over and grabbed my juice soaked cock and started to pump as I pumped him. He dropped his grip on my cock as he arched his back and shot several ropes of warm creamy cum on his chest, his belly and down my quivering hand. His still throbbing manhood finally spewed the last of it's juices and Todd lay back in ecstacy. 'I haven't cummed like in ages, Brad', he said.

I let Todd catch his breath for a moment, only so I could take in the sight of another man's release of sexual heaven.

Todd grabbed his boxer briefs from his side to clean up and I snatched them from his hands so to touch his naked abdomen and cock once more, as I knew this would probably be the last time we brothers were so intimate.

Todd sat up and started to stroke my cock that had been hard as a rock through the whole session.

I knew I wouldn't last long once Todd's hand grabbed my cock. He tried a slow pace but I came after only about a minute. I actually shot more cum than Todd, but that was a first. Must have been the heat, the throbbing and the power of holding another guys cock in your hand.

Todd cleaned me up as I cleaned him. I jumped in the shower to rinse off and Todd showered when I was through. We both slipped into our beds, and chatted about things we never talked about before.

That was the only time we treated each other to a hand job, but we occasionally bring up the subject when we are talking alone. We were always close as brothers and feel that we are even closer today.



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