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Helping Myself To Her Panties

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While the girlfriend's away, the boyfriend will play...with her dirty panties!


My girlfriend recently took a trip out of the country with some of her classmates for her high school graduation. On top of leaving me for over a week, we had not been intimate for some time before that.

A few days into the vacation, my cock was begging for attention. So, I took a quick trip to her house. I had already spoken with her mom the day before, saying that I was going to bring my girlfriends clean laundry over to the house so it would be there when she returned. (Yes, I occasionally do her laundry!) I also needed to pick up a folder that she had left for me.

Once there, I went up to her bedroom and placed the clean laundry on her bed. Next, I went hunting for the DIRTY laundry. It wasn't hard, seeing as my girlfriend always leaves piles of dirty clothes outside of her closet door instead of putting them in the hamper. Since I had washed the bulk of her dirty laundry at the beginning of the week, there were only four days worth of clothes to sort through. That meant four pairs of sweet-smelling, used bikinis and thongs. I hid all four of my 'special prizes' under the folder I had taken and made my way out.

Hours and hours later, about 2:00am in the morning, I retrieved the assortment of used garments from their hiding place in my room. I decided to make use of two pairs of underwear for this extended jack-off session. A striped bikini to sniff, a royal blue bikini to rub myself. My erection was huge, the type of erection that only forms after hours of neglect. The head of my penis stung each time it throbbed against the soft material of my boxers. My cock was blushing, enflamed a bright red, and already leaking precum. I lay back against my pillow and slid the boxers off my body, tossing them to the side of my bed. As I reached for the bikinis, a thought passed my mind. Why not look over some porn pictures and read a story or two while masturbating? I took out the ripped-up issue of 'Naughty Neighbors' I had found discarded at school and the small collection of Solo Touch stories I had printed off the computer. Perfect!

I wrapped the blue bikini lovingly around my shaft, held the striped pair up to my nose and began pleasuring myself rapidly. Having been only on my girlfriend's pussy a few days before, the scent produced was pungent and delicious! I browsed the first section of the hardcore magazine, focusing my attention on the cumshot pictures, fantasising about giving my girlfriend a nice, wet facial (which she is ever so reluctant to let me try.) With the passing of a few minutes, I let the blue bikinis drop from my shaft and continued bare-handed. I noticed the wet spot made from my precum on the back of the material.

Suddenly, I was struck with a kinky idea... something I had done only a few times before. I wanted to wear my girlfriend's bikini. In a flash, I was slipping the blue underwear up my thighs and right over my cock. The amount of material on the front side was hardly enough to contain me, so I pulled them off and replaced them on me backward, so the butt side was holding my cock straight out like an arrow. A pool of precum drenched the area which touched my leaking head. I wanted to come buckets just looking at my swollen cock being gripped by the tight material. I stroked myself quicker than ever before, lost in a blissful high. I closed the dirty magazine lying next to me on the bed and opened to my Solo Touch print-outs, scanning the pages for the sexiest story.

I could only take a minute or so of the fast stroking before I felt a sharp tingle in the pit of my stomach. My balls ached, almost painfully. Without warning, a new thought entered my mind. I wanted to see myself orgasm, to watch the jets of come spray out of my erupting cock. I repositioned myself slightly on the bed, once again slipping the bikini off my legs. Spreading my legs apart, I placed the garment on the bed, underneath the head of my cock. With my free hand, I again brought the striped bikini to my nose and inhaled deeply. My eyes casually glanced over the detailed description of a teenage couple mutually masturbating each other in their high school bathroom. I imagined that the couple in the story was my girlfriend and I, stroking each other off to intense orgasms. With that sexy thought in my mind, I slowed my stroking fingers down to a near tug until my body began twitching uncontrollably. Huge spurts of come released from within me, splattering on the blue bikini, as I continued inhaling the sweet scent of my girlfriend's pussy. I watched each spurt being thrust from within me, my body shaking with pleasure.

I fell back sleepily against the pillow after my slow climax subsided, ready for a good night's rest. I took one final glance at the come-splattered bikini between my legs, inhaled the scent from the striped underwear one last time for the night and tucked my sexual materials away in their hiding place. Without even being in the same country, my beautiful girlfriend gave me such wild pleasure.



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