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Helping My Son

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This happened a few days ago


My only child is my son from a failed marriage, who I have been raising on my own since he was very young. He is now 20 and we have always been very close and I've always told him he can come to me with anything. He never talked to me about girls before, but since he was slim and good looking I always assumed he had girlfriends but didn't want to talk about that part of his life with his mother.

Last week I left the house to visit a friend but realized I had forgotten the gift I had bought for her daughter's birthday, so I quickly returned to the house and ran upstairs to my bedroom. As I entered I was shocked to see my son kneeling on the floor next to my laundry basket, with his pants down and a pair of my panties held to his nose. I instinctively just turned around and left, pretending I hadn't seen anything. As I was walking down the stairs in shock I could hear him frantically pulling up his pants in my bedroom. I left to see my friend without the present and all afternoon I was trying to figure out why he was doing what I found him doing. I was so tempted to tell my friend what I had seen and ask her advice what to do but in the end I didn't mention anything.

When I returned home my son's bedroom door was closed so I made the dinner and decided to just pretend nothing happened earlier. When we ate dinner together he was unusually quiet and seemed very awkward around me so I felt like I wanted to reassure him and decided to talk about what happened. After we finished eating I asked if I could talk to him and he went very red and looked down at the table and asked me what I wanted to talk about. I said I had seen him in my bedroom earlier and that I just wanted to talk to him about it so that he wouldn't feel embarrassed and assured him that he could talk to me about anything.

It took quite a while to get much out of him but eventually he explained what he was doing. He told me that when he had stayed with his friend's family a few months back, he had found some of his friend's sister's recently worn panties and was examining them when he noticed a smell coming from them. He told me he found the scent of vagina left on worn panties extremely arousing and would sometimes like to smell mine but imagine it was the vagina of a girl he liked. I asked if he had ever talked about his little fetish with a girlfriend and he became very upset and explained everything to me. He told me he had never had a girlfriend and was still a virgin and hadn't even kissed a girl. He said he found women incredibly attractive and wished he could be intimate with a girl but was too scared to even talk to them, let alone anything else, and that he was terrified he was going to be alone forever because of this fear.

Seeing how upset he was I gave him a long cuddle as he cried on my shoulder. Not really knowing what I would actually do I just asked him if I could help him get over his fear, because I'm a woman and he has no trouble talking to me. He asked me what I meant and I told him to come up to my bedroom with me. We sat on my bed next to each other and I explained that women aren't to be feared, we are just normal people like he is, and that any girl would feel lucky to have him.

Realizing he needed confidence around women, I casually took my top off and sat next to him in my bra. I have 36E breasts and he just stared nervously so I told him he could ask me anything he liked and not to be shy. He just looked at me tongue-tied so I suggested I show him how to remove a woman's bra, to which he just nodded. I took his hands and placed them around me and told him to unhook my bra, which he did with noticeably trembling hands. I then completely removed my bra and he gazed upon my breasts and he blurted out that I had 'big nipples' and then quickly said 'but they're really nice' as if he had offended me. I smiled and said he could touch them and he nervously rubbed my nipples and squeezed my breasts, and it was obvious it was his first time doing so. Without asking, but looking in my face as he went to do so to gauge my reaction, he slowly moved his mouth to my breast and began to suck it. As his tongue flicked over my nipple it became hard in his mouth and I unexpectedly found myself becoming aroused. It has been far longer than I'd like to reveal since I've been with a man and I must admit I was enjoying the attention, and the fact that my son seemed to be enjoying himself so much made me feel sexy again.

Wanting him to lose his fear of the female body, I told him he should get to know the rest of me. He agreed so I stood up and removed my pants and noticed for the first time the bulge in his pants. I asked if he had seen a girl's pussy before and he said he had in pictures and movies. I warned him that I have a fair bit more hair than he is probably used to seeing in pictures (I have little reason to trim anymore) but he said that was fine so I pulled down my panties and stood naked in front of him. He looked totally awestruck so I said he should take a closer look and I got onto the bed next to him and laid down with my knees up and opened my legs and told him he could look up close. He knelt in front of me and I pulled his head up close to my vagina and I could feel my son's nervous, excited breath on my clit and pussy lips and I began to tingle with excitement myself. I used my fingers to part my opening so he could see into me and again told him he could ask anything he wanted. He told me he could smell me and he liked it, and that he was hard and very aroused. I reassured him that it was completely normal and natural and to not be embarrassed, and said that after he had finished looking he could take my panties and go and relieve himself if he wanted.

Until then I had felt reasonably comfortable in doing all of this, I am very close to my son and am not ashamed of my body so due to his inexperience I was happy to let him see it and learn about the female body and could understand his arousal. What I was uncomfortable with was how horny I was beginning to feel, as it had been so long since I had been naked with a man. Which is why I felt uneasy when my son asked what it felt like inside a woman's vagina. I explained that it is warm and moist, and can become very wet when a woman gets very aroused. He seemed fascinated but I could tell he wanted to find out for himself, so hesitantly, and worried it might be a step too far, I asked if he would like to touch it. He immediately said yes so I said ok and he nervously placed his hand outside my vagina, running his fingers through my dark hair and stroking my lips. I knew it was wrong but I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, and I took his hand and guided him to my clit and explained how good it felt to be touched there. He seemed very happy to be pleasuring his mother and continued to do this unaided as I became more and more horny and wet. I wanted to feel him inside me so I took his hand and lowered it and told him he could feel inside me. I pushed my finger inside my pussy as he watched and told him to put his finger there and push. It felt wonderful to feel something male and warm and alive inside me again. I could feel his finger exploring inside my vagina, touching the walls and moving around. He seemed genuinely surprised about something so I asked if he was ok and all he could say was 'it's so hot inside'. I smiled and told him it's supposed to be and he seemed to relax and instinctively started to move his finger in and out of my pussy. I was starting to feel really good now and I put my head back and let myself enjoy it, even grinding my pussy back and forth on his finger. I could feel and hear that things were getting very wet and sticky down there, and I wondered if he knew that the wet noises and the sticky juice that I could feel running down from my pussy to my asshole, which was also all over his fingers, meant he was making his mother feel very good and very horny.

I was happy for him to continue doing this because I was getting so much pleasure from it, but after a while he told me he'd like to know what pussy tastes like. I could tell he wanted me to say he could lick mine, but I knew if he did there would be no going back. I was already extremely aroused and craving sex, and I knew if he licked my pussy I would lose control and beg him to fuck me. So instead I took his finger that was now covered in my juices and put it to his mouth and told him to taste. He licked the sticky juice from his fingers and sucked them clean and said it tasted wonderful, which made me feel very sexy. I leaned back and put a couple of fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit as he watched. Losing my inhibitions in front of my son I moaned as I masturbated and it wasn't long before I had an amazing orgasm and creamed all over my fingers. I removed my fingers from my steaming, dripping pussy and used them to scoop up some of the sticky juice that had gathered around my pussy and asshole, and put them in my son's mouth so he could taste his mother's fresh cum. I felt his tongue lick and suck my fingers clean and as I removed my fingers from his warm mouth he said 'mom, I'm too horny'. I smiled and asked him if he needed to relieve himself and he said yes, so I asked if he wanted to do it alone or with me. He said he would be too shy to do it in front of me but I said it was important to be comfortable with his body around and women, and learn that his desires are perfectly normal, and that I would help him.

He seemed a bit more relaxed when I offered my help, so I told him to take off his clothes when he felt ready. He must have been extremely horny because in spite of his nerves, he immediately got up from the bed and removed his top, and then with a little hesitation he pulled down his pants and underwear in one go. His erection sprang up as it escaped and pointed straight up at the ceiling, and I could see it was already oozing with a large amount of precum and could see it making small jerking movements. I could tell he really needed to cum. He looked very awkward standing completely naked and erect in front of his mother, so as I admired my son's naked body for the first time in years, I told him he had nothing to be shy about and should be very proud because he has a lovely slim, toned body that girls would love.

I said I could see he needed to cum and that it was a normal human need and asked if he wanted to do it himself or if he needed help. He just said he was too shy so I told him to not be nervous and to lie down on my bed and relax. He did so and I sat beside him and gently placed my hand around his hard, throbbing penis and he immediately flinched and tried to pull away, obviously a reaction to not having been touched there before by another person. I stroked his chest and told him to relax and enjoy it, and I dipped my fingers into my still wet pussy and gathered some of my cum on them. I slowly touched him again, this time he was ok and I gently wrapped my fingers, wet and sticky from my pussy, around his hard, warm, throbbing penis, and used my other hand to spread the copious amounts of precum he had produced, over the head of his penis for lubrication. He let out an uncontrollable gasp as I did this, again I just softly said to relax, and I cupped his balls in my hand and slowly began to masturbate him. He started to breathe heavily and in a matter of seconds I felt his body twist slightly and with a low grunt he ejaculated several thick spurts of hot white cum onto my hand and his stomach.

He looked hot and satisfied and I asked him if he felt better now and all he could say was 'yes' but he had a delirious, ecstatic look on his face so I was happy to have helped him. He asked what he should do now and I said he could take a shower or have a lie down, and that he can always come to me if he needed to talk about anything. He said he would take a shower and that he was glad he could come to me and be honest about things, and I said I was too.

When he left to shower, I felt relieved that I hadn't allowed things to go further than they did, but I was also left with a craving for sex that I hadn't felt so strongly in a very long time. I sat on my bed still completely naked, with my sons fresh cum in my hand. As I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom, I lay back and wiped my son's hot cum over and into my pussy (I can no longer get pregnant). It was the first time I'd had a man's cum inside my vagina since my ex-husband, I have had sex with a few men since he left me but always used condoms. It was a wonderful feeling to have my son's cum mixing with my juices inside me and I lay there masturbating with his cum until I had a fantastic orgasm.

It's been a few days since this happened and despite my worrying all the time that what I did was wrong, my relationship with my son is stronger than ever. He seems to be happier now, and I have left him a pair of my panties outside his bedroom every morning since, right after I take them off to shower. I hope he enjoys them, I know for sure I've enjoyed myself in them before I leave them for him. I hope he will find a girlfriend soon who can help him take things further, and I will always be here if he needs to talk about things with me.



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