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Helping My Sister

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When I was 20, I had to take care of my sister, Karen, who was 15, who had been undergoing a number of health problems for a couple of years. She was very sad because of this, and almost never felt good. She was actually very pretty, with long, light brown hair, 32A breasts, about 5'6', brown eyes. In spite of the fact that she was quite attractive, she would frequently tell me that she felt ugly, and that no guy would want her. I told her that wasn't true at all, and that she felt that way because she was sick, and wouldn't after she got better.

It was difficult for her to walk, and she was frequently quite weak, in some pain, and always pretty depressed. I had a theory that if she felt some sexual pleasure on a regular basis that it might make her feel better and even recover quicker-just improve her general health. It turned out I was exactly right.

One thing that I had to do on a regular basis was bathe her. Since she couldn't use her legs very well, it was easier to bathe her if she sat in a chair that I placed in the bathtub. One day, I sat her down in the chair in the tub-when she got comfortable, the first thing I did was to pick up the shower massager with my right hand and turn on the water. With my left hand I reached right over and pulled the hood of Karen's clitoris up and directed the stream of the water right on the head of her clit. She immediately yelled, 'Oh, God, AHHHHH' as I directed the stream right on her clit. I knelt down on the floor by the tub and held the hood of her clit up with one hand and the shower massager with the other. She closed her eyes and put her head on my shoulder as she said, 'yes, ahhh, sweet, ahhhhhh, please, ahhhhh, good, ahhhhh' I was determined to keep spraying her clit until she had an orgasm which didn't take long. She suddenly threw both arms around me tightly and began to scream at the top of her lungs as she had a very long, protracted, intense orgasm, that she just groaned and screamed through.

As soon as she recovered from her orgasm her color was better and she smiled and told me how wonderful it had felt. I kissed her and told her that was great, that I just wanted her to feel like a normal girl, and I thought that would help her feel better.

After that first time, she used the shower massager on herself when she bathed and always had at least one orgasm. I would always watch her give herself an orgasm as I had to be close by her when she was in the tub. It made me extremely horny to watch her, especially right as she climaxed, but I was too shy to do myself in front of her-I just waited until later when I had some privacy.

Giving herself orgasms definitely rejuvenated her and made her feel better. Every day she seemed a little stronger and happier. Sometimes when I was in the room with her and I would be reading or on the computer, she would frequently unzip her jeans and reach inside them, and rub herself-her orgasms were always extremely strong, almost frightening to watch her go through. I think her body had been through so many negative things that it was just craving pleasure. She always said that she was in much less pain during and after her masturbation sessions, which made me quite happy. She usually just reached inside her unzipped jeans to play with herself, since I would have to take her pants off for her, as she wasn't able to use her legs much at that time.

One time I was laying down next to her, and she said, 'please take off my pants for me-I want to feel an orgasm with my pants off-I want to feel one now' I got up and stood next to the bed and pulled her jeans and panties off, exposing her pretty triangle of brown pubic hair. Then she reached over and started trying to unhook my jeans-she said, 'take off your pants-I want to see your pussy-I want to see you fuck yourself-lay down next to me-I want to see the look on your face when you come-lay down next to me and fuck yourself' This was starting to get me very horny, and I could feel myself getting soaked. I just moved closer to the bed and told her, 'you take my pants off-I want you to pull them down'.

She struggled with unhooking my jeans and then pulled my pants down and then my panties. I laid down on the bed next to her, and Karen said, 'your pussy's so beautiful-you're so wet-here, let me clean you off.' She took a couple of baby wipes that we kept near the bed and began to wipe my pussy with them-when she touched my clit with them, I gasped and said, 'oooh, goood'. She lingered with the wipes over my clit, and I pulled the hood of my clit back so they woyld touch the head directly-she rubbed frantically, right over the head of my clit, and I started to say, 'don't stop, ahhh, don't stop, please, don't stop, uhhhh, don't stop'. It just felt perfect-I couldn't stand the thought that the feeling would end, so I kept saying, 'don't stop' over and over and over.

She pulled the hood of my clit back with her other hand, which left both hands free for me. I immediately grabbed a couple of the wipes, dipped them in her vaginal juices, pulled the hood of her clit back, and started to rub vigorously right over the head. She groaned loudly as I did that, and pretty soon I felt the orgasm building. I told her, 'I'm gonna come, don't stop now-I'm getting ready to lose it' And lose it I did-when my orgasm started, I couldn't focus on my hand that was on her crotch, and started groaning loudly as my hips went up into the air and my stomach bucked up and down. She finished herself off and orgasmed a few seconds later.

After that we began to lay next to each other and jill together. I was so happy to see my sister feeling better-the more sexual pleasure she had, the better she felt, and the quicker she recovered. She's now married to a wonderful guy, and has two beautiful kids. I'm so glad she's healthy now, and happy. Sex may not be the cure for everything, but it sure helps!



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