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Helping Matt

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My friend Crissy and I have known each other for years. We've shared so many things good and bad. She's always been there for me as I have for her as well. Crissy has one child. His name is Matt. Matt's a good kid just shy and very nervous around girls. I watched him grow from a kid into quite the young man he is now. He just graduated high school and will be going off to college in a neighboring city very soon. Matt's father has been out of his life since he was 10 and Crissy's been on her own raising him other than the occasional help from a boyfriend now and then. I think the lack of a father figure has been part of Matt's reason for his insecurity.

Crissy has mentioned to me a few times she's been concerned with Matt's sexuality as he just won't make advances to girls. I told her not to worry. I've caught him more than once gazing at me in ways that let me know he had interest. I have to admit it made me feel good that a young guy like Matt found me appealing. I felt it wrong a little to think of him, knowing him for so long and all. I've tried to ease Crissy's mind by telling her all Matt needs is a little boost and surely with college coming up things would change.

With school out and Matt busy readying for college, I knew I'd not be seeing him as much. I took it upon myself to give him a little something special as a graduation gift. I picked an upcoming weekend that I happen to know Crissy would be busy to invite her and Matt to a local drive in theatre to see a new movie that had just come out. I knew Matt was a fan of the star. Crissy of course wanted to do it but said she had plans. I acted upset and said I'd really wanted to spend sometime with Matt before he left for college. Crissy said then why don't you two go. I said me take your son to a drive in theatre on a date jokingly. She said sure Amber maybe you can get him jump started in the ways of dating. Matt acted as if he wasn't to interested when we asked him to accompany me. After Crissy explained how it was important to me he gave in.

I told Matt we'd take my car as it's large and has plenty of room. When I came to pick him up I had made sure to wear plenty of make up lipstick and nail polish. I had my hair done that day at my stylist and wore a loose tank, cotton shorts and sandals. Matt had on cut off jeans and a t-shirt.

Before the movie we talked a lot about college and other things. I asked him as usual about girls and he said there wasn't any certain one. I continued to flirt by placing my hand on his thigh often and calling him honey and such. I even tried getting close enough to let my breath blow against his ear. I asked him to go get me another soda and his erection was showing clearly through his cut offs. When he returned it had gone down but I knew I had him where I had hoped to get him.

When the second feature got under way I was again touching Matt often and really trying to stir him up. I mentioned to him I wonder what's going on in the cars around us with the fogged up glasses. He only snickered and blushed. I got bolder as I rubbed my hand closer to his crotch. I whispered into his ear. I said Matt I really want to give you a little something extra special for graduating. He was wiggling uncontrollably as sweat started to pop up on his forehead. Your mom is worried about you liking girls and all, so I thought maybe I might take this cock in these cut offs and see if I can help ease all our minds. Matt looked over at me and said Amber I am as straight as an arrow and I'd love for you to do whatever you want please! I looked at him so sweet and said well then get out of those shorts honey. Matt was bare from the waist down in less than a minute. His cock was so hard I thought he'd come if I even started to touch it. I leaned over as I breathed heavily in his ear even sticking my tongue in his ear just a little. With my left hand I cupped his balls as I grasp his swollen cock with my right. I told him how nice it was and how his cock was going to make many a girl very happy. Slowly I began to stroke him up and down. He tensed up at first with his muscles all drawn. I whispered Matt honey you're a real stud baby. He just smiled as he started to breath very heavily. Then I stopped it all and reached in the back for my purse. I pulled out a small bottle of hand lotion and squirted a large amount onto the head of his cock. Slowly I rubbed it all up and down his cock. It was leaking precum very heavily. I cupped his balls again with my left hand as I stroked him a little faster with my right. He wasn't saying anything but was so stiff his whole body was a straight as a board. I told him Matt I want you to cum good for your auntie Amber now. Make me proud honey. That was all he could take as he erupted. His cum shot outward and upward so thick and messy. It was all over his shirt. I said there now Matt honey do you feel better? Do you feel any more manly? He collapsed in the seat sighing so heavily. I took some wipes from my purse and cleaned him up as best I could.

We didn't stay to finish the movie. Matt was smiling all the way home. When we went in at his house Crissy knew something had happened. We didn't tell her though. She did get it out of me a few days later. She said she was proud of us both and thankful for me being so generous.



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