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Helping Marsha

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A great time had by all.


Back when I was just starting out after college, I shared the upper part of a rented house with Marsha, my friend from childhood and a friend to this day. What went on between us has never been mentioned to my wife of course. Marsha was and is a lesbian and thus made a great roommate since there were fewer issues of decorum to deal with and it generally left things less complicated. We shared everything yet were non judgemental with each other. Nudity was common around our place or at least partial nudity. When it was full nudity it was mostly unintentional and made for a good laugh.

The laughing stopped one day when I came home late from a meeting. I heard faint cries of 'Jeff' coming from her bedroom as I took off my coat and quickly strolled over to the entrance to her bedroom.

'Don't come in yet, please!' she cried.

'What's the matter'? I replied.

'Are you alone?' she said.


'Ok come in but promise not to laugh, ok?'

I slowly opened the door to the most bizarre scene I have ever seen. There stretched out on the bed was Marsha, naked, her legs spread-eagled and tied to the bedposts with various sex toys scattered about and her arms also tied to the bed.

'I seem to have gotten myself stuck Jeff.,' she said with a sheepish grin on her face.

'How did you manage to do this?' I blurted.

'I got my hands twisted about and now I can't move, I'm stuck,' she said.

'I'm so embarrassed' she cried as I tried to undo the knots of the rope on the bedpost.

I left and returned with a pair of scissors and managed to free my confined lesbian roommate. Covered in a bed sheet wrapped around her, Marsha began to cry and say how embarrassed she was and how what we do behind closed doors is meant to be personal and never exposed like this. I told her it's ok and she said something to the effect that it's easy for me to say, as I'm not the one caught masturbating. I told her its perfectly natural but she wouldn't budge.

'If it will make you feel any better you can watch me do it Marsha.' I said.

'You would? You would put yourself through that?' she said.

'Sure, lets get us both a drink, and I'll be glad to be embarrassed all to hell, just for you.' I said.

Now fully dressed she entered the kitchen where I was fixing drinks where Marsha found me not only naked but sporting a full hard on with my ball strap making my testicles bulge out as well. I was determined to be as open and as humiliated as possible to make her feel better.

'Oh my god Jeff! What is that wrapped around your........balls? she said.

'It's a ball rope used to enhance my orgasm, you will see'. I replied.

'You really don't have to do this Jeff. Like I said, this is a personal thing and there is no sense both of us suffering this humiliation' Marsha said.

As precum dripped from my throbbing penis, Marsha gazed at it and said; 'Ok, what now?'

'I saw what you did in private and now I'll show you exactly what I do in private, ok? It will level the playing field so to speak.' I said.

I turned around and felt a flush of tingling in my ass cheeks as I bared them to her and walked out of the kitchen saying; 'I'll meet you in the living room where you can watch me this time.'

'Hey what the heck' Marsha said.

I slipped my favorite porn DVD into the machine, turned its sound to mute, put some music on and started to set up my masturbation demonstration area on the couch. I spread a housecoat on the sofa, put the reading light over top of me so Marsha would see everything in detail and set up my sex toys including a pocket rocket for my anus and plenty of lubricant.

Marsha came into the room and there I was, my legs spread, my balls tied, bulging and flaming red, my cock hard as a rock glistening with lubricant and my little vibrator waiting at the entrance to my butt.

Marsha sat at the end of the couch as I started to stroke my erect penis. My view was my knees, my cock and Marsha's face, her eyes flicking between my eyes and my crotch area.

'What do you do with the little vibrator or is that a stupid question?' Marsha said.

I didn't even bother answering, as I was so enthralled with the wonderful feelings running through my body and mind.

I was ready to explode when Marsha did something I will never forget. She took the vibrator, carefully put some lube on it, turned it on and massaged the opening of my anus, all with a brilliant smile on her face. Mission accomplished I thought to myself.

We did this for half an hour while we talked about sexual urges, how many times we masturbate and how important sexual relief is to a healthy attitude. With that Marsha excused herself saying she had an idea and returned with two blue latex gloves.

'Do you mind if I help you Jeff? You are so considerate to relieve me of my embarrassment that I may as well make this fun for you also.' She said.

With the gloves on she caressed my groin area, probed my anus, tickled my balls and then finally stroked my member. I told Marsha that it is time for me to do a happy ending and I proceeded to stroke my cock as she watched on in amazement and finally I unloaded so much sperm that it almost frightened me. Ropes of hot cum flew up hitting my shoulders, neck and chin. I opened my eyes to see Marsha now sitting there with her eyes wide open with a gloved hand on each of my knees holding my legs open.

'Jeff, she said. I don't know who should feel more embarrassed now. Thank you.'



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