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Helping Hand from Ex-girlfriend

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Love this site! I thought I was the only one that likes the power of the hand until I read some of the stories.


I've been married to my college sweetheart for six years. My wife wanted me to get a vasectomy shortly after the birth of our second daughter. I went to the initial appointment to see the doctor and the doctor asked if I was sure since the surgery should be considered permanent. I didn't hesitate and replied 'Yes'. I reported to the hospital for my out-patient surgery as scheduled and the surgery went off with no problems. I went back to the doctor's office for my follow-up visit and when I was leaving his office a nurse gave me a specimen container and told me I had to submit a semen sample at the hospital so it could be checked for sperm. I remember her telling me that the sample could not be more than one hour old and I had to have 10 ejaculations before taking a sample to the hospital. I needed four days to heal before the hormones kicked in and my balls started aching from DSB (dreaded semen backup). As I shot my tenth orgasm on my wife's tits I thought, one prerequisite down and one to go.

I wanted the semen specimen to be as fresh as possible so my wife had planned to go to the hospital with me. She exclaimed, 'It will be like being teenagers at a drive-in movie! I can give you a good handjob in the parking lot so you won't have to jerk yourself off in the hospital'. I love that woman. The night before my big day the wife told me she couldn't go with me because she had an important meeting at work. My first thought was to go another day but I wanted to know if I was shooting blanks so I went. My wife had stopped taking the pill and I hate condoms so I was on a steady diet of oral sex and masturbation.

I arrived at the hospital and went to the reception desk and registered. I caught a glimpse of this really nice looking woman dressed in hospital scrubs. Petite, good looking body, nice ass, about the same age as me, and basically everything I fantasized about when I thought about a nurse. One time we made eye contact as she walked by and then I realized she was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name is Sherry. Sherry and I had discovered teenage sex together but we sort of lost contact with each other after graduation from high school. I called out her name and she turned round. She immediately recognized me and gave me a big smile and a hug. We sat down and exchanged conversation and the odds of our chance meeting. She looked great in those scrubs. She asked me why I was there. I told her that I needed to submit a specimen for the lab testing. As she noticed my hand holding the specimen vial she said, 'Oh, I see'. I went on to explain that at the last minute my wife couldn't come and my wife was supposed to 'help me' with my sample. I said, 'Now I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands'. She laughed and told me that I should use the small unisex bathroom near the nurses' station so I could have some privacy. I thanked her and complemented on how great she looked and then she walked down the hall.

I followed her directions to the bathroom. The door wasn't locked so I entered and locked the door behind me. The room had a chair, mirror, lavatory, toilet, and a one person shower but at least it was clean. I dropped my pants and started to fantasize about Sherry while slowly working on my cock. All of the sudden, I heard a light knock on the door. What a way to loose a hard! I heard a soft voice saying, 'It's Sherry. Open the door'. I pulled up my pants and cracked the door. Sherry looked down the hall, came in, and locked the door behind her. 'Since your wife couldn't be here perhaps I could help? I mean, I was probably the first girl to give you a handjob and I know how you like it'. She ordered me to stand and drop my pants. With me facing the mirror, she stood behind me and put her arms around me. Slowly, her hands worked their way to my rising cock. Sherry said, 'Oh yes, this won't take long. I can already feel some of your precum on my fingers'. She smeared the precum around my cock and said, 'Now, let me work on getting that specimen. You better hold that vial in front of you so you can see to catch your cum in it. There, doesn't that feel good'. One hand is now stroking my cock while the other is massaging my testicles. When I looked up, all I could see in the mirror was Sherry's hands working their magic on my cock. It was a genuine Kodak moment. Sherry started to breath heavy and I heard her whisper, 'Wow, they feel full. Come on. Give up that cum for Sherry'. She knew I couldn't hold back after hearing those words whispered in my ear and she picked up the pace as my cock started convulsing. I shot the ropes of cum into the vial and I felt like I had just won the lottery. Sherry got in front of me and milked the last drops into the vial. 'There you go. There's a nice warm specimen for the lab', Sherry boasted as my cock started going limp. I pulled up my pants while I asked Sherry how often I had to have my semen checked. She said, 'I think once a year. Call me ahead of time so I can be sure I'll be working'. She gave me her phone number and I told her I'd be in touch.



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