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Helping Each Other Out

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I am very inexperienced sexually and all my friends know it. I haven't quite found the right man yet and at times, it gets frustrating. But, I have some toys that I like to use, but it's not the same as the real thing.

Last weekend, my friend Kristina was out of town and her husband, Dan was taking care of the kids. I told him if he needed help with the children to give me a call. I had no idea he would take me up on my offer or what he had in mind when I said help.

We took the kids out to lunch and to play at the park. We sat and talked while the kids played. Dan and I have always been able to talk easily. I almost feel like he is my brother because that is the type of relationship we have formed.

But, something felt a little different last Saturday. I didn't know if Dan was missing Kristina or if he was stressed out. I just kept things low key and tried to help with the kids as much as possible. I ended up staying for dinner and I helped get the kids to bed.

After we got the kids down, Dan and I were standing in the kitchen talking when he offered me a drink. I told him I had to drive home and I should probably get going. He told me one drink wouldn't hurt anything and I deserved it because I had dealt with his kids all day. He wasn't going to take 'No' for an answer, no matter how much I protested, so we sat down with a drink on the couch.

I don't know how it happened, but Dan opened up. We were talking about how he and Kristina met and what attracted him to her. He had this look on his face and I asked him if he was missing his wife. He told me yes, he missed her, but he was okay. Then, he looks at me and asks 'Have you ever watched a man get himself off?' I almost fell over when he asked me, but he knew I hadn't done anything like that before. I told him 'no'. Then, he asks me 'Do you want to watch me?' I couldn't talk at all. I couldn't believe he was asking me to watch him get off. I didn't know what to say.

I knew I should say 'no', but I had always been just a little curious as to what Kristina had raved about when she dished about Dan and their sex life.

He started to unbuckle his belt and I put my hand out to stop him. But, he thought I was reaching out to give him a hand. He took my hand in his and we undid his belt together and then the button on his pants and his zipper. I kept hearing 'no' in my head, but my body was telling me to just do it.

Dan was wearing boxers and he was already very aroused. I knew it was wrong, but it was too I was also aroused and I figured I would never get the chance to do this again. I looked at him and told him 'we can't do this here because the kids might wake up.' He stood up and took my hand and led me to the master bathroom.

When we went into the bathroom, Dan locked the door and turned around and asked me where we should get down to business. I told him I thought the shower would be good. I didn't want to think about the mess that might happen. Plus, I didn't want to leave any evidence. He told me I should take off my jeans and shirt because I wouldn't be able to stay dry. I was already too far gone to protest. We walked into their huge double headed steam shower and Dan turned the showers on and the room started to get steamy and warm.

Dan sat down on the bench in the shower and pulled off his boxers. I couldn't believe how big he was! He had to be at least 8 inches. He began talking to me and telling me what he was going to do to get himself off. I watched him as he stroked his huge cock and before I knew it, my hands had started to wander.

I took a seat on the floor of the shower and leaned against the wall. My hand was between my legs, fingering my pussy, which was very wet. Dan stopped stroking himself for a second and started looking at me. He told me I was making him really hot and he wanted to touch me so bad, but I told him that was not a good thing. He agreed. But, he asked me if I would take off my bra and let him see my breasts. Kristina always told me Dan was a boob man, so I took my bra off and let him get a nice view of my perfect 38c's.

'FUCK ME!They're better than I imagined!' He said as I took off my bra and tossed it aside. As he looked at my chest, he began to stroke himself faster and with more determination. I asked him if I could sit closer and he told me yes. I moved next to him and kept playing with myself as I watched him. I put my hand next to his thigh on the bench and he put his hand on top of mine. I touched his fingers and he asked me to play with my boobs because he liked that a lot. I ran my fingers over my nipples and began to massage my breasts, while I held onto his hand with the other hand.

I knew Dan was getting close to getting off. He had his eyes closed and he was moaning and mumbling some things. He kept pumping his hand up and down his shaft and the grip on my fingers tightened. He told me he was going to cum and then suddenly, he shot four or five long streams of cum. It was amazing. I couldn't believe it.

He leaned back on the bench and came down from his orgasm. He continued to hold my hand and since I was completely hot, I kept playing with myself. He opened his eyes and smiled. I looked up at him and he had this grin on his face.

He scooted to the edge of the bench and then to the floor. He sat down next to me and I knew something was going to happen. 'Do you need to get off?' He asked me. I just shook my head. 'I can help, you know.' I was told him 'no' in my head, but nothing came out of my mouth.

Dan went around and sat behind me on the floor. I kept rubbing my clit and thinking this was all a dream. Things like this don't happen to people like me.

Dan stroked my arms and whispered things in my ear as I played with my clit. I could feel my orgasm getting close and Dan must have sensed it because he started encouraging me relax and let it happen. He kept stroking my arms and holding my hands. I had the most amazing orgasm on the floor of their shower, with Dan holding me.

We sat in the shower until the water went cold. He got me a towel and we went to the hot tub to warm up. We just sat and talked about everything, like we had a million times before. I left an hour later, once Dan thought I was sober enough to drive home.

We haven't talked about what happened, but I don't feel like we cheated together more like we helped each other out in a time of need.



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