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Helping Brother Finish

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Hope you all enjoy. I've been masterbating to a lot of the stories here, so I hope I help others out as well. Please e-mail me your comments. Would love to share some personal correspondence with others.


My story begins when I was about 11 (maybe 10). I know it was around there because I had my first actual orgasm at 12. My brother, who is 4 years older, was always the one opening new doors to me. He was the one who taught me to cuss, smoke, and all that fun stuff. More importantly, he opened my eyes to most sex. He usually had a pretty good stash of porn (mostly Playboy stuff, nothing hardcore at the time), and on occasion I'd find him looking at it (not masterbating) and he'd let me look too. I would, of course, get a hardon, but was a little too young to really understand it, or even to investigate my brother's cock (who I'm sure had a hardon too). Anyway, it seemed like I'd find him more and more looking at the porn, which leads to my story.

One night (we shared a room) we were lying in our separate beds talking the way we normally would before we went to sleep. I don't remember exactly the topic (probably something harmless), when my brother said, 'God I just want to do something fun tonight.' Being young and naive, I thought perhaps he meant buiding a fort or something. Instead, he told me to come over to his bed.

I went over, not really knowing what to expect, and when I climbed in, I discovered him naked. This wasn't that big of a deal. We had seen each other naked a lot-taken baths and all that stuff, so I just climbed in. He said, 'Why don't you get naked too, and we'll play around.' I still didn't know exactly where he was going, but I was game.

He created a kind of half-truth or dare (mostly dare) where he just started saying, 'let's try this.' It started with 'Show me you penis.' So I knelt in the bed and he looked at it, and to my surprise, actaully put his hand on it and started examining it-I have been a little more than average, 6+' now, so back then it probably wasn't much more than a couple of small, flacid inches, but he took it in his hand and actually moved it around. I wasn't erect, nor was I ever (that I remember) during this night because I really never quite figured out where he was going-I don't know if that ruins the story or not, but it's truth. Next, he said, 'your turn' and before I could choose what I wanted him to do, he knelt in front me. To my surprise, his cock was a lot bigger than mine (not only because it was erect, but it was obvious that he had a pretty good size cock) My guess is that it was probably a good 7 inches back then.

I said, 'Wow, that's big,' and I distinctly remember his cock doing a throb where it bounced up when I said that-this gave me a little laugh, but obviously my brother wasn't thinking about comedy.

He said, 'Touch it,' so I did, and was pretty amazed again how big it was. I could barely get my hand around it (a big difference from my 2 finger hold of my own).

My brother became very aroused by this last part but I think my lack of total understanding and technique probably made him change to his new strategy, so he decided to take it to the final step. He said, 'Let's play with them some more.' I didn't know exactly what he meant, so he pulled the covers completely back and showed me how he slowly worked his cock up and down with his hand. He said, 'Do this. It really feels good.' So I did. After a few minutes, I could tell his breathing was starting to change and the speed of his hand was increasing. I said, 'That must really feel good,' to which he replied, 'Now comes the best part.' He explained, 'When you do this enough, it feels so good that you're going to cum.' Again, I wasn't sure what he meant, so he just said, 'It's like peeing, but this other white stuff comes out and it's the best feeling ever. Watch.' So I watched. He worked his cock up and down, and very subtly positioned himself to where I would have the best look at his cum. He worked his cock, now probably just a foot and a half away from my waiting face. He then said, 'Here, stroke me some more,' and I was so intrigued that I just grabbed his cock and started stroking. Needless to say, it didn't take long after that and suddenly he arched his back, said, 'Here it comes,' and ropes of cum were shooting out of his cock. It seemed like tons. One shot had hit me in the chin, my hand was covered, and there were other shots that landed on him and me. I marvelled at all of the cum, and he, wanting to quickly get me back to my bed and clean up the evidence, said, 'I'll show you more tomorrow. Go back to bed.'

We had a few more encounters after that (stories for another day), but thinking back to that one still makes me horny as hell.

Hope you all enjoyed.



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