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Helping Brother Discover Masturbation

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Please take the time to read my two other submissions, 'Ah, to be young and Innocent' and 'Continuation of my best times.'
After my sucking experience with my friend Tiffany's brother, I was very curious and anxious to see if my brother who was a year older than me could do the same thing. To make his cock grow and shoot out cum. Remember, I was only 8 1/2 at the time and my brother was almost 10. I was embaressed to just ask him if I could 'play' with him so one night after getting up the courage, I went into his room while he was sleeping and I pulled down his covers very gently so as not to wake him.
My brother Jimmy only wore underpants to bed so it was easy to see his 'package'. He was lying on his back and I began to gently massage on the outside of his underwear. He never budged. He was in a deep sleep. I spread apart the opening of his underpants (where he would pee from) and gently pulled out his cock. It was all soft and limp just like Tiff's brothers was in the beginning. Using only my finger tips I gently massaged his little prick. Nothing much happened for the first couple of minutes. Than I felt his cock flick a couple of times and I knew it was starting.
But just at that moment I looked up at my brothers face and his eyes opened slightly and still 1/2 asleep he said...'what are you doing?' Than he sprang up and very loudly said..'What the hell are you doing?' I said, 'dont be mad at me. I just wanted to see if I could make your PP get big. I asked him if he every played with it and he said, 'no, not really'. I asked him if I could still play and after a min. or two of thinking it over said, 'ok' but you can't tell Mom and Dad. I said 'ok'.
He layed back down on his back and took off his underwear. I sat on the side of him and continued to play with my hand gently caressing the shaft of his tiny erection. I noticed that when I reached the top of his cock, right underneath the underside of the head, he would squirm and gently moan. So I paid extra special attention to caressing there.
Than, without telling him I was going to do it, I leaned down and put his whole cock in my mouth and used my tounge to lick around the head and suck and lick the whole shaft.
Than I wrapped my hand around his cock and licked and sucked on his balls. When I did that, he let out a louder moan. So now I knew that not only do I have to rub his cock, but I should also massage his balls at the same time. So that's what I did. My brother was REALLY enjoying what I was doing for him. He said he never felt anything so good in his life and to please not stop.
I just kept going and after about 6 min. or so my brother said he felt like he was going to pee and that I should stop. So, I stopped and than he said that the feeling went away. This happened 2 more times. So than on the 4th time when he said that the feeling of having to pee was coming back again I didn't stop and figured if he was going to pee, I would just point his cock away from me. Pretty funny thinking back at it now. So anyway, I just kept rubbing up and down but quicker and a little harder and all of a sudden my brother said...'OH MY GOD...WHAT'S
H A P P E N E I N G???' With that his legs stiffened out and his body started jerking and I could feel his cock jerking in my hand. It jerked about 4 or 5 times and than my brother just layed there. He was a little scared but mostly looked relaxed. I told him that I think he just came but no white stuff came out. I was confused because Tiff's brother had the white stuff. My brother had no idea WHAT I was talking about (at the time) but he did say 'Thank you' to me for making him feel so good. We had many more mutual sessions after that and we never did get caught. I'll write more later and tell you about the time when he FINALLY returned the favor to me.



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