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Helped Out a Buddy

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This is a true story


Hey guys

A good friend of mine recently went through a divorce and needed a place to stay. My wife and I have a small inlaw apartment in our house and offered it to him.

Dave is 38, works out a lot and is a marathon runner. I have always thought he was hot and wanted to see him naked. I could tell he had a big cut cock from the outline in his shorts. We worked out together at times but I was never able to see him naked even in the locker room.

A few weeks ago Dave was in a bad car accident. He broke a shoulder, the other arm and a leg. He was in a bad shape.

Dave has no fmaily in the area and so my wife and I were left to care for him. And belive me she was pissed about it too.

Dave was quite embarrassed about needing all the care, such as help bathing and wiping his ass. But it allowed me to finally see his big hairy cock. It is a good four to five inches soft. I was very careful when showering him at first to cover him up and not touch his junk. After a week or two when I helped him get undressed I noticed quite a smell coming from his crotch. I finally said, 'dude, your junk is starting to rot. I know this is weird but if I don't wash you down there it's gonna fall off.' He laughed nervously and said I know, just be quick about it.

With my own cock starting to stir and with me trying to slow down my breathing, and our old spice body wash in my hand I reached for his nut sac. Up to this time I had been using a wash cloth. I wanted so badly to touch his cock that I just went for it. I looked at his face and his eyes were closed. I lathered up his sac and washed under his balls, even reaching into his crack, which also had not been washed in a while.

By this time I am hard as a rock. and I realize that I have been massaging his nuts for a few minutes. I move my hand up to his bush and cock and lather it all up. As soon as I touch him, his cock twitches and he sucks in a deep breath. He tells me to stop. I slide my hand over his cock head as I pull my hand away. He is now fully hard. His cock is a thick seven inches and standing straight up in the air. Dave apologises and says 'dude I'm not gay, it's just been weeks without even jerking off. I'm about to explode' So I reply 'look if it were me I would be reaching to hump the wall. How about I help you out'. Before he could say no, I reached down with my soapy hand and started to stroke. His breathing quickened, and with my other hand I rubbed his balls. Too quickly he came with a blast of cum that landed on my shirt and covered my hand. I just held his cock for a minute and resisted the urge to touch myself. In a few minutes he came back to his senses, and we both laughed. I know he saw my boner but ignored it. Not a word was spoken about it.

After that I jerked him off three more times, in his bed with some good lube. The last time he edged for a while before I brought him off. We have yet to really talk about this, and now that he is doing better I'm trying to figure out a way to get him to return the favor.

I jerk off a lot thinking about his big cock and when having sex with my wife often fantasize about his dick.



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